Astpadi 10: The Infinite Nature Of The Omnipresent God


Ustat karahi anayk junn ant na paaraavaar.
Nanak rachnaa prabh rachee baho bidh anik parkaar.  1.

Guru Pancham Patshah Ji has very kindly explained the infinite nature of the omnipresent – Sarav Viapak Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar in this piece of divine wisdom.  The one and only Creator is the owner and user of the Infinite Super Powers – Sarabh Klaa Bharpoor.

Sarabh means all kinds of;  in entirety.  The entire universe is covered under this Shabad of GurBani.  Anything that happens anywhere in the universe is covered by this Shabad.  It means everything that happens anywhere is under the will of Almighty.

Klaa means supernatural powers.  Not just Ridhis and Sidhis, but also the super powers infinitely beyond the Ridhis and Sidhis. 

Bharpoor means full of; saturated with all kinds of super powers.  It means in less than the twinkling of an eye the capacity and capability to make anything happen that is unimaginable by the human mind.  A recent example is the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. 

The creation of all of the supernatural powers, the Ridhis and Sidhis as they are known in GurMat, is for the running of the universe by the Creator.  People get trapped in the use of these supernatural powers which are achieved in the fairly early stages of Bandgi.  In fact, this is the most important test given to the Bhagat.  Akal Purakh is weighing up the Bhagat’s love for Him against the Bhagat’s hunger for power and fame in the world.  The ones who go after using these powers get stuck in their Bandgi and don’t get Jivan Mukti.  Whereas those Bhagats who have the real divine Bairaag, the real divine love for Akal Purakh go far beyond these supernatural powers.  Those beloved Bhagats complete their Bandgi and are accepted by the Almighty as Sada Suhaagans .  Therefore, there is no place for the use of these supernatural powers in the Puran Bandgi. 

Everything that comes into existence in this entire universe is created by the Creator.  Everything that exists in this universe is due to the infinite supernatural powers.  Everything that is a part of creation derives all of its power for existence and survival from this source of infinite super powers, from Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  Therefore, the key here is to understand the nature of the Creator as meant by “ant na paaraavaar.” 

The existence of everything that physically exists in this world is recognized and is always known by its attributes; its capacity to perform; its usefulness; its positive and negative properties and so on.  Similarly, the existence of the Creator is defined by its unmatched and unique attributes and infinite super powers as defined in the Mool Manter.  It is absolutely impossible to make any judgments about the infinite nature of Akal Purakh, but we can try to get a glimpse of “ant na paaraavaar” in the following text. 

Our physical body is made from the five elements – air, water, earth, fire and sky (space/ether).  Who is the Creator of these five elements?  Is it us humans or is there some other super power behind the creation of these five elements?  The answer is obviously the Superpower is the Creator of these five elements.  If these five elements are not of our creation and they are created by the Superpower then who is the Creator of the body?  Obviously the Superpower is the Creator of the body.  Let us look at it further.  The body is created by the combination of these five elements.  But, try and combine these five elements our self.  Can we combine them?  Fire will burn everything.  Water will dissolve everything.  Air will blow away everything.  The sky is not accessible to us.  In other words, is it physically possible to combine these five elements by a normal human being?  The answer is obviously, “No.” 

These elements are physically incompatible with each other under normal circumstances.  But, despite their non-compatibility these five elements are held together in our physical body.  What is it that is holding them together?  The answer is the Superpower.  What is that Superpower?  The Param Jyot Atma, the life element.  This Jyot keeps these five incompatible elements together, it keeps us breathing and this Jyot is God Himself. 

There is no difference between Atma and Param Atma.  The soul, Jyot, that goes beyond the three aspects of Maya, “Trihu Gun Tey Parey”, becomes Param Atma.  This body is only a house for this Param Atma to live and spend some time.  Like we buy a house or a car and then after using it for a number of years we sell the old home and buy a new home or sell the old car and buy a new car.  In a similar way this Param Atma lives in the body for a lifetime and then leaves it and enters in a new home to live another life.  This cycle continues until this Param Atma recognizes Himself and distinguishes Himself from the rest of this play of Maya.  It then detaches itself from Maya and finds its Eternal Home, the Nirgun Saroop, like a drop goes back to the ocean. 

This wonderful and very surprising act of holding these five incompatible elements together in the form of the body is the "Kudrat Ka Krishma."  It is a miracle and this miracle happens due to the Hukam, due to the will of Akal Purakh.  There is no parallel power that can perform this miracle.  If we start looking around us at every creation from this perspective, we will get dive deeply into the infinite part of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar, the Mansarovar, the Nirgun Saroop, the Sarabh Klaa Bharpoor. 

Here is another example.  Fire is contained in the wood.  Burning the wood creates fire.  So fire is contained within the wood, but how?  Only the Superpower of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar is holding fire inside the wood.  Another wonderful and very surprising part of the creation is the entire system of various planets and stars.  Imagine what is holding each one of them in their respective spots.  What is making them move around, but without hitting each other?  What is rotating the Earth around its own axis and around the sun?  What is moving the moon around the Earth?  What makes the weather change?  Yes, science says its due to gravitational forces.  But, what is the power behind the gravitational forces?  What is running the entire universe?  In GurMat there is only one answer behind all of these surprising and wonderful acts of the nature and that is the ONE AND ONLY SUPREME SUPER POWER, THE ONLY CREATOR, DHAN DHAN PAAR BRAHAM PARMESHWAR, IK OANKAAR SAT NAAM.  This has been very kindly explained by Guru Nanak Patshah Ji in the very first Salok of Jap Ji Bani, the very first line of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the Mool Manter.

The bottom line is that everything is the creation of the Creator and no one else.  When we look at every creation with the divine eye then we can get a glimpse of the unlimited super powers of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and how He has created the creation. 

If we look at every creation with a divine eye then we will find that each one is a Kudrat Ka Krishma – a divine miracle.  There are an unimaginable number of miracles that explain the infinite nature of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  This means behind every creation there is a surprising background or story and there are millions of creations and millions of miracles which are beyond the comprehension of the brain of a normal human being.  Only a Puran Sant SatGuru can understand and know this infinite nature of the Creator. 

There have been and are millions and millions of human beings who are engaged in praising the Almighty for His miraculous creations and His super powers, but nobody has been able to gage the dimensions of Akal Purakh.  He is infinite and we can get only a glimpse of the depth of the Mansarovar.  The Mansarovar  is the source of all super powers behind the creation.

Ka-ee kot ho-ay poojaari.
Ka-ee kot aachaar bi-uhaaree.
Ka-ee kot bha-ay Teerath vaasee.
Ka-ee kot ban bharmeh udaasee.
Ka-ee kot bayd kay sarotay.
Ka-ee kot tapeesur hotay.
Ka-ee kot aatam dhi-aan dhaareh.
Ka-ee kot kab kaab beechaareh.
Ka-ee kot navtan naam dhi-aavahi.
Nanak kartay ka ant na paavahi.  1.

