Anu – Demi Gods playing distraction and losing!

Anu experienced distraction by the Demigods but these Demigods were not able to distract her and she won.

At first we started seeing a black lady, she was really angry, she was standing on our bed trying to display her anger, we looked closely, it was kali mata, she wanted to display her powers and we started reciting dhan dhan mera satguru poora and we told her to be calm and say satnaam.

Then shivji came in quite big roop, he was also angry at first, we told him the same. Then shivji’s savari Nandi ji came in buffalo form and vaishno Mata’s lion also came in the room. Then shivji’s entire rakshas sena came and started doing their dance. We kept on doing our simran, we were like ignoring them but they kept on distracting us. Their rakshas sena also climbed on the bed and they started throwing different gold n silver coins from huge black vases.

When they were throwing these coins on us, we started to get dressed in red attire with huge amount of gold jewellery and long hairs. We got dressed up like lakshmi mata. We kept on saying satnaam and kept on breaking that red attire and jewellery from us.

Then ganesh ji came with siddhi and they together with shivji asked us to repeat the mantra “Om namo sidhaye”. Then we were taken to a place where a golden chair was placed( it was clearly visible, the design n stones everything) it seemed like it was kept for us and someone over there requested us to sit on it, but we didn’t. We kept on doing simran, and then shivji, ganesh ji, kali mata, rakshas sena along with all black spirits in our house did dandaut to us. We told them don’t do dandaut to us, do dandaut to sat parbrahm pita parmeshar and do dandaut to our dassan dass pita parmeshar, only they can help you all. They were in dandaut position for quite some time, and when we asked what is this, the message came “sidh lok”.
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