Anu Blessed Experiences

Kottan kot dandaut aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji
Pitaji we want to share with aapji few experiences aapji gave in the last week.

During last weekend delhi’s sangat at gurmeet veerji’s house, there was a lot of negativity right from the start. Then Gurpreet Veerji asked Kiran ji to do the kirtan while gracy ji were still on the vaaja. When Kiran ji started kirtan, Guru Nanak patshah ji, Guru Arjan patshah ji along with many dargahi souls appeared in the room. Amrit was poured in the entire house to clear the negativity. Then with aapji’s grace, dargahi souls deeply cleansed each and every single person present in the sangat. Aapji showed us the entire cleaning process of everyone. Dargahi souls poured a white coloured liquid (Amrit) on top of the head of each and every one. While pouring the Amrit, everyone’s bodies turned transparent ( like ice sculpture) except the places where everyone’s doots are sitting and those places were absolutely black (ego and anger in head, moh in chest, lobh in stomach and kaam in the private organ) Depending upon the intensity and strength of the doots, aapji showed which and how much doots are present in the sangat members. Out of everyone present there, only kiran ji were in the purest transparent form except a tiny dot of blackness in head n chest. With aapji’s grace, when dargahi souls were pouring the Amrit, the blackishness of doots were melting from the body of each and everyone. Later on, after few sangat members insisted, Kiran ji shared her near death experience with Shelly ji. When Kiran ji were sharing her experience, Sat parbrahm ji were standing there just next to her. Dhan dhan Aapji di kirpa pitaji.

Pitaji while doing simran at our place, aapji again as always showered aapji’s immense grace on us. There was Beyant Amrit barkha while doing simran at home and lots of dhan dhan dargahi souls came and poured plentiful of Amrit through huge vessels in our entire colony where we live. For the first time aapji showed us that our colony and surroundings where we live is built on a huge graveyard.

Aapji gave mukti to numerous souls. Dargahi souls kept n kept on pouring unlimited Amrit through vessels on the graveyard and the graves kept on disappearing, we just heard they were given 10 janam, 12 janam bandagi.

Aapji then took us to some place where we saw many lighthouse like towers one after the other in line and there was a market where dargahi souls were roaming. Pitaji sorry we forgot what we saw thereafter.

Then we got converted into a baby and we saw dhan dhan huge Prakash with no boundaries, they were dhan dhan sat parbrahm ji and they took us in their arms near their chest and merged us inside them.

Then we were back to our room where we were doing simran, a vessel was placed before us by dargahi souls containing some type of kheer, that moment Guru Nanak Dev Ji appeared and sat in front of us and asked us to eat it, we did dandaut to them and when we ate it we don’t know where we were after that.

Kottan kot Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. We are sinners and aapji keep on showering aapji’s infinite grace, love and blessings on us. Please keep us under your sat charans. Sanu apne rang vich rang lao. We beg aapji to bless us with pooran samarpan to aapji.

Dhan dhan parbrahm parmeshar Dhan dhan satguru parmeshar Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam

Pitaji we also saw ourself turning golden. Pitaji we keep on seeing kirtan going inside in our heart. We see Guru patshahis in our heart while doing simran. A harmonium is always being played inside our chest with different instruments.