Astpadi 13: Sant Ki Nindya – Slander Of A Divine Human Being


Sant sharan jo junn parai so junn udhranhaar.
Sant kee nindaa naankaa bahur bahur avtar. 1.

Let us pray to the Gur and Guru with pressed palms and our head at the Charans of Dhan Dhan SatGuru Patshah Ji and Dhan Dhan Agam, Agochar, Anant, Beant Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji and with Kottan Kot Dandauth and Kottan Kot Shukrana to bless us with the divine wisdom of understanding of one of the most important aspects of Puran Bandgi, which has been very kindly presented by Dhan Dhan Guru Sahib Ji Pancham Patshah Ji in Astpadi 13 of Sukhmani Bani. 

We emphasize here the importance in Puran Bandgi not to slander anyone at all.  With GurParsaadi GurKirpa it is very important for the Sangat to understand the mandatory divine laws as very kindly presented in GurBani by Dhan Dhan Guru Sahibs.  One such mandatory divine law is about understanding the real divine meaning and serious consequences of Nindya (slander).  Anybody who follows these divine laws diligently and with full and complete commitment and belief, faith and trust, love and devotion becomes Dhan Dhan. 

Nindya – Slandering – A Deep Mental Sickness

Nindya means:-

·         negative criticism of somebody in order to put them down, 
·         to deliberate on somebody else’s actions, character, integrity, lifestyle, behavior or other attributes in the negative sense,
·         to discuss the presumably bad qualities and doings of another person, it can be in their absence or presence. 

It is a common fashion in today’s society to either praise or criticize somebody else’s character, actions, doings or behavior, or for that matter anything connected to the person being criticized.  This criticism is normally created to put down the person in society.  In certain cases it will go to the extent of eliminating the person from daily dealings after completely discrediting them in public. 

However, this criticism can also be positive in some cases, where the group exclaims over the good qualities of a person beyond the reality.  Again it can be in his absence or presence.  This is known as Ustat (flattery) in the divine language.  The interesting thing is that Nindya is very enjoyable by ordinary people.  In all practical situations we will note that people give a lot of attention to negative criticism of somebody else, rather than gaining from that person’s good qualities. 

In all such discussions propagating Ustat and Nindya, we observe that the participants are quite happy to indulge in it for hours on end.  There are only a few rare ones who avoid such negative criticism and concentrate and learn from the good qualities of another person. 

Ustat and Nindya have been a part of the human character since the beginning.  Though both Nindya and Ustat are prohibited in GurMat, it is Nindya that is much more dangerous.  It is a serious mental sickness – Mansik Rog.  We should therefore, not resort to doing Nindya of anybody, whether he or she is an ordinary person being controlled by the Panj Doot or a Sant being controlled by God.  The consequences of Nindya are very serious and are sure to cause irreparable damage to our spirituality as well as to our physical being. 

A Nindak, the person who is doing Nindya, is a Munnmukh and Maha Moorakh (great fool) according to GurBani.  A Nindak may even be reading a lot of GurBani, but has never truly understood or applied it.  A Nindak has a blackened face, Kala Mooh, in the Dargah and is heavily punished in the Dargah of Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  A Nindak is in a living hell, Narak for a long time.

Whereas the Nindak will undergo punishment, the person who is being criticized will at the same time be heavily benefited.  According to GurBani for the person being criticized, the Nindak is even more valuable than their own parents.  Just as the mother washes the dirt of the clothes of her child, the Nindak by doing Nindya cleans the dirt of the previous lives of the one who he is slandering with his tongue, “Janam Janam Ki Munn Ki Maile.”  The Nindak destroys his current life as well his future lives as punishment given to him from the Dargah.  He lives in hell for the duration of his punishment.

Sant Ki Nindya – the slander of a Sant, is a much more serious and dangerous thing to do.  Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji has very kindly presented the consequences which a Sant Ka Nindak (slanderer of a Sant) will have to face in this Astpadi of Sukhmani Bani.

The Sant Ka Nindak will never be able to achieve Jivan Mukti no matter what religious acts he performs – Dharam Karams.  As the Nindak continues the Nindya, the Sant will enjoy more and more Amrit and will be more and more elevated in spirituality.  All of the spiritual earnings of the Nindak are transferred to the Sant by Dargah and the Nindak totally loses his spirituality. 

Sant Kabir Ji’s neighbor died.  Sant Kabir cried a lot.  However, He didn’t cry when His parents died.  Even at the death of His wife Loyee He didn’t cry.  So people living around were surprised when Sant Kabir cried over the death of this neighbor.  It turned out that this neighbor was a very severe Nindak of Sant Kabir.  He had also inspired many other people in His town of Kashi to become Nindaks of Sant Kabir as well.  When Sant Kabir Ji’s neighbours asked Him why He was crying, Sant Kabir replied that this neighbor had made His Bhagti very easy.  That this Nindak was very helpful in His Bhagti.  Not only that, but all of the other Nindaks in Kashi who were prompted by Him, were helping His Bhagti too! 

With the GurParsaad and GurKirpa let us have a deep divine look at the divine wisdom given to us by Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji and understand the serious and damaging effects of Sant Ki Nindya. 