Guru Sahib Shri Guru Pancham Patshah Ji has very kindly given us the divine wisdom about the different types of people who are engaged in worshipping Akal Purakh .  Guru Ji has described the different ways that these people try to get a glimpse of His Super Powers, but none has been able to find or realize Him completely.  This means that no one has been able to reach and measure the depth and dimensions of His Super Powers.  All that any one has been able to say is that He is infinite and they don’t know more than that. 

There are millions of devotees who have in the past devoted themselves to Bandgi.  The Shabad Bandgi has been derived from the Shabad Banda.  The Shabad Banda means the slave and the Shabad Bandgi means Ghulami – slavery.  Now who is a slave?  Obviously, it is the one who remains and performs under the command or under the will of His master.  Similarly, a Banda remains and performs under the will of the Almighty.  The one who remains under the Hukam of Akal Purakh is a Banda.  The person whose five Gyan Indrees, the five senses are under the Puran Hukam is a Banda.  The person whose five senses are not governed by the Panj Doots and are governed directly by the Param Jyot Puran Parkash is a Banda.  The one who enters into Ghulami (the enslavement) of Akal Purakh, Gur and Guru  and follows His Hukam does Bandgi.  By virtue of doing this He becomes a Banda. 

When our Bandgi is performed with the GurParsaad and reaches the heights, then it is recognized in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar as Puran Bandgi.  Then the Banda reaches the Param Padvi and becomes a Puran Braham Gyani after merging with the Nirgun Saroop.  Similarly, doing Pooja (worship) is Bandgi and the Poojaari (worshipper) is the person who does the Pooja.  The Poojaari is a Banda and Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is telling us that there have been millions of such people who have done Bandgi or Pooja, but not one has been able to find or measure the dimensions of the Infinite – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.   So when we do Bandgi and reach the Puran Bandgi stage as well, even then whatever we know or learn or experience is still only a glimpse of the infinite super powers of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.

Guru Sahib Ji is very kindly continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the construction of the creation.  As a part of His super creation there are millions of people who perform religious rituals and worldly duties.  If we look around, we find that there are many who are engaged in these kinds of activities on a daily basis.  One thing that is very important to understand is what constitutes a ritual?  What is the use of engaging oneself in any kind of rituals? 

Let us pray to Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and Dhan Dhan Guru Sahib Ji to give us GurParsaad of understanding the meaning and implications of performing any kind of rituals.  Whenever we don’t understand anything or we feel that we are blocked or stuck and we cannot move any further or we don’t know what to do, then the best thing to perform is an Ardas (humble prayer) as this one, with full and complete faith and trust, devotion and love at the Charans of Dhan Dhan Guru Sahib and Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and we are sure to find a way out of the situation.

The performance of rituals and usage of outside symbols has a very severe impact on the spiritual progress of any human being.  Most of the people engaged in the outer rituals and engaged in the usage of outside symbols absorb themselves in these things to such an extent that they start to believe that only this is the way to reach the Almighty.  The outer rituals and usage of symbols and outside dress codes becomes the top priority for them.  It becomes an inseparable part of their daily life.  Any kind of actions that are connected with the outside performances, the so called religious actions, are not really Sat Karams – true deeds.  The real pilgrimage is the internal pilgrimage, the real Teerath is the internal Teerath – discovering the Eternal Truth within our own self. 

God lives inside our Hirda.  It is believed as written in the Katho Upanishad (ancient scriptures) that after God created His most beautiful creation, which is a human, He then wanted to find the safest place to hide all of the eternal treasures.  God knew that if these eternal treasures were hidden some place else then it would be easy for the human to discover them and show and tell others, but then God decided to hide all of the eternal treasures within the human being.  And look at the beauty of this divine action of hiding all of the eternal treasures within the human Hirda.  These eternal treasures could be discovered only by oneself.

More importantly every human being keeps on searching the entire creation for these eternal treasures.  As part of this search they go on external pilgrimages, perform outer rituals and get attached to religious symbols.  These outer expressions distract them from searching within their own self.   It is so difficult for them to search within.  The inner search is done by a very few human beings and even fewer are successful in realizing these eternal treasures.  Perhaps only one in tens of millions is able to complete the internal search and reach these eternal treasures. 

Since these eternal treasures are placed inside our Hirda, how can we reach them and discover them by conducting the outside pilgrimage, by performing outer rituals and by using outside symbols?  No external compliance, whatever it may be, can ever take us higher in spirituality.  Only internal compliance is able to clean us up from the inside and make our Hirda a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  When this happens then the Sachyaar, God Himself, physically appears from within our own self.  We are able to see Nirgun, the Puran Parkash in Sargun, in our own physical body.

Many millions that have been here in all previous Ages and many millions that are present now as well, are the dwellers at sacred shrines.  This is believed by them all to be the true pilgrimage.  The entire religious world is trapped in this kind of thinking.  It is one of religion’s biggest illusions that God can be realized by the performance of the outside pilgrimage.  The outside pilgrimage will not bring in the eternal peace and eternal happiness.  The outside pilgrimage will never be able to result in the complete realization of the Almighty. 

The real pilgrimage is the inside pilgrimage.  And the inside pilgrimage happens with GurParsaad of  Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  The inside pilgrimage happens by winning over the Panj Doots – Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar and winning over our desires – Asa, Trishna and Mansha.  The internal pilgrimage happens with GurParsaad of winning over our mind completely, which is then replaced by the Param Jyot Puran Parkash Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji.  The internal pilgrimage happens with GurParsaad of becoming a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  When this happens then all of the eternal treasures become ours and the physical experiences we go through are unexplainable and unbelievable.   The real pilgrimage is the internal pilgrimage, the complete realization of God inside our Hirda, when our Hirda becomes a Sant Hirda – Puran Sachyara Hirda then God comes in physically and lives in our Hirda.

There are many millions who wander as mendicants in the wilderness by leaving their families and home to discover the Eternal Truth, to meet the Almighty.  They do so because they believe that they will be away from their worldly ties, away from their attachment to their family.  Hence, they will be able to win over Maya easily.  But, this is also an illusion that in order to search for God we have to leave the family and home and run away from our family responsibilities.  This is actually the disobedience of the Hukam. 

The true realization of God is achieved by living a truthful life within our normal circumstances.  We just need to conduct our self according to the divine laws of GurMat.  We just need to surrender to the Gur and Guru and achieve the GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. 

By living a normal family life we encounter our enemy, Maya, on a constant and consistent basis.  And unless we encounter our enemy and fight with it, how can we conquer it?  Living in the family we encounter our desires on a daily basis.  But, until we learn to live a desire free life, how can we become desire free?  Remember that when we become desire free and when we win over Maya, then the entire universe belongs to us.  This is because when we reach that level in the spiritual world we become one with the Almighty and there remains no difference between us and God.  Achieving salvation, Jivan Mukti, in a family life is much easier and faster than any other method. 

