Bad qualities. When we receive the GurParsaad, then God-Guru forgives us for anything and everything – so much so it beyond our imagination.  In fact, He doesn’t look at our bad qualities at all, our Awgun.  All He looks at … Read More


Our Sat Karams help us build certain positiveness in and around us.  This is also referred to as a field of positive energy around us.  It is also called an aura.  It surrounds our body.  People will always like to … Read More

Atsath Teerath

The mistaken belief that merely by going on pilgrimage to the 68 holy places of Hinduism the soul attains salvation.  Now the phrase “Atsath Teerath” refers to any outer pilgrimage, even in Sikhism, as being useless in attaining salvation.  Only … Read More


Atma (soul) is a drop of the Amrit.  Atma is Jyot, a part of the Param Atma – Param Jyot – Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh.  Soul has separated from Akal Purakh due to its destiny based on his Karni, … Read More

Atam Ras / Atam Ras Amrit

The highest Amrit.  The highest level of enjoyment and Eternal happiness.  A never ending Eternal happiness, “Sat Chit Anand”  and pure light of the Lord, Param Jyot Puran Parkash Darshan.

Amrit Bachan

Divine Word.  When one reaches the Param Gat stage then whatever he speaks is called Amrit Bachans, the complete Eternal Truth.  Whatever that person says will definitely happen.  His words will always come true.  That is why they are called … Read More

Atam Ghati

GurBani says the one who has not engaged in Naam Simran as having done spiritual suicidal.  That person is known as an Atam Ghati – killer of the self.


Our soul is a part the Nirgun Saroop Puran Parkash Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.