Inderjit – Blessed Guru Nanak Dev Jis Darshan

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan Dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar ji Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar ji

Kottan kot shukhrana pitaji for a very blissful amritwela session today. With aapji kirpa there was beyant amrit bakha.

We got darshan of dhan dhan Guru Nanak devji. We were shown how blessed is the ground on which he walked and spread the divine and pooran message from akal purakh on earth. How he devoted his whole life just to spread the pooran truth to the masses. Everywhere he walked that ground is dhan dhan. We humbly bow and kiss that ground. Pls keep us always under your feet sachchey patshah ji. Living on earth guru nanak dev ji has delivered the pooran gyan of who is the creator and his creation like the universe, the planets etc. He also wrote the roadmap for a seeker on this path.

Pitaji we were shown Guru Nanak dev ji vishaal nirankaar roop and were shown the whole universe was under his huge robe. We were all under his chattar chaya. Dhan dhan mera satgur poora. Dhan dhan guru nanak tuhi nirankaar.

We were then taken into the depth of mool mantra and first pauri of japji sahib. We were shown how everyone is busy trying to finish the holy granth and not contemplating on the precios words written. Everyone is busy doing akhand path etc but not diving deeper into the precious words.

The first pauri is a road map for every seeker. All is in hukum. Bandagi is in hukum. All life and our wordly affairs are in hukum. Every aspect of our lives – happiness, sadness, wealth, health everything is in hukum. We are just a mere puppet in the game. With his aseem kirpa, are the one’s who are blessed and chosen to even understand this play. No wordly knowledge, intelligence, ridhi sidhi, plans, clever tricks work. Just pure surrender at his feet is the key. Let the ego filled mind just lie at the feet of the paarbrahm ji. Keep telling mind day and night i am nothing and nothing is in my hands. It is all his blessings and his grace which makes us move on this path. It is all just a gurprasadi game. It is his wish on who he wants to bestow. Many are and will.wander aimlessly stuck deep in maya till their time will come to seek and contemplate. Onky he decides who will seek, contemplate and meditate to see the truth.

Pitaji we are so so blessed to have found you. We have done nothing to deserve such a great blessing to have met you and be in your shelter. You have been delivering the ultimate truth and it will be our great misfortune if we don’t listen to your words and trust them.

Pls forgive us all and bless all to understand , acknowledge and to trust this precious daat( biggest blessing) given to us by almighty.

We are fools of the highest order to not see such a great divine blessing bestowed on each of us.

Satnaam bless all with satbudhi devotion, trust and love and not to throw this opportunity to merge in him. Satnaam satnaam Satnaam
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