Jagdeep – Experience

Swaas swaas dhandhutt bandhana pita ji always ji aap ji de lotus feets vch ki.

Pita ji we want to share following wisdom we learnt from yesterday experience and saw a live example of it .What guru patshahis and Guru Arjun Dev ji said about aap ji is 100 percent correct and aap ji put a blessing hand and take on aap ji all pains and sufferings .Tatti wao na lagai parbhrahm sarnai .We should follow what experience try to say and gurus .Example was yesterday of satgun We was working in kitchen and satgun was with us only firstly and then we serve hot tea to mother in law and she put big cup of tea on ground and went outside as father in law called outside for some work and then satgun went to father in law and started playing and she put her hand in hot tea and some hot tea was splitted on her legs and body also .But nothing happens to her she got only minor burn on hand only and her body and legs were saved and we learnt pita ji took all her Pains and minor burn is to make us learnt that in future be careful more for her as it seems to be a big accident but pita ji saved ji

Kottan kott shukrana pita ji TERE BANDAGI NA HUNDE TA EH JINDAGI SHAHID JINDAGI NA HUNDE .DHAN DHAN SATGURU MERA POORA. apna naam aap japao g .haumai Nahi tuhitu tuhitu sada. Er are fortunate to have aap ji. we are nothing mahapappi mahalobi hakari neech kute bista ke jant aap ji Sab kuj krde ho ji. Our all breath is with aap ji ememberance only.
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