Do Dandauth Bandhna

Whenever we start Naam Simran we should first bow before Akal Purakh and greet Him with Namaskaar (pressed palms).  An even more complete way is to do Dandauth Bandhna  to Him.   Dandauth means lying flat as a stick.  Bandhna means … Read More

Never Complain

Remain satisfied and contented in all circumstances and accept everything that happens around us  is due to the will of God – the Hukam.  Recognize the Hukam of Akal Purakh.  Don’t complain for any reason and thus remain silent and … Read More

Prepare For The GurParsaad Of Naam

Until the time we receive the GurParsaad, we should: ·         keep on accumulating the Sato Karams,·         keep on praying for the GurParsaad,·         focus on performing our daily activities as truthfully as we can,·         watch all of our actions and deeds … Read More

Keep Thanking God

The Almighty is Beant meaning He is beyond any limits and boundaries.  We should always and forever be thankful to the Almighty for giving us everything we have and keep on thanking him forever.  Keep on praying Him and asking … Read More