Anu – Blessed Spiritual Experience

Kottan Kot Dandaut aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji

Pitaji we want to share with aapji an experience aapji gave us during amritvela few day ago.

During one of kiranji’s Simran call at Amritvela, aapji showed Kiranji standing again in the middle of the white stairs, dressed beautifully in golden gown with a queen like crown on her head. We were dressed in white and golden clothes and she held our hand and made us climb those stairs. She kept on making us climb the stairs and then we went in silence.

Next day, again during her Simran call at Amritvela, aapji showed many many white dargahi souls sitting on our left side in our room on floor in a line. Instantly we saw ourself in a white palace and those dargahi white souls were sitting in line and we were serving langar to them. They kept on blessing us while we were serving langar. Aapji were standing there in aapji’s parbrahm ji’s form. We saw aapji on your beautiful throne and aapji gave us your darshan in a vishaal roop–aapji’s eyes, face, feet, they were immensely huge. Aapji were in such vishaal roop that not even one foot of aapji was covering the throne seat (we cannot even describe it). Many sangat members were present there, but we were so spellbound with aapji’s roop that we just had a glance of kiranji and dimple ji there. After a while, white dargahi souls started playing different musical instruments and kept on jumping and dancing on Satnaam. We were also dressed in a white gown with blue sapphire stones on us and we danced on Satnaam with them.

Kottan Kot Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. We haven’t done anything for aapji’s such infinite grace and blessings on us. Sab aape aap pitaji. Karan Karavan aapji. Please keep us under aapji’s satcharans always.
Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshwar Dhan Dhan Satguru Parmeshwar
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji