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The Explanation Of Shri Sukhmani Sahib.The Divine Path To Achieve Complete Silence Of Mind. First Edition Dassan Dass ===================================================================================================== The Explanation Of Shri Sukhmani SahibFirst EditionCopyright © 2009 by www.SatNaam.info   All rights reserved.  However, do feel free to use … Read More

Sukhmani Sahib Is …

Shri Sukhmani Sahib Param Jyot Puran Parkash – Puran Braham Gyan – Atam Ras Amrit IS:- The Divine Path To AchieveComplete Silence Of Mind. The Divine Path To Achieve Eternity – The Infinite Divine Power. The Divine Path To Achieve … Read More


Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad.Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar.Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru, SatGur, Gurbani, Sat Sangat, Sat Naam.Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Dhan Dhan Guru Sahiban Ji and Dhan Dhan Their Waddi Kamai.Dhan Dhan all the Braham Gyanis, Sants … Read More


The book is dedicated to the ones who are drenched in Maya. This book is dedicated to those who are the slaves of Maya.  This book is dedicated to the entire human race for all ages to come. This book … Read More


When we say Sukhmani we mean achieving:- ·         Puran Awastha – state of perfection, ·         Atal Awastha – unshakable state, ·         Param Padvi – supreme status, ·         Puran Braham Gyan – perfect divine wisdom, ·         Puran Tat Gyan – highest … Read More

Astpadi 1: Naam Simran

SatGuru Arjun Dev Ji has established in the first Astpadi (eight verse poem) of Sukhmani that Naam Simran (remembrance of God’s name – “Sat Naam”) is the highest level of service to Akal Purakh (Immortal Being).  Through the divine piece … Read More

Astpadi 2: God’s Devotee

In the second Astpadi, Dhan Dhan (supremely blessed) SatGur (Guru of Truth) Sachey Patshah Ji (True King)  Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly shown us the Mahima (divine quality) of Naam and the Mahima of Junn (enlightened soul … Read More

Astpadi 4: Maya

Before we begin to discuss this Astpadi, there are some very important spiritual points to understand. We do Bandgi to:-  ·         get out of the cycle of birth and death, ·         clean us up from inside, ·         cure us of … Read More

Astpadi 5: Maya Continued

Salok.Daynhaar prabh chhod kai laageh aan su-aa-ay.Nanak kahoo na seejh-ee bin naavai pat jaa-ay.  1. Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the operation of Maya in daily life.  He is very kindly explaining … Read More