Our own soul (see Atma) is basically, the Amrit.  The life element is the Amrit.  It is the Amrit that breathes inside our physical body and keeps it going.  Bandgi is nothing but discovery of this Amrit within our own physical body and this can only and only be achieved by the GurParsaad.  And GurParsaad is the Amrit that has been realized by a Puran Brahamgiani.  By virtue of this realization of the Amrit, such a Puran Brahamgiani Himself becomes a source of the GurParsaad, a source of the Amrit.  When this Amrit is given to us then this Amrit activates all of our internal sources of Amrit, the Sat Sarovars, which opens all of our divine doors.  The only issue is that this Amrit can’t be given to anybody and everybody.  It can only be received by those who are destined to receive it, or the ones who are capable to receive and retain this Amrit.  The condition that makes us eligible for this Amrit is to reach a stage where we can completely surrender to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann.

The Shabad Amrit comprises of the two Shabads ‘A’ and ‘Mrit.’  The Shabad Mrit means:-

• the one that is dead,
• that which is perishable,
• that which has a limited life and will diminish when the life is over,
• that which is under the control of the cycle of time and space,
• that which takes birth in time and space and vanishes or dies in time and space when the life is over,
• the one who dies will also take birth, will keep reincarnating to take birth and to die again and again. 

The Shabad ‘A’ means ‘No’.  So A-mrit means the One who:-

• doesn’t die,
• is beyond time and space,
• is beyond the cycle of birth and death, and
• is never born and never dies. 

Therefore, the Shabad Amrit is not just a Shabad, it is:-

• The identity of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji.
• Naam of Dhan Dhan Nirankaar and nothing less. 
• Naam of the Nirgun Saroop Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.
• Naam of Param Jyot Puran Parkash.
• The divine music Anhad Shabad of Dhan Dhan Sat Purakh. 

Therefore, only God Himself is the Amrit and nothing less than that is Amrit .  Everything else is Mrit.  This Amrit resides within us.  This means that our human life is existent only due to this Amrit.  The life in us is due to this Jyot.  The moment this Jyot is pulled by the Almighty, our body becomes dead.  The breathing and blood flow in our body is due to this Jyot only.  And after the Jyot leaves, the body becomes just a piece of dirt, it becomes lifeless, becomes a hazard for the others, so it has to be cremated.  The Jyot in the real sense is the life or the Eternal Truth.  This Jyot inside is us is ignited with the GurParsaad of Naam.  This Naam Rattan Amrit is a GurParsaad and when blessed with this GurParsaad our Hirda goes into divine peace.  We go into deep meditation, which is called Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi and this GurParsaad eventually transforms us completely and makes us a Sat Hirda and makes us a Gurmukh.  Therefore, focusing on the GurParsaad of Naam is the key to success. 


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