There are many millions of people who are engaged in listening to the Vedas.  There are four Vedas that are followed in the Hinduism.  These are Rig Ved, Saam Ved, Yazur Ved and Ayur Ved.  These Vedas basically, lay down some divine principals to be used in leading a good balanced and healthy human life.  These Vedas are supposed to be written by Brahma, one of the Hindu gods.  But, basically, listening to these Vedas and following them religiously will not give us any idea about the infinite super powers of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar. 

According to GurBani, Brahma could not win over Maya, which means that Brahma could not go beyond the three aspects of Maya.  He could not go beyond “Trihu Gun Tey Parey.”  So obviously following His writings will not take us “Trihu Gun Tey Parey” – beyond the three aspects of Maya.  This means that listening to the Vedas and following the Vedas will not help us to win over Maya and become Jivan Mukt.

The only way we can reach salvation is with GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva, “Simrat Ved Puran Pukaran Pothyaan.  Naam Bina Sabh Koodh Gaali Hochyaan.”  This means that everything else except Naam is not beyond “Trihu Gun Tey Parey.”  Only Naam is beyond the three aspects of Maya and only Naam can take us beyond Maya.

There are many millions who become austere penitents.  They are absorbed in worshipping God.  There are many millions who enshrine meditation within their souls.  Atam Dhyaan is a Shabad with a very deep divine meaning.  Atam means our soul is a part the Nirgun Saroop Puran Parkash Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and Shabad Dhyaan means leaving everything up to God.  Whenever we say God we mean Nirgun Saroop Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  Dhyaan means:-

·         follow God’s Hukam –  “Hukam Rajai Chalna.”
·         complete surrender to God  – “Tunn, Munn Dhan Sabh Tera.”
·         no me, my and mine. 
·         no Haumai.
·         everything is done by the ONE SUPREME DOER – KARTA PURAKH.  If our Haumai is very strong then please start doing Jaap of “Karta Purakh Sat Naam” and our Haumai will start to diminish and will finally go away. 
·         a continuous Naam Simran.
·         Simran in Hirda.
·         Simran in Surat. 
·         Simran in Rom Rom. 

Therefore, a person who goes into the spiritual stage of Dhyaan gets uplifted so high spiritually, that He reaches the Sach Khand Awastha. 

Many, many millions of poets contemplate God through their poetry.  There are many millions who meditate on His eternally new Naam.  The meaning of the Shabad Dhyaan and Shabad Dhiaavahi is the same.  These people reach the heights of the spiritual worlds, but still cannot find the limits of the Creator.  The bottom line is that nobody can find the limits of the Creator.

Ka-ee kot bha-ay abhimaanee.
Ka-ee kot andh agi-aanee.
Ka-ee kot kirpan kathor.
Ka-ee kot abhig aatam nikor.
Ka-ee kot par darab ka-o hireh.
Ka-ee kot par dookhnaa karahi.
Ka-ee kot maa-i-aa saram maahi.
Ka-ee kot pardays bharmaahi.
Jit jit laavhu tit tit lagnaa.
Nanak kartay kee jaanai kartaa rachnaa.  2.

Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the human race since its beginning.  Remember, that it has been a really long time since the human race came into existence.  It started in Sat Yug.  Continued through Treta Yug and Dwapper Yug.  Now the human race is going through Kal Yug.  Each Yug lasts hundreds of thousands of years.  This gives us an idea of the length of time that the human race has been evolving. 

There are many millions of people who become self-centered and egotistic.  Abhimanee means full of ego, full of Ahankaar, full of Haumai.  In fact, if you look at your self and your society, are you able to find even a single person who is not egotistic?  Apart from the Sant Hirda, there is not a single person who is not suffering from this mental sickness of ego.  This is a deep mental sickness which is one of the Panj Doots.  It is the most difficult one to control.  In fact, the whole world is being run by this Doot of Haumai.  The very existence of this world is due to Haumai.  If there was no Haumai in anybody on this Earth then everybody would be Jivan Mukt.  Therefore, only those ones who are free of Haumai are not called Abhimanee.  They are called Sant souls, everyone else is Abhimanee – full of Haumai.  Killing Haumai is a GurParsaadi game and happens with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Puran Bandgi and Seva.

This world is full of people who are blinded by ignorance.  The ignorance is a curse and divine wisdom is the boon.  A normal person who is deeply drenched by the scum of Maya and who is being ruled by Maya in every day life becomes blind to the divine wisdom.  Even those who read GurBani on a daily basis, read Panj Bani Paath (daily ritual reading of Sikh religious texts) and so on, even they are living under this curse of ignorance.  The real thing is to put the Paath (reading of religious texts) into practice and not just read it.  The real thing is to follow the divine knowledge and convert it into our own divine wisdom by putting it into practice.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very much and people mainly follow the tradition of reading, reading and reading.  But, unless we do what GurBani is telling us, we wont get anywhere and we will remain an Andhagiaani – ignorant about the real spiritual world. 

To a very large extent the modern day preachers are responsible for this dire situation.  They know that they don’t have the divine wisdom, the  Braham Gyan, but that doesn’t stop them from advising others.  They preach things that they don’t even do in their own lives.  Only a person who is internally enlightened and whose  Bajjar Kapaats are open including the Dassam Duaar and who has reached the Braham Gyan due to His Naam Ki Kamai and earned the divine wisdom is capable of helping others and nobody else. 

So the fault lies in the society where anybody can become a preacher without achieving the Braham Gyan.  When the preachers themselves are Andhagiaanis then how can they give the wisdom to others to help transform their lives? 

There are many millions who are stone-hearted misers with no kindness for others.  They have no helping attitude for the poor and needy.  Look inside your self and look at the society around you.  Everybody is working to collect money and to build properties.  They do this fully aware that all of their money, bank balances and properties will not go with them when they die.  They do this even knowing that their wealth cannot buy them Jivan Mukti and get them out of reincarnation. 

Many tell us that they are not able to concentrate on Naam Simran.  Our question to such people is, “Have you given your Tunn to the Guru?  Have you given your Munn to the Guru?  Have you given your Dhan to the Guru?”  The answer is a resounding, “no, no and no.”  Giving all three – Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Guru is mandatory and unless we do so, our Simran will not go higher, our Seva will not go higher. 

Some people spend a lot of time reading GurBani and doing Naam Simran as well, which means that they have given their Tunn to the Guru.  But, since they have not given the other two, Munn and Dhann, to the Guru they make no spiritual gains.  Some people give Tunn and partial Munn to the Guru so they do make some progress.  But, they are still locked out from further progress because they don’t do what the Guru tells them to do.  However, only those who completely give their Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Guru go into the state of Chad Di Klaa.  This is our guarantee, that if you give your Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Guru, then you will definitely go into Chad Di Klaa. 

