8. Learn To Trust

Eternal, loved, loving, grace of great, great Guru and God who is unapproachable, unfathomable, imperceptible, endless, infinite blessed, blessed supreme lord and master: (“Gur Parsaad of Agam Agochar Shree Paar Braham Parmesar”) and the Guru we will take this opportunity to bring some ultra important mandatory divine laws of the divinity and the Divine court (“Dargah”) of Great great Timeless eternal Love being (“Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh”) with unlimited Guru’s loved, loving and always love full blessed grace (“Gur Kirpa”) which are very important to understand for Complete Devotional selfless worship of one (“ Puran Bhagtee”).
Anybody who takes an opportunity to understand and bring these divine qualities of a True devotee (“Bhagat”) inside his divine heart (“hirda”) at any point of time in his life and dedicates himself to Love bondage of ultimate freedom (“Bandgi”), will surely achieve his objective of the current life, which is salvation (“Jivan Mukti”). We all have been extremely fortunate to be born as human beings, a human being is the ultra most beautiful creation of the Almighty:Now you have got lovable gift to be born as Human,this is time to unite with one and only  God (“Bhai Prapat Manukh Dehuriaa Gobind Milan Ki Ehi Teri Buriaa”); Human birth is priceless and is very difficult to get  (“Manas Janam Dulambh Hai”), this is the only creation which can reach Him and be one with Him, achieve the Supreme Status  (“Param Padvi”):
·        With Love Lord’s, the ultimate unlimited one’s Graceful Blessed Grace one attains the status of supreme level, (“Gur Parsaad Param Pad Paayee”);
·        Understanding the Lord’s eternal Lovely willingness one attains the supreme status (“ Hukam Boojh Param Pad Paayee”),
·         Become a Complete Pure being (“ Puran Khalsa”): When supreme complete light of eternal Truth wisdom ignites with full brightness , one is Pure (“Puran Jyot Jagey Ghat Meh Tab Khalas”),
·         Become a Complete Saint in all senses (“Puran Sant”): Lord and his saint are one, (“Ram Sant Dohen Ek Hain”), Santan Bin Aur Naa Dataa Beeaa,
·         Become Knower of Universal True wisdom (“ Braham Gyani”): Oh, Dear Lovable and sweeter than Love Nanak! Knower of universal true wisdom is Supreme Lord of all (“Nanak Braham Gyani Aap Parmeysur”),
·         Become a Sikh: The one who is called sikh wakes up early in morning and meditates on one Truth’s Name. (“Gur Satgur Kaa Jo Sikh Akhaye So Bhalkey Uth Har Naam Dhyaaye”),
·         A Guru’s sikh (“Gursikh”): By having dust of feet of Guru’s Sikh  ,Even sinner like us can have spiritual ultimate stage (“Gursikhan Ki Har Dhoor Ley Hum Paapee Bhi Gath Payen”),
·         A God being ( “Jan”): Oh Lovable Great Nanak know it true , there is no difference between God & God’s being (“Har Jan Har Anter Nahin, Nanak Saachee Maan”).
We should all be therefore very thankful to the Almighty for blessing us with this human life and move on this path of truth – Realm of Truth (“Sach Khand”) for realizing the goal of our human life – Salvation/Freedom from loop of birth& death (“Jivan Mukti”).
The threshold of Devotion (“Bandgi”), the beginning of the devotion (“ Bandgi”) , and the Devotion (“Bandgi”) itself and its height is nothing but :
·         The Trust in Supreme Guru God (“Gur”), Guru and Guru’s eternal sweet loving word wisdom (“Gurbani”),
·         The full and complete belief in the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”), Guru and Guru’s eternal word wisdom (“Gurbani”),
·         The full and complete commitment to the Supreme Guru God’s (“Gur”) and Guru,
·         The full and complete surrender to the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”) and Guru,
·         The unconditional and true love for the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”) and Guru and for all His creations.
