9. Meaning of One Palm Raised (ASANS)


SatGuru Nanak is portrayed in some famous pictures with his right hand raised palm facing the viewer.  That pose is known as an asan – meditation position.   More recently, pictures of  Sant Ishar Singh Rarawale and Sant Darshan Singh ji also show them with their hand in that asan.  The food for the sukhshum sareer is amrit.   When Akal Purakh pours so much amrit into the sukhsham sareer, the amrit overlflows into the physical body.    This amrit flows out from the centre of either palm or the souls of the feet.  The spiritual openings are likened to doors and can let amrit in or out.   People who have their third eye open see a beam of light flowing from the person’s palm,  or they feel a lot of energy in their own body around their heart and chest area.   If someones does asan then move youself into the light eminating from their palm as Akal Purakh is sending his amrit to feed your sukhshum sareer.    Unfortunately,  most people do not understand asans.  And start laughing when they see some blessed soul adopt one of these asans.  

Dassan Das Ji said that he went to India and his nephew was keen to receive Guprasadi Naam, but wouldn’t commit to giving up alcohol, next day  Dassan Das  Ji was just sitting and his whole day is just a walking samadhi as simran is continuously going on in him, so asans can happen whenever the Lord desires.   And  Dassan Das Ji noticed his hand went into asan directed by the Lord  towards his nephew.   The nephew had good previous bhagati and said, “Uncle ji, what is coming from your hand?  I can see it glowing with a beam of light coming out.”    However, even seeing it with his own eyes he could not commit to give up alcohol and was unable to receive Gurprasadi Naam at this time.

When Roma Ji goes into samadhi often goes into many different asans, and her face and hands are glowing with light.   Which are directed by Akal Purakh to whoever He wants to bless.     When I first saw this a few months ago when she visited UK, I was taken aback, but then recognised many of the asans from the Kundalini Yoga  lessons I used to attend.  Then I remembered reading that Bhai Gurdas Ji in his vars has called Patanjali a Gurmukh.    I used to wonder how Patanjali could be a Gurmukh as he practised yoga and SGGS rejects physical yoga as a way to God – only Guprasadi Naam.   Then when I read the history of Patanjali ji it turns out he used to experience the true Yoga – the Union of his soul and the Supreme Soul.  And as this true spiritual yoga happened inside him,  the Lord used to fill his body with His prescence (perceived as Amrit and Supreme Light).  The Lord would then direct his body into different meditation positions asans.   Over time Gurmukh Patanjali ji wrote these asans down as well as his philosophy.  And all physical yoga classes that are very popular in the west today as well as in India, have their roots in Patanjali’s original descriptions.    However, in this day and age, the very rare ones experience the true inner yoga and asans as an expression of that.   Most of the world is doing it the other way around, going to yoga classes and wondering why they are not experiencing divine union.  Without Gurprasadi naam, everything else is just empty.  That is the essnce of Guru Nanak’s teachings and what he explained to the Yogis and Siddhs of his day who had mastered supernatural powers through their asans, but not attained the Lord.

Baba Ji used to experience these asans in the early days of his bhagati when he used to go amritvela at the Gurdwara.  The sangat did not understand and often woke him out his samadhi.   In Baba Ji’s sangat now, many of the sangat have experienced divine union (yoga) and asans.    Dassan Das Ji said that in the early days he used start dancing and clapping in spiritual bliss. As the years have passed the Amrit inside has stabilised and now only one or two asans remain with him.  One of which is both arms upstretched , palms pressing together above his head.  That is automatic and his salutation to the AkalPurakh.   I saw this occur when he sat in the prescence of Baba Ji.  Also saw him clapping his palms together like an excited child when the divine Akal Purakh ji came to him.

Also I saw that Aunty Ji would lovingly smile and have the peaceful Guru Nanak hand asan while we sat at the dinner table or in the lounge.  While everyone else talked, her hand was shining in my direction and I could actually feel warm energy (amrit) hit my heart and spreading into chest and back.  This happened a few times on the first few days.    Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan  Uncle Ji who explained the secrets of the Lord  to me and Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Aunty Ji ji who quietly sat there while Akal Purakh give ji gave a practical blessing to me through her body.   Aunty Ji said it is not her who is capable of doing anything, but Akal Purakh who is doing everything through her.

