Anu Ji – Experience with Guru Gobind Singh Ji and other satgurus.

Satnaam Ji

Kottan kot dandaut bandana aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji

Pitaji we want to share with aapji few experiences which aapji have given to us.

While writing message to aapji after saturday zoom sangat, we went into simran. There was so much prakash all around. Guru Arjan patshah ji were sitting in room and were playing classical instrument. We did to them and after a while Guru Gobind Singh patshah ji in there blue and golden attire came in the room and blessed us. We did dandaut to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and then lot of white prakash souls came in the room, it was their Singh Fauj. When we did dandaut to all of them, they started dressing us up in white kurta with kamar Kassa and tied a huge blue turban on our head. It was extremely big in height and a round metal chakra kind of weapon which nihangs carry on turban was also placed. (Pitaji this same thing happened 10-12 days back as well, but that time dhan dhan baba Deep Singh ji and dhan dhan baba banda Singh ji bahadar dressed up the same way except the chakra weapon) While all this was happening, we saw ourself in a man form and we were dressed up in a warrior suit then. Then on the back of the warrior suit, different kind of weapons, like swords, kirpans, bhalas and arrows etc. were placed in shastra cover. Our hands were open and many many weapons were placed on our hands as well. It was really dhan dhan pitaji. For lot of time, guru Gobind Singh patshah ji and singh fauj were there and were blessing us. Then when they were about to leave, we requested Guru Gobind Singh patshah ji to not go and requested them to stay with us. Then they smiled and replied that ” Sanu Dassan Dass Ji ne hi bhejiya hai tenu eh sab dein vaaste, onha nu jake dasna vi hai “. We also smiled when they said this. It is all only aapji’s grace and blessings pitaji, we cannot thank aapji enough for aapji’s infinite grace and blessings on us.

Pitaji we also want to share something with aapji which we couldn’t understand. Sometimes our hands are open while doing simran and 3 days back while doing amritvela, we saw a skeleton head on our left hand and a bone and blood vessel on right hand, we immediately threw it from our hands and started reciting dhan dhan mera satguru poora. Then it was normal and we forgot about it next day. Yesterday while doing Amritvela, after Kiran ji’s amritvela simran call, we had earphones on and kiran Ji’s satnaam simran was playing on it. We saw kartikeya, ganesh ji, Riddhi Siddhi and few of shivji’s rakshas from their sena standing in front of us quietly. Then kali mata appeared she was not seeming very happy. When she came in room, Our form changed exactly into kali mata, with open hairs, black body and skeleton heads on our body. We recited sat parbrahm and dhan dhan mera satguru poora and took off the entire kali mata form from us. We asked everyone present there to recite satnaam. And they all started singing Satnaam in the exact same tune which we were listening to and they were all happily singing satnaam except kali mata. We told Kiran ji about it and she asked us to message aapji about it.

Kottan kot Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. Sab aape aap pitaji. Please keep us under your satcharans as always

Dhan dhan parbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan satguru parmeshwar Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji
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