Amrit Dhari

The holder of Amrit.  Commonly and incorrectly used to refer to a person who has received Sikh initiation at the "Amrit ceremony".  At the ceremony water is prayed over and is commonly and incorrectly referred to as Amrit – historically it was called Khande Batta Ki Pahul  – Water of the Sword and Bowl.  But by calling it Amrit, the people who drink this water at the initiation ceremony are commonly called Amritdhari. Many people who take Khande Batta Ki Pahul from the Panj Pyare go into a state of ego instead of going into humbleness.  They think that they have become superior because they have become so called Amritdhari without knowing the real divine of being an Amritdhari.

In the real divine sense the Amritdhari is the one who has become a Sat Hirda and has reached the Puran Brahamgian Stage, Puran Tat Gyan stage and has been blessed with the Param Padvi.  A Puran Brahamgiani is an Amritdhari.  A Puran Sant is an Amritdhari.  A Satgur is an Amritdhari.  Becoming an Amritdhari is the last stage of Puran Bandgi.  The false sense of becoming an Amritdhari just by taking Khanda Batta Ki Pahul has plagued the entire community.  It is a dangerous illusion. 

The word Amrit in GurBani means God’s Divine presence within us and the Amrtidhari is the Sant, the one who is overflowing with Amrit and able to give it to others too. By redefining the word Amrit to mean external holy water has caused Sikhs to forget the real meaning and hence they do not look for the inner Amrit and become the true Amritdhari – the one overflowing with God’s presence.  The true way to realising the inner Amrit is by meeting with the Sadh Sang.  Meeting the Sadh Sang is only by GurParsaad and is a divine gift for us due to our previous Karni which forms our destiny to meet a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahamgiani, who is the Amritdhari and is Amrit Ka Daata.  This Gur Ka Shabad (Sat Naam) is the Amrit and is given by this Amritdhari, the Amrit Ka Daata.  This GurParsaad of Amrit ignites the Jyot inside us and takes us under His Chattar where the effect of Maya diminishes.  As we follow the Gur Ka Shabad then it becomes impossible for Maya to distract us.

Anaath Ka Naath Anaath means the one without a Master.  Naath means Master.  Anaath Ka Naath is another divine quality of God.  Basically, we are all Anaath.  As long as we are Duhagans and not Suhaagans, we are Anaath, means without any Master.  But, just look at His kindness, mercy and forgiveness, He still takes care of us.  Everything that we have and we need for living is provided by Him.  And above all He waits for us to come back to Him with open arms without looking at our countless misdoings and sins. 


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