Humble prayer.  Unfortunately, people misuse Ardas to pray for the fulfillment of desires.  Just remember that there is no limit to His kindness.  He can give us anything, so much so, He can even give us His Throne, He can give us the kingdom of 14 Lok Parlok.  So please don’t ask for anything.  Who knows what He will give us when He is pleased with us.  And if at all He asks us what we want then either say, “Naam, Bandgi and Seva” or don’t say anything, or humbly say, “I don’t need anything.  You have already given me everything, what more do I need?”   He has infinite love for those who do His Bandgi and dedicate themselves to His Bandgi. 
To become Puneet, purified, so that God can live in you on a continuous basis, and accept you as His Bhagat, this should be your Ardas at every moment.  This Ardas will do wonders for you.  This is our divine promise to you.

“We are ignorant fools, lowest of the low, Loonharami (traitor), Gunehgaar (great offender), Nirguniaar (of no good qualities).  We are Maha Pakhandi (great hypocrite), Maha Paapi (great sinner), Maha Kaami (full of lust), Maha Lobhi (full of greed), Maha Mohi (full of attachment), Maha Ahankari (full of ego) and we have come to Your Charan Sharan (Holy feet shelter) with pressed palms and with Kottan Kot Dandauth (countless prostrations) at Your Pavan Charans (pure holy feet).  We give our Tunn (body), Munn (mind) and Dhann (wealth) at Your Sat Charans (feet of Truth).  Please help us.  Please show us the right path.  Please take us under Your Charan Sharan.  Please accept us under Your divine Chattar (Aura). Please forgive us for our misdoings and sins.  We will follow Your divine words from now onwards and will live the way You want us to live.  We will do what You want us to do.  Please bless us with Your GurParsaad and accept us as Your Suhaagan (blessed bride).”