Inderjit Jis powerful visions

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji

Satnaam pitaji yesterday amritwela was blessed with beyant kirpa of yours.

We were shown sitting next to your feet in God’ s palace. All around was covered by clouds and all we could see was the vast palace. You were sitting on a chair and we were cleaning your feet with our hair. Then we got gyan that the foot dust lying on the floor of the palace of all the blessed dargahi souls was the biggest treasure. We were then shown kissing the floor on which all dargahi sants, bhagats and elevated souls walked on. Then our soul felt a lot of pain of separation. Our soul kept crying and you made us prayer for humility, to make us charandhool of all, nirbhaota and nirvairta from paarbrahm ji. All is in your hand we are capable of nothing. All prayers are done by you. All blessings are given by you we are just a mere witness to the whole play unfolding.

We sin with every breath. We knowingly and unknowingly perform our deeds under maya. We seek your forgiveness. We prayer to the almighty to take over our affairs and lead us higher so we can merge into him

Sada sada shukhrana pitaji for everything you do for us.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam
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