When we say Chad Di Klaa that means in Sach Khand.  Chad Di Klaa happens in Sach Khand and not less than that.  It happens when Naam goes into the Hirda and Rom Rom.  In summary, this world is full of  people who are selfish, self centered, misers who are blind to the Guru’s word.

There are many millions who are heartless, with dry, withered souls.  A person without a heart will have no feelings for others, no kindness, no forgiveness, no humbleness, no such divine qualities, no love for others.  Such souls have been called the dry, withered souls and this world is full of such souls.  God lives in a Hirda which is full of love and obviously such souls are deprived of the opportunity to experience God in their hearts. 

There are many millions who steal the wealth of others.  Corruption has become a way of life and living in modern day society.  Particularly in Indian society, where there is hardly any soul who does not try to become wealthy by foul means.  Inside the human brain there is a portion which is called the reptilian brain.  This part of the brain prompts us to perform “grab and run” kinds of actions.  We all have these thoughts crossing our mind that tell us to give up our ethical standards in order to gain wealth by fair or foul means.  Means such as corruption, stealing, deceiving, cheating, adultery, extortion, misuse of political power and force, misuse of position and power and so on.  Corruption starts at the top levels of society, from politicians and then eats away society to the lowest level in some way or the other, directly or indirectly.  Sincerity and honesty have become a very scarce commodity in modern day society.  Materialism has taken over.  This is a deep mental sickness and is eating modern day society day and night. 

There are many millions who are engaged in the lowest action of slandering others.  Hatred and discrimination has become the way of life.  Everybody wants to be superior in one way or another  to everybody else.  Everybody wants to prove himself richer and superior than everybody else in modern day society.  No moral and ethical values are left in society in their real divine sense. 

Even in the name of Dharam there is a lot of slandering going on all around the Globe.  There are a lot of campaigns going on against the Sants and Bhagats all over the world.  This is the most unfortunate part of modern society.  These people engage in the slandering of the ones who are Nirvair.  Even though they get slandered, the Sant still loves the slanderer as much they love God.  Because the Sant is full of kindness, humbleness, forgiveness and all divine qualities.  The souls who are Sant Hirdas are being slandered in an organized way by the so called modern day preachers around the globe. 

As a divine rule, only the one who is Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani is authorized by the Dargah to preach to others.  Even in the time of the Gurus only the Gurus or the Gurmukhs who were Puran were blessed by the Gurus to preach.  But, in todays world there are thousands of people who have become so called preachers.  This is a shame and many of these so called preachers indulge in slandering the Sants and Bhagats. 

There are many millions who struggle in Maya.  Maya is running the entire world.  Everything that is visible with the naked eye is Maya.  The mind’s of billions of people are being eaten by Maya.  However, the ones who get blessed with this understanding that Maya is eating them away, start to make efforts to get out of the shackles of Maya. 

There are many millions who wander in foreign lands.  They leave their own home and family and go to the forests in search of peace and meeting with God without realizing that God is living in their own Hirda and can only be realized through self realization.  Bandgi can be done more easily staying and living in the family than by leaving everything and wandering in the wilderness.  It is easier to fight and defeat Maya whilst living in the family, than in the wilderness where there is no direct encounter with Maya.  In the forests there is hardly any or no opportunity to encounter Maya and fight with it.  Wandering in the wilderness does not help in self realization.

The most important thing is to develop this divine understanding that everything runs under the divine laws.  The most prominent being the law of Karma.  Our Karma is based on our Karni and our destiny is formed.  When we follow that destiny then we perform new deeds and write more of our future destiny.  This continues forever or until we realize that we have to get out of this cycle of death and birth.  Then we start working towards achieving salvation. 

The law of Karma is the Hukam, one of the highest Hukams, which decides our destiny.  The entire creation is so complex that it is beyond the capacity of a normal human being to understand it.  Only the Creator knows the workings of His creation. 
Ka-ee kot sidh jatee jogee.
Ka-ee kot raajay ras bhogee.
Ka-ee kot pankhee sarap upaa-ay.
Ka-ee kot paathar birakh nipjaa-ay.
Ka-ee kot pavan paanee baisantar.
Ka-ee kot days bhoo mandal.
Ka-ee kot sasee-ar soor nakh-yatar.
Ka-ee kot dayv daanav indar sir chhatar.
Sagal samagree apnai soot dhaarai.
Nanak jis jis bhaavai tis tis nistaarai.  3.

Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the complexity and construction of the creation as created by the Creator.  There are many millions of people who are Sidhs, celibates and Yogis.  Sidhs are those who have achieved the Sidhis.  Sidhis are some of the supernatural powers they have obtained during the course of their Bandgi.  However, when they receive these Sidhis they start using them for their own benefit and also to attract people.  When they do this their Bandgi is blocked.  They cannot go any further and remain at that level for the remainder of their life.  They don’t’ reach salvation. 

The Jati is the one achieves control over Kaam.  The people who practice Yoga are called Yogis and they also control Kaam through their techniques.  With the help of Yogic exercises they can also increase their life span and stay healthy for a long life.  Some of these types of people were addressed by Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji as described in the GurBani called Sidh Gosht.   They tried to lure Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji by using their Sidhis, but Guru Patshah Ji was way above these things as He was Nirankaar Roop.  He helped these Sidhs to understand the real meaning and objective of the life – salvation.  The entire Yogic method is a very complex and difficult method to reach complete realization, whereas GurMat lays down a very easy and accessible method of reaching salvation.

There are many millions who are kings enjoying worldly pleasures.  All of the worldly pleasures are Maya as their source is fulfilling desires under Maya’s Rajo aspect.  These pleasures are temporary and lead to ever increasing desires – a never ending stream of desires.  Working to fulfil desires and then more desires never allow you to be free from the shackles of Maya.  You will sink deeper and deeper into the scum of Maya and will continue to burn your self in the fire of desires. 

When you die, your unfulfilled desires are carried along with your soul.  Not only that, all of your good and bad deeds are also carried along with your soul.  Therefore, you continue to go through the cycle of birth and death to pay for these deeds and for the fulfillment of unrealized desires.  Your deeds and desires form your destiny in the future.  Fulfillment of desires gives a temporary pleasure, but non realization of desires leads to disappointment and then to depression and then to mental sicknesses and physical ailments.

The next part of the creation is the animal kingdom.  There are many millions of birds and snakes that have been created.  Again based on your deeds in this and previous lives your future destiny is decided in accordance with the divine laws and many are reborn as snakes and birds. 

According to GurBani, it is believed you will be reborn as a human being again if you engage yourself in Sato Karams such as:-

·         Daya – kindness,
·         Daan – charity,
·         Dharam – religious activities such as reading and doing GurBani, Naam Simran,
·         Sanjam – patience,
·         Sat Santokh – contentment,
·         Serving the Almighty, and
·         Bandgi.