Roma Ji said that she used to do and still does a full reading of SGGS in a year,  but she never understood the deeper spiritual meanings and she never achieved the peace of mind her inner soul was looking for.   Then the first time Baba ji came to Uncle Ji’s house to do sadh sangat  she was in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of Baba ji.  That was enought to send her into vairag…tears of separation poured and poured she tried to avoid their gaze.   Baba ji called her in  and she filled with amrit.  Brother Ji said, “Roma Ji’s heart is a crystal clear lake … so pure.  Its hard enough for a husband to follow this path if the wife and parents and inlaws and relatives criticise it, but for a young mother who is not working and dependent on husband and expected to follow in laws it is even more difficult.  Roma Ji said that when God blesses her with an Asan, some people start laughing at her and it used to bother her in the beginning, but not now.

Paa  Ji was saying that when an Asan occurs just go with the flow of wherever the Lord takes your hands.   Dont  resist because it is Akal Purakh who is pouring Amrit into you and as your sukhshum sareer fills the overflow goes out of palms towards someone else who the Lord want to bless  – to feed their withering suhsham sareer.     If you resist and try to stop the arm raising or going up etc  then it will be painful.  So if it happens at work or in public and you dont want it,  dont think like that , it is a blessing from the Lord so thank the lord and the Lord knows your dilema and will ease the Asan  quicker.  As Paa  Ji was telling me this, his right palm went into asan of Guru Nanak and his left palm by his left hip facing up.   He laughed in delight!  “I was just talking about it and the Lord made it happen.”    When Brother Ji drove me to  the Ford Museum, his left hand was in the Guru Nanak Asan.   He said, “I can never fall asleep when driving with this Asan.  It occurs by itself with His grace.”

Roma Ji was asking about certain parts of her body shaking (eg lower leg) when in smadhi and  Dassan Das  Ji said that it had happened to him alot in the beginning stages.  He said, “You get overwhelmed with spiritual energy and it overflows into the physical body.  But over time the energy in your body will stablise and these things will stop just as they have for him.”

Brother Ji also said that the first time he had an out of body experience,  he was shaking alot in smadhi and was scared.  He said that his dasam duar popped open like cracking a coconut and his  sukhshum sareer went up and out.  Then he observed his physical body from elsewhere in the room. He said that this shaking also happened to a woman blessed by Baba Ji with Gurprasadi Naam.  She was doing naam simran in her spare bedroom and she too got really scared and stopped doing naam simran altogether.

These are stages to progress through, so don’t give up and be frightened off the path to Akal Purakh.

I am not worthy Parbrahm Parmesar ji, you are Dhan Dhan Dhan.

You are Dhan Dhan  Baba Ji, as is your sant sangat.



Ik Oankaar Satgur Parsaad

Thanks to Brother Ji for putting these words on Smadhi Assans with the Gur Kirpa of Agam Agochar Paar Braham Parmesar and Baba Ji. These Smadhi Assans are blessed when the soul gets blessed with Ek Boond Amrit and when a person goes in to Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi, at this point the Gur Parsaad Satnaam goes in to the Surat – mind, this happens when the soul gets in to the Karam Khand, the meaning of Karam being the Mehramat, Eternal Blessings, Gur Parsaad, this is the stage when the real Bandgi starts, the Bandgi account is opened in the Dargah of Akal Purakh, the Bajjar Kapaats open, the Dassam Duaar opens, the Anhad Shabad music starts to hear, a direct connection is made with the Almighty. Everyone’s Smadhi is unique, means everyone’s Smadhi Assans are unique, some people get only a very silent Smadhi, they don’t dance at all, others dance a lot, some dance somewhat, but ultimately when the Bandgi gets to the Sach Khand these Smadhi Assans get silent, and by then actually the Naam Simran goes in to Rom Rom and continues on all the time without any break, and so is the Smadhi, it becomes a continuous Smadhi. The Amrit keeps on flowing all the time through the Suksham Sareer, it is heard and felt all over the body.

Dassan Das


http://www.elcollie.com/st/dance.html  – article about a westerner who experienced these asans.