Are We Hypocrites – Pakhandi?

Just take a moment to look at your own Karni, is it full of duality and untruthful, hypocritical behavior?  The behavior under the Rajo and Tamo Birti is considered worse than animal behavior.  But, that is what people are engaged in their daily life.  They have become more materialistic and full of hatred, abuse, discrimination and selfishness.  They make money by unfair means, by cheating, stealing, extortion, bribery and dishonesty.  They indulge in wrong sexual behavior which then makes their daughters, sisters and mothers lives very difficult.  This is the reason why in Gur Bani Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has very kindly explained that wherever He looks He finds only ghosts.  All human beings look to him like ghosts – “Kali ander nanaka jinna daa avatar.” 

If we are engaged in wrong activities then can we be called human beings?  Human behavior should be filled with all divine qualities such as, love, compassion, sacrifice, selflessness, helping others, donating to serve the poor, serving and respecting our elders, utmost humbleness, kindness, humility, fearlessness, no animosity and single vision.  All of these qualities should be reflected in our behavior. 

We should be pointing the finger of criticism at our own self and not towards anybody else.  But, people do the opposite.  They enjoy pointing out other people’s faults, but defend or cover up their own ones.  By doing so they think that they are protecting their image and status in society, but actually they are becoming further drenched in the scum of Maya.