True Love (“Sachee Preet”),
True Faith  (“Sachee Shardha”) and
 True Belief  (“Sachaa Vishvaas”)
Is the Devotion (“ Bandgi”), is the real Worship/discipleship (‘Bhagati”).
These qualities of a worshipper/lover of God (“Bhagat”):
·         True Love (“Sachee Preet”),
·         True Faith (“Sachee Shardha”),
·         True Belief (“Sachaa Vishvaas”),
·         Unconditional true love for Him and all His creations,
·         Commitment and belief,
·         Complete surrender to the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”) and Guru,
Will make  you a Lover Of God (“ Bhagat”), and when you become so then your devotion (“Bandgi”) is accepted in the Court of Eternal, Timeless Being who is full of love (“Dargah of Akal Purakh”), and until you have not become so you are still playing in the hands of  Maya.
Trust has no limits, no boundaries, no dimensions, no depth; it is unlimited like  Eternal Love Timeless Being (“Akal Purakh”) Himself.  The more Trust we do the less it is, the more you Trust Him, the deeper you dive in divinity, the deeper you go in to the Deep Spiritual Ocean (“Mansarovar”) of Inner ambrosial nectar (“Atam Ras”), the more Love-nectar (“Amrit”) you feel and experience physically, the more closer you go to the Almighty.
The trust is the key element, it is the basis of your love for Him and all His creations.  Trust is synonymous to true love, (“Sachee Preet”), True Faith (“Sachee Shardhaa”) and Devotion (“Bandgi”) itself. 
Loving God (“Bhagtee”) itself is nothing but trust.  We will not hesitate to say that trust is the Divine Form (“Roop”) of Ultimate divinity, eternity, beyond trinity Timeless Love being (“Akal Purakh”), Lover Of God Great Great Devotee Dhanna’s (“Bhagat Dhanna Ji’s”) love for God (“ Bandgi”) was just based on the presence of Almighty in a stone, he believed and trusted so much that he was able to bring God out of the stone. 
This is what Devotional worship (“ Bandgi”) means, the trust and nothing else, you will be able to understand Guru’s Love wisdom (“Gurbani”) only if you trust, if you don’t understand it then there is a deficiency in your trust.   You will be able to understand the divine words and divine wisdom only if you have trust in them.   You will feel and experience the presence of Timeless Lord of all (“Akal Purakh”) only if you have developed a trust in Him.   The person who trusts becomes a Sikh, then a Guru’s Sikh, then a Guru’s Lover (“Gurmukh”) and then a Complete Saint (“Puran Sant”).
The trust will:
·         Start to bring Guru’s eternal word wisdom (“Gurbani”) inside you,
·         Make you practice Guru’s word wisdom in all physical senses (“Gurbani”),
·         Give you the urge to do loving recitation of God’s Love Name, Truth (“Naam Simran”),
·         Help you to start enjoying recitation of God’s Lovable Name (“Naam Simran”),
·         Help you enjoy listening Guru’s word wisdom (“Gurbani”)  and listening Praises of Lord (‘Kirtan”)
·         Allow your mind to concentrate more and more,
·         Allow you to feel the peace inside,
·         Increase your desire for the Almighty becoming stronger and stronger,
·         Make you feel like surrendering yourself to the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”) and Guru.
These are some of the signs that will show you that your trust is building up, it will not happen in a day or a few days, but slowly and slowly you will start building your trust in the Supreme Guru God (“Gur”), Guru and Guru’s eternal love wisdom (“Gurbani”).
Trust is
·         The real power behind the Devotional worship (“Bandgi”),
·         It is the super power,
·         It is the eternal power,
·         It will make you merge and become one with Eternal Lovable, love filled, Always Timeless Supreme Lord of all (“Akal Purakh”),
·         It will bring you freedom of ultimate stage , freedom from birth & Death , Salvation (“Jivan Mukti”),
so please learn to trust in the  Supreme Guru God (“Gur”), Guru and Guru’s word wisdom (“Gurbani”).
Slave Of Slaves

(“Dassan Dass”)