Even if you don’t reach salvation then at least by doing Sato Karams you will be saved from going into the animal kingdom.  You will still be reborn as a human being and get another chance to achieve salvation.  Therefore, focus on Sato Karams as stated above. 

The next part of the creation is the other parts of nature such as stones and trees – means the land and land based creatures.  The creatures that are formed from the land and the ones which take birth from the land and soil, stones and vegetation.  There are many millions of such creations.  GurBani says that there are 8.4 million species of animals and vegetation.  Of which half are on the land and half  in the water. 

The next part of the creation provides the most important elements that are essential for providing life to the living creations – human beings, animals and vegetation.  These elements are air, water and fire.  Basically, life cannot exist without these three essential elements.  Air provides oxygen necessary for both plants and animals including human beings.  Water is the next natural source of life.  Life cannot exist without air and water.  Both of these elements are available in free abundance.  There is no limit on the availability of these elements.  Fire is the next necessity for life.  Imagine what our life would be like without fire?  How long could we live without air and water?

The next part of the creation is the planetary systems where all of these above described creations are born, live and survive.  There are many millions of planets like the Earth and realms of the world, where these creations are born, live and survive.  There is a limited knowledge about the solar system and of all of the other planets known to the human race, but in the divine sense there is no end to these kinds of creations.  We are part of only one Solar and planetary system, but in the divine sense there are many millions of such systems.  There is no end to the creation.  There are many millions of Earths, suns, moons, stars and other planets connected with these systems and there is no end to the creation

The next part of the creation is the demi-gods, demons and Indras.  Indra is known as the king of the gods, whereas demons represent the evil spirits.  The Devi-Devtas represent the good part of the creation and they protect the creation from going under the influence of the evil side.  The demons represent the evil side and try to convert the good side.  This battle of good versus evil is happening within us.  Our existence is due to the divine Jyot inside us.  Our life is provided by the Jyot which is the divine part.  But, our life is being eaten up by the demons of the Panj Doots and desires.  The Doots live in our body and prompt us to perform under their influence. 

The basis of the entire complex structure of the creation, which is beyond the understanding of a normal human being, is the Creator Himself.  He Himself is holding the entire creation and running the entire creation Himself and only He could do so.  It is beyond the understanding of an ordinary person to understand the complexity of the entire universe and how it is run, only God knows.  However, those who are eternally blessed by God can know about the complexity of the entire universal creation and how it is run.  These fortunate souls who reach those heights of the spiritual world can feel and physically experience these creations.  A lot of the people who are blessed with GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi go into Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi, meditation and deep meditation.  They get out of body experiences and then they go through these creations and see them and experience them and so GurBani comes true to them like this.  But, this is all GurParsaad and can happen only with GurParsaad, only those get GurParsaad whom He blesses with GurParsaad. 

Ka-ee kot rajus tamus satuk.
Ka-ee kot bayd puraan simrit ar saasat.
Ka-ee kot kee-ay ratan samud.
Ka -ee kot naanaa parkaar jant.
Ka-ee kot kee-ay chir jeevay.
Ka-ee kot giree mayr suvran theevay.
Ka-ee kot jakh-y kinnar pisaach.
Ka-ee kot bhoot parayt sookar marigaach.
Sabh tay nayrai sabhhoo tay door.
Nanak aap alipat rahi-aa bharpoor.  4.

Only the ones who are Puran, who have reached Param Padvi and have merged in the Nirgun Saroop of the Creator have gone beyond Maya.  The remainder of the creation is operating under the influence of Maya.  There are three aspects of Maya:-

1.        Rajo: Asa, Trishna and Mansha – desires,

2.        Tamo: Panj Doots – Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar; 

3.        Sato: Daan, Daya, Dharam, Sanjam, Sat Santokh – religious activities.

The deeds performed under the Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya are untrue deeds and take us away from God.  The deeds performed under the Sato aspect of Maya are true deeds and take us closer to God.  The people who operate under Rajo are called Rajus.  The people who operate under Tamo are called Tamus and the people who operate under Sato are called Satuks. 

The entire creation is operating under these three aspects of Maya.  There are many millions who are Rajus, many millions who are Tamus and many millions who are Satuk.  Some people wonder how can Satuks be under the influence of Maya?  But, this is a divine truth that even the Satuks fall under the influence of Maya until they are rewarded with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  Then and only then can these souls win over Maya and merge in the Nirgun Saroop and become one with the Almighty and go beyond Maya.  Then Maya becomes their servant.  So except for the Puran Sant, the remainder of the world can be categorized as Rajus, Tamus and Satuks.

The next part of the creation are the Dharam Granths.  These are the books of religion.  There are many millions of Vedas, Puraans, Simritees and Shastras.  These are the Dharam Shastras, the religious books of Hinduism.  Saying there are millions of them may seem strange to us.  But, the idea here is to understand that there are countless creations, countless life forms, countless religions and millions of religious books to go with them and that it is all part of His creation.

The next part of the creation is the oceans and the precious stones and things that are found in these oceans.  There are many millions of such oceans known to the life just on Earth and all of these millions of oceans contain many millions of precious stones and things that are found in these unlimited numbers of oceans.  There are millions of species of insects, animals, and living creatures in these oceans.  Again the bottom line is that there is no end to the creation  and nobody knows its limits. 

There are many millions who have very long lives.  There are many millions of hills and mountains that have been made of gold.  There are many millions of souls which are called Yakhshas – the servants of the god of wealth, the Kinnars – gods of celestial music, and the evil spirits of the Pisaach.  As a part of the animal kingdom of the creation there are many millions which are pigs and tigers.  There are also many millions of evil nature such as spirits and ghosts.

God is Omnipresent meaning that He is present everywhere and in every creation.  As an ordinary person is unable to realize Him, they feel that He is too far away.  However, the life element in us and all living creatures is the God element.  Without this divine element death of the physical body occurs.  But, we cannot realize this Divine Truth unless we go through the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  God doesn’t appear and is not realized in all physical senses unless we earn Puran Sachyari Rehat – internal compliance, the compliance of winning over Maya.  Unless we do so and have complete realization we cannot feel this nearness, hence we feel the distance between us and God.  The presence of God is revealed only to those who bring in all of the divine qualities and go through the Puran Bandgi process.  God is present every where and in every one of us and all creations, but cannot be experienced physically unless we become as pure as He is, only then can we go and become one with Him.
Ka-ee kot paataal kay vaasee.
Ka-ee kot narak surag nivaasee.
Ka-ee kot janmeh jeeveh mareh.
Ka-ee kot baho jonee fireh.
Ka-ee kot baithat hee khaahi.
Ka-ee kot ghaaleh thak paahi.
Ka-ee kot kee-ay dhanvant.
Ka-ee kot maa-i-aa meh chint.
Jah jah bhaanaa tah tah raakhay.
Nanak sabh kichh prabh kai haathay.  5.
Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the structure of the creation and basically, He is emphasizing that God is the Only Creator.  God is responsible for creating the entire creation.  On the path to Puran Bandgi, it is of immense divine importance to trust and believe that there is only one unique Creator and Doer – Karta Purakh, who is responsible for creating the entire creation and doing everything.  Everything is created and run by Karta Purakh, the one who is called Ik Oankaar Sat Naam. 

