Anu is blessed with these very powerful spiritual experiences

Kottan dandaut aapji de satcharana vich dhan dhan pyare satguru pitaji

Pitaji we want to share experience with aapji which aapji gave during today’s local sangat. Pitaji during one of simran sessions, aapji shown us that all sangat members who were present that time, one by one, some ancient scrolls started coming out of each of them including us. First, a black coloured scroll came out of everyone, secondly, a white coloured scroll came out of everyone and lastly, a golden coloured scroll came out. On the Black coloured scroll, it was written Bad Deeds, on the White coloured scroll, it was written Good deeds and on Golden coloured scroll, it was written True deeds.

Bad deed black coloured scroll, had a fire burning below the scroll, it meant that if we do bad deeds, we burn in fire. Good deed white coloured scroll had greenery and plants, it meant if we do good deeds we get prosperity. Then True deeds golden coloured scroll had a sun rays type energy, golden rays were coming out, it was shining. Aapji shown that whenever someone does a bad, good or true deed, it gets added into those scrolls. Also, if someone who already has some true deeds in their account, but does an untrue deed, then the scroll of golden deeds get folded upwards(gets lesser from true deeds) as per the nature and severity of deed and it gets added to bad deeds. These scrolls represented the present birth account of good, bad and true deeds of each of us. Each and every one of us had these black, white and golden deeds account flowing, depending upon our deeds. Then we asked inside aapji to guide what all is this, then aapji’s bachan got reiterated, that this is what aapji mean when aapji say that the moment we do any deed, it gets stick to our soul. These deeds scrolls came out of all of our souls who were present there in that sangat.

During one of simran session, our hirda(chest area) got turned into a big ocean and pearls were dropping in water droplet shape from top of our head to chest and prakash was coming out from that area.

Kottan kot Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. Sab aape aap, karan karavan aapji. Please bless us sat budhi to do true deeds. Dhan dhan parbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan satguru parbrahm pitaji parmeshwar Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji

Dhan dhan pyare satguru parmeshwar pitaji. Please forgive us, we didn’t mention this in our experience, as we thought that it might be a little controversial. Aapji shown us everyone’s, all black, good and true deeds scrolls who were present there in that room that time

Aapji shown us that Kiran Ji’s black scroll was closed and her good deeds was a big list and true golden deeds were overflowing.

Anoop ji had a small list of bad deeds, good deeds was a big list and true deeds were flowing but less than Kiran ji.

Ours bad deed list was long, good deeds were a small list and true deeds have just begun. Jaspreet didi black list was small, true white deeds was a very big list and golden true deeds are just beginning. Jaspreet didi had longest good deeds list. Jasbir’s white good deeds list was big and same for black bad deeds and golden deeds list has begun. Aapji shown that gracy’s golden true deeds shifted to black bad deeds and golden deeds scroll has closed.

Gurmeet veerji’s black deed list was very long, white good deeds list was not that long and golden deeds were small list.

Sorry pitaji, we forgot what aapji shown about others who were present there.

Sanu baksh deyo pitaji. Our bad deeds list is really long. Sade mare karam, jhooth karam baksh deyo pitaji