Kirandeep – Blessed Experiences

Kotaan kot dandaut at aap ji’s sat charans Dhan Dhan Satguru Parbrahm ji. Want to share the following experiences.

Few days back during amrit vela simran, a complete white figure appeared in front of us in the form of sparkling parkash. We did dandaut and tried asking them to please give us their darshan in their real form. Then amazingly many aarti thaal appeared and aarti happened of them and we realized them Sat Parbrahm ji actually in their real form. ROOP NA REKH NA RANG KICH TREH GUNN TE PRABH BHINN.

They have no proper roop but still they are wonderful. Room filled with dargahi souls.

Then we did dandaut to all of them many times as inner voice said to earn KOTAAN KOT DANDAUT.

Then we were shown sun, moon, stars and whole universe came like the speed of light and entered inside our hirdha and enlightened us internally. Then we heard a voice saying “THIS IS BAIKUNTH – JAHAA NAAM TAHAA BAIKUNTH”.
Few days back, we had an encounter with a very powerful Tantrik. He took the support of our both families. It is very tough to explain this encounter in words that’s why we are cutting it short. We were taken to an eerie place where marriage like celebration decoration was there. We were called inside and saw a tantrik sitting with skull, vermillion and thread like paraphernalia things. He insisted us to come inside. We internally thought that we can’t step back now and did ardaas to aap ji – “we worship aap ji not just as satguru or guru pita ji but in parbrahm parmeshar roop. Please help us whatever is appropriate and truthful.” After doing ardas we went closer to the Tantrik. He started applying some oil on the lines of our right hand saying that he’ll take away all the bandagi whatever is written in our destiny. We stood quiet. The more he applied that oil, the more our hand became dry. That is, there was no effect of it. Then he tried tying a red thread, it also broke. In short, all his efforts became unaffected. Then he showed us the way underground where another team member of him was doing Tantrik activities with the people. Seeing this we didn’t enter that place and started running from there. That Tantrik along with his 5 team members were after us. The moment we entered our house, around 10kms from our house there was a border of aap ji’s protection. They were not able to cross that line. Seeing this, we became active and challenged him to touch us now if he can. Then aap ji’s given khanda appeared. Saying loudly Dhan Dhan Mera Satguru Poora, we cut their heads and burned their kingdom of Tantrik activities.

Thank you for aap ji’s protection forever on filthy beings like us.

Dhan Dhan Satnaam Di Param Shaktishali Mahima Dhan Dhan Naam di Mahima Dhan Dhan Satguru di Mahima