When we trust and believe that every creation is created by the Creator, by Akal Purakh and runs with His will, His Hukam then we develop an unconditional love for every creation.  The feeling of hatred, discrimination, misbehavior, animosity and selfishness disappears and everything seems to be belonging to us.  The entire creation seems to become a part of our own family.   The person who realizes God due to Puran Bandgi, which is a GurParsaad, and becomes one with God, then every creation, becomes a part of Him.  He develops a sense of belonging to every creation.  In other words, when we merge in God and reach the full realization stage then the entire creation becomes as dear to us as God Himself is.  This is a deep divine quality and makes us Nirvair – and Nirvair is Ik Drisht. 

The entire creation has been born out of the Seed, the Beej Manter “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam” which is part of and further described by the Mool Manter.  And the entire GurBani is a description of the Mool Manter.  So we can take any Shabad and when we look at it in deep divine sense, it will take us to the Mool, the Origin, which is nothing but Mool Manter and Beej Manter. 

Let us look at it from another perspective.  God is the Only Creator which means that everything has originated from God.  God’s definition is contained in the Mool Manter, so every creation has originated from the Mool Manter.  Mool Manter is the basis of every creation.  Mool Manter gives the definition of the Mansarovar – the Amrit – the Nirgun Jyot – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  Mansarovar is purely the collection of all of the divine qualities that form the basis of the spiritual world – Eternal Truth.  Collection of all of the divine attributes of Akal Purakh which take the name of Nirgun Saroop.  Everything has originated from the Mansarovar and the Mansarovar is the origin of everything and this is the Only Eternal Truth.  Everything else is perishable and prone to change, the Mansarovar doesn’t change.  It has been, “Aad Sach.  Jugaad Sach.  Hai Bhi Sach. Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach.”  So a soul which brings in all of the mandatory divine attributes of Akal Purakh becomes a Suhaagan and then a Sada Suhaagan and merges in the Mansarovar.  That soul always and forever remains in the Mansarovar and drinks the Mansarovar continuously.  Drinks the never ending stream of Atam Ras Amrit – the highest Amrit – Dhan Dhan Mansarovar. 

Guru Pancham Patshah Ji has taken a drop of the Mansarovar and tried to explain the eternal super powers of the Mansarovar, the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji in the Sukhmani Bani.  Since Bani has come from the Mansarovar that is why it is Amrit Bani.  So the basis of the entire creation is Mansarovar, but due to the lack of the divine wisdom  that there is only One Creator, there is only One Doer – in spite of being connected to the Mansarovar we are not connected to the Mansarovar.  We are missing a link that shows us that we are all connected to the Mansarovar.  That our existence is only due to this connection to the Mansarovar.  Mansarovar is the One which is providing life in this physical body,  “Jaat meh jyot, jot meh jataa,”  Jaat means the physical body.  Jyot is the Mansarovar and Jataa is Akal Purakh.  The above line means that the physical body resides within the Jyot/Mansarovar.  And the Jyot/Mansarovar resides within Akal Purakh.    

Another part of the creation has many millions who inhabit the nether regions.  There are many millions who dwell in heaven and hell.  There are many millions who keep on taking birth, live their life and then die and just keep on reincarnating over and over again.  There are many millions who according to their destiny eat while sitting at ease.  They don’t have to do anything and keep on receiving all of the comforts of life due to their Karni in the past lives. 

There are many millions who have to work really very hard to survive in this world due to their Karni in their previous lives.  There are many millions who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  They are born rich due to their Karni in their previous lives.  In their previous lives they have been very generous to others and have shared their earnings with charities and with the needy.  However, there are many millions who are rolling in wealth, but are still full of worries.  All this shows that only the divine laws prevail.  The divine laws decide our destiny.  The divine laws are responsible for creating our destiny and fate.  The divine laws form the Hukam and everything that happens to us happens under these divine laws.  So in this life we should devote ourselves to such a Karni which will make our future destiny good.  Sat Karams will make it good.  Asat Karams will make it bad.
Ka-ee kot bha-ay bairaagee.
Raam naam sang tin liv laagee.
Ka-ee kot prabh ka-o khojantay.
Aatam meh Paar Braham lahantay.
Ka-ee kot darsan prabh pi-aas.
Tin ka-o mili-o prabh abinaas.
Ka-ee kot maageh sat sang.
Paar Braham tin laagaa rang.
Jin ka-o ho-ay aap suparsan.
Nanak tay junn sada dhan dhan.  6.

Guru Pancham Patshah Ji Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji is continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the next part of the structure of the creation.  This part describes the people engaged in Bandgi.  The ones who have realized that the objective of their human life is to work towards salvation.  The ones who have realized the importance of this human life is to work towards getting the GurParsaad of Jivan Mukti.  The purpose of the human life is to achieve the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva and reach the heights of the spiritual world. 

The ones described in this verse are the ones who absorb themselves in Naam.  Absorb themselves in Naam Simran, Naam Simran in Hirda, Naam Simran in Surat, Naam Simran in Rom Rom.  Such people become Bairaagee.  They are the ones who are above the three aspects of Maya.  They are beyond Maya.  They win over their mind and Maya completely and this universe is full of such souls who have achieved this level in spirituality.  There are many millions who have achieved this status in the spiritual world. 

The next group of people are the ones who are searching for God.  The ones who are making every effort to reach the complete realization of the Almighty and there are many millions of such souls who are moving on this path of Bandgi – the path of Puran Bandgi.  Only GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi can really take us to the complete realization of God.  Those who are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar – those who completely surrender themselves to the Gur and Guru reach these heights of the spiritual world – Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar.  There are many millions such souls who achieve this level of spirituality.  The realization of God is called self realization.  God resides in our Hirda, but appears physically when our Hirda becomes a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  Then it is filled with all of the divine qualities and becomes Beant and ready for the Beant – God to reside in it permanently.

When we come under the Puran Sachyari Rehat – the real internal compliance – the compliance of wiining over the Panj Doots and desires then our Hirda becomes a Puran Sachyara Hirda and makes a house for the Infinite – God Himself.  The people engaged in the process of Puran Bandgi are blessed with GurParsaad of the thirst to seek the Darshan of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar. 

Darshan of Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar is the highest achievement as a part of the Puran Bandgi process and the ones who are fortunate to reach that level are really so fortunate that there is nothing more fortunate then that – Darshan of Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  It comes only after completely winning over Maya and then going beyond the three aspects of Maya.  At this point Bandgi becomes Puran and Darshan of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar happens and there is nothing beyond that.  There is nothing higher than that, that is the Sach Khand.  The Hirda becomes Sach Khand and Guru Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji takes us and merges us inside Him completely.  There remains no difference between the Bhagat and Akal Purakh.  Guru Patshah Ji is telling us that there are many millions of such souls who have and continue to achieve this level of Puran Bandgi. 

The people who get blessed with the GurParsaad of understanding the purpose of their human life and the divine wisdom of how to achieve the objective of human life, which is salvation, start to pray for the Sat Sangat and Sadh Sangat.  There are many millions of such souls.  Let us try to understand the divine meaning of Sat Sangat and Sadh Sangat.

The Divine Meaning Of Sat Sangat And Sadh Sangat

Sat Sangat and Sadh Sangat are divine Shabads which are very commonly used amongst Sikhs all over the world.  These divine Shabads have a very significant and deep eternal meaning.  There is a dire need to understand the deep divine wisdom hidden in these words for:- 

  • our spiritual progress,
  • undertaking Puran Bandgi,
  • meeting Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar,
  • becoming His Suhaagan and Sada Suhaagan,
  • achieving the very aim and objective of this human life which is Jivan Mukti,
  • getting out of the cycle of life and death and becoming one with the Almighty,
  • winning over our mind,
  • winning over the five thieves and desires,
  • winning over Maya,
  • merging in the Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash. 

These Shabads are a mandatory part of Puran Bandgi and it is very hard to complete your Bandgi without understanding and following the divine wisdom hidden in them.  Let us take a deeper dive into the Gyan Sarovar (ccean of wisdom) and look at these words in light of their divine meaning.  The phrase Sat Sangat comprises of three words:-

1.        Sat,

2.        Sang and

3.        Gat.
Sat means Paar Braham Parmeshwar – God.  It means the entity which is the only Eternal Truth.  This word has been taken from the Beej Manter “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam”.  Sat therefore, signifies the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh.  This is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash part of Paar Braham Parmeshwar. This is the Atam Ras part of the Almighty.  It also signifies that part of the Sargun which has become Sat Saroop, meaning the one  who has become completely truthful and only sees, speaks, hears, delivers and serves the Eternal Truth.  The one who has been eternally blessed with GurParsaad and has cleaned himself up completely from inside.  The soul which has won over the five thieves, desires and Maya completely.   The soul which has gone beyond time and space and beyond the three qualities of Maya.  A Sat Saroop soul is known as a Sant, Sadh, Braham Gyani, Khalsa and SatGur in GurBani.

The next word is Sang.  This means in the company of such souls which have become Sat.  Sitting with such souls and listening to them and then do whatever they tell us to do, to have full and complete faith and trust in such souls and then following their words of divine wisdom.  Sitting under the Chattar of such souls and adopting all of their divine qualities and divine character, doing their Seva and doing Naam Simran in their company.  Such souls are authorized by Akal Purakh to give the GurParsaad to those who have full and complete belief in them, Akal Purakh and GurBani. Such souls are capable of:-

  • instituting our soul in Karam Khand and carving “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam” into our Hirda,
  • opening all of our Bajjar Kapaats to divine wisdom and Divinity,
  • giving Amrit to us, the real Amrit, Naam Amrit, the Atam Ras Amrit, the Param Jyot Puran Parkash in our Hirda,
  • making us like them by cleaning us completely from inside of all of the mental sicknesses,
  • clearing all of our doubts,
  • getting our Bandgi into Sach Khand,
  • making us merge with Akal Purakh and becoming Jivan Mukt. 

Amrit flows on a continuous basis under the Chattar of such souls and flows to those who sit and do their Bandgi with full commitment, belief, faith and trust.  Reaching this level of Jivan Mukti and becoming a Sant Hirda is the meaning of the third word Gat.  It means salvation, it means relieving our soul from the shackles of Maya, winning over the mind and Maya completely, merging in the Almighty forever.

The second phrase Sadh Sangat also means the same thing as explained above.  This also comprises of three divine words – Sadh, Sang and Gat.  Here the divine meaning of Sadh is very simple, “the human soul who has straightened itself out completely and aligned itself with all of the divine qualities of Paar Braham Parmeshwar.”  Straightening means taking out all of the non-divine qualities and filling oneself up with all of the divine qualities.  The person who :-

  • has become become completely purified from inside and out,
  • has become totally stable – Atal Awastha
  • lets nothing distract Him,
  • has gone beyond the three qualities of Maya,
  • has become unlimited like God himself,
  • has become Ik Drisht – single vision,
  • has become Nirvair – no animosity with anybody,
  • has loved equally all of the creations of the Creator,
  • has been relieved of the cycle of birth and death, and
  • has become completely enlightened from inside with Param Jyot.

At that level there remains no difference between a Sadh and Akal Purakh.  That is the kind of respect and recognition in the Dargah that is achieved by such a soul.   All of this is GurParsaad.  This is a GurParsaadi Khel and happens only with the eternal grace of Akal Purakh.  Those who get blessed with GurParsaad become Dhan Dhan.  They are blessed forever and they always stay in the state of supreme bliss.   

Ka-ee kot khaanee ar khand.
Ka-ee kot akaas barahmand.
Ka-ee kot ho-ay avtar.
Ka-ee jugat keeno bisthaar.
Ka-ee baar pasri-o paasaar.
Sada sada ik aykankaar.
Ka-ee kot keenay baho bhaat.
Prabh tay ho-ay prabh maahi samaat.
Taa ka ant na jaanai ko-ay.
Aapay aap nanak prabh so-ay.  7.

There is one very important point that must be understood and that is that all of the GurParsaad of GurBani came to six Guru Sahibs and other Sants and Bhagats.  However, when Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji created the GurParsaad of the Shabad Guru in the form of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, He gave the praise of this GurParsaadi writing to Dhan Dhan SatGur Puran Braham Gyani Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  This is shown by the use of Shabad Nanak very frequently throughout the entire GurParsaad of Dhan Dhan GurBani – Shabad Guru. 

So whenever the Shabad Nanak comes in GurBani it means that Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar is addressing Nanak with that particular piece of divine wisdom.  It means that all ten of the Guru Patshah Ji listened to this divine wisdom.  Then by virtue of their Puran Bandgi and Puran Seva they actually physically experienced that particular piece of divine wisdom, and earned that particular piece of divine wisdom. 

Dhan Dhan Shabad Nanak is a divine Shabad and has a real deep divine meaning.  This Shabad Nanak comprises of two Shabads.  Na means not and Anak means many.  So Nanak means “Not Many.”  It means the ONE UNIQUE, Ik Oankaar Sat Naam.  It means that the Shabad Nanak unites us with the “Na  Anak”, unites us with the One, the Ik Oankaar Sat Naam.   So the Shabad Nanak means Ik Oankaar Sat Naam in the real divine sense. 

There is another very important and outstandingly fruitful and rewarding thing to do.  What is it?  It is to do the Kamai (putting into practice) of Shabad Guru.  Many just limit their understanding of the phrase “Shabad Guru” as meaning the word Vahiguru or whatever else they meditate on.  This means the “Shabad Guru” for them is only the Shabad on which they meditate on and thus they understand and believe that they are doing the Kamai of the Shabad Guru by reciting that one word Vahiguru.  But, in the real divine sense that is a very limited way to believe and understand the meaning of the phrase “Shabad Guru” and the “Kamai of the Shabad Guru.”  

Let us look at it with under a much broader divine spectrum.  The entire GurBani is Shabad Guru.  Every Shabad of GurBani is the Shabad Guru and the Kamai of the Shabad Guru is the Kamai of GurBani as well.  This means that whatever GurBani tells us to do we should perform in our daily life.  It is undoubtedly very important to meditate on Naam, on “Sat Naam” and that is the highest Seva of Akal Purakh until Bandgi reaches the Puran Awastha and then the Ji Daan – Seva starts.  But, we need to and we have to collect and carve all of the divine pearls and jewels into our Hirda.  This means we need to bring in all of the divine qualities and attributes into our Hirda to become Puran and reach the Puran Bandgi stage.  So Shabad Ki Kamai is not just limited to Naam Ki Kamai, but it also covers the entire spectrum of the divine attributes and qualities given to us in the entire GurBani. 

Gunni Nidhanaa means to absorb all of the divine qualities and attributes in our Hirda to make it a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  So in the real divine sense the Shabad Ki Kamai or Shabad Guru Ki Kamai or Gur Shabad Ki Kamai is the Puran Bandgi.  Dhan Dhan Guru Patshahs were all Puran Sant SatGurus.  They became so due to the Gur Shabad Ki Kamai or Shabad Guru Ki Kamai.  They were blessed eternally with GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi and Seva.  The Seva of the highest order, “Ji Daan Dey Bhagti Layen Har Siun Leyn Melaaye.”

In this Pauri, Guru Pancham Patshah Ji continues to give us the divine wisdom concerning the structure of the universe.  There are many million sources of the creations.  Khaanee means the sources of the creations.  There are four Khaanees – Andaj (egg), Jeyraj (placenta), Utbhuj (earth) and Seytaj (sweat).  These Khaanees form the basis of the creation or the field of the creations.  These Khaanees exist on many millions of the Khands – planets or galaxies. 

There are many millions of skies and the solar systems like the one known to us.  There are many millions who have been born as divine incarnations.  Basically, divine incarnations are the Braham Gyanis, Sants, Bhagats, SatGurus and Sadhus. 

There are unlimited ways in which the Infinite – Akal Purakh has unfolded Himself.  It is beyond the imagination of ordinary human beings to understand and see in how many ways the Almighty has expanded Himself, He is Infinite.  The creations keep on changing and diminishing, but the Infinite Super Powers of Ik Oankaar – One Universal Creator, remains in place forever.  Everything emanates from God and goes back to Him and gets absorbed in Him.  Only God can know His own limits and none of the creation can ever know His limits.  He is the Creator of Self and the entire universe – entire creation.
Ka-ee kot Paar Braham kay daas.
Tin hovat aatam pargaas.
Ka-ee kot tat kay baytay.
Sada nihaarahi ayko naytaray.
Ka-ee kot naam ras peeveh.
Amar bha-ay sad sad hee jeeveh.
Ka-ee kot naam gun gaavahi.
Aatam ras sukh sehaj samaaveh.
Apunay junn ka-o saas saas samaaray.
Nanak o-ay parmaysur kay pi-aaray.  8.10.

Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is now vey kindly talking about the most beautiful part of the creation –  those souls who are absorbed in the Creator.  These divine souls have:-

·         the state of eternal bliss – Chad Di Klaa,
·         a completely balanced mind, 
·         won over their mind,
·         won over Maya,
·         won over Panj Doots, 
·         no desires,
·         total stability of mind, 
·         absorbed all of the divine qualities and attributes in their Hirda, 
·         all of the diamonds and jewels of the Braham Gyan earned and carved in their Hirda, 
·         Puran Jyot Parkash in their Hirda, 
·         Puran Sachyara Hirda under Puran Sachyari Rehat – complete internal compliance – Anderli Rehat,
·         Rom Rom Naam Simran,
·         absorbed themselves into the Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash,
·         Puran Braham Gyan, and
·         done Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. 

There are many millions of such souls in the universe who become true servants of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar.  Servants who see the Truth, hear the Truth, speak the Truth, serve the Truth and deliver the Truth to humanity.  Such souls are the real servants of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar.  Such souls are fully enlightened and by virtue of their Puran Bandgi they become “Tat Key Baytay” meaning they are absorbed in the essence of the Eternal Truth, Tat Gyan.  Tat Gyan is the highest level of  Braham Gyan.  The person who reaches this level of Braham Gyan can never slip back.  Until we are blessed with GurParsaad of Tat Gyan and we become Tat Key Baytay, we are very likely to slip back.  So the people absorbed in Bandgi should always pray for GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi and Tat Gyan.  This is the Puran Braham Gyan stage. 

Such souls are blessed with GurParsaad of single vision – Ik Drisht – for them everybody becomes equal, no discrimination, no animosity and just divine love, love and only love and divine sense of giving and giving and giving only, unconditional love for everyone and nothing else. 

Such souls have all of the internal sources of divine Amrit activated, the Sat Sarovar. All of their divine doors are open including the tenth door – Dassam Duaar.  They have a permanent connection formed with the Nirgun Saroop.  They are always drenched in Amrit, the Atam Ras and become immortal for ever and live like that forever. 

Such souls are always absorbed in the eternal bliss.  A constant state of pleasure and eternal happiness.  No sorrows, no pains, no distractions, no distortion, no Dubidha – illusions, no delusions, always in Chad Di Klaa.  This is the stage when a person goes into the Chad Di Klaa – “Nanak Naam Chad Di Klaa.” They are always and forever absorbed in Rom Rom singing of Naam and the divine qualities of Naam, praise of Naam and Katha of Naam.  They are absorbed in divine Panch Shabad Anhad Naad music in the Dassam Duaar continuously. 

Such souls are created by GurParsaad, “Saas saas smaray.”  There is continuous recitation of Naam by every cell.  Every cell of their body brings in all of the divine qualities and attributes, Tat Gyan – Braham Gyan.  They are in a state of supreme bliss, eternal pleasure and happiness and a complete merger, unity with God.  There remains no difference between such souls and Akal Purakh Himself.  They become one with Him.  They are loved so much by Him that they are blessed with all of the eternal treasures.  In summary, the most beautiful creation of the Creator is a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran SatGur.