A Sant Ka Nindak:-

·         has a mind full of dirty thoughts,
·         has all of his actions, words, and reactions controlled by the Panj Doots, 
·         has a very weak mental condition,
·         is carried away by bad thoughts very easily and quickly, 
·         has bad thoughts and words that go inside him very quickly, 
·         is always restless and longs for finding opportunities where he can do some Nindya, 
·         is mentally very sick, 
·         never gets out of Jamam Maran Ke Bandhan – the ties of birth and death, 
·         stays in the cycle of Lakh Charasee Juni for a long time,
·         will fall into the lives of snakes and other animals,
·         commands no respect at all,
·         has so many such punishments to go through and all such punishments are defined in this 13th Astpadi of Sukhmani,
·         can only be saved from such punishments if he goes back to the Sant he has done Nindya of and asks for His forgiveness and gains forgiveness.  Or if that Sant is no longer accessible (e.g. has passed away), then he has to go to another Sant with higher spirituality and beg for forgiveness.

A Sant is a soul who:-

·         has achieved Jivan Mukti,
·         is a Puran Braham Gyani,
·         has Puran Jyot Parkash in His Hirda,
·         has won over Maya – Panj Doots and Asa, Trishna and Mansha,
·         is served by Maya – Maya lives under the feet of the Sant,
·         is beyond Maya – “Trihu Gun Tey Parey,”
·         has won over His mind completely,
·         is a Sada Suhaagan,
·         has become one with the Nirgun Saroop,
·         has merged in Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar,
·         has filled His Hirda with all of the divine qualities,
·         has achieved Puran Braham Gyan,
·         is always absorbed in Bandgi and Seva – Rom Rom Naam Simran,
·         has all of the Ridhis and Sidhis sitting under His feet,
·         is the Daata (Giver) of GurParsaad,
·         is Ik Drisht – Nirbhao and Nirvair,
·         is no different from Akal Purakh Himself,
·         is Sat Roop (Form of Sat),
·         is always and forever engaged in the Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar of the Sat Sangat,
·         will never ever do anything bad to anybody,
·         gives us Jivan Mukti if we come under their Sharan, refuge,
·         if we surrender completely to, with Tunn, Munn and Dhann will give Jivan Mukti to us,
·         if we surrender ourselves completely to, will make us like Him,
·         creates a Sangat that is Sach Khand – makes that place the Dargah of Akal Purakh,
·         will only and only do good to others,
·         takes the poison out of the Sangat and gives Amrit to the.

Words cannot fully describe Sant Ki Mahima.  Sant is the Mahima of Akal Purakh.  So what can anyone gain from slandering a Sant?  Nindya of a Sant is the Nindya of Paar Braham Parmeshwar, and such an act is a heinous Dargahi crime.  Nindya is the highest level of Asat Karam – MAHA PAAP (greatest sin).  Nindya the sin of the highest order because it washes away all of our Sat Karams.  That is the reason why a person who becomes a Sant Ka Nindak will keep on reincarnating in the 8.4 million Juni.  Not only that, a Sant Ka Nindak will ruin the future of all his coming generations.  The damage caused by Sant Ki Nindya is beyond repair unless he gains forgiveness from the Sant he did Nindya of. 


Sant kai dookhan aarjaa ghatai.
Sant kai dookhan jam tay nahee chhutai.
Sant kai dookhan sukh sabh jaa-ay.
Sant kai dookhan narak meh paa-ay.
Sant kai dookhan mat ho-ay maleen.
Sant kai dookhan sobhaa tay heen.
Sant kay hatay ka-o rakhai na ko-ay.
Sant kai dookhan thaan bharsat ho-ay.
Sant kirpal kirpa jay karai.
Nanak sat sang nindak bhee tarai. 1.

Sant Ki Nindya is a deep mental sickness.  This mental sickness becomes the root cause for physical ailments and causes all kinds of furthermental and bodily disorders.  When this happens then the life of the Nindak is cut short.

The life element is the divine element in a human being.  The life element is the Jyot, “Jaat meh jyot, jyot meh jataa.”  The human body is a house of the divine Jyot.  It is the divine Jyot that keeps the human body running.  It is the divine Jyot that keeps the blood running in our veins.  It is the Jyot which keep us breathing and keeps the human body performing all of the physical functions.  So a person who indulges in Sant Ki Nindya, how can their Jyot be happy?  The Jyot decides to leave the body as early as possible, thereby reducing the age of the body.  It is not only the Nindak that suffers, but all his coming generations also suffer as a result of his Asat Karam of doing Nindya of a Sant.   

Jealousy with the Sant is also deemed as Sant Ki Nindya.  Since Sant Ki Nindya washes out the effect of all of the Punn Karams, the Sat Karams.  This means that only negative deeds, Asat Karams are left in the account of a Sant Ka Nindak.  The destiny of such a person takes shape accordingly and as a result of such a destiny such a soul will keep on reincarnating and will never be able to escape the curse of the messenger of death.  This is the most severe punishment one can get by doing Sant Ki Nindya. 

Remember that Sant Ki Mahima means that the Sant is Akal Purakh Ki Mahima.  And Akal Purakh Ki Mahima is beyond description, so Sant Ki Mahima is also beyond description.  So how can one remain happy if one becomes a Sant Ka Nindak?  Sant Ki Nindya is an Asat Karam of the very highest order.  It erases the goodness gathered by doing all previous Sat Karams and leaves the Nindak with misfortune and darkness and all of the punishments listed in this Astpadi. 

There are only sorrows and pains to reap for a Sant Ka Nindak.  The destiny of a Sant Ka Nindak is to go into hell whilst alive (mental hell) and after death (realm of hell).  The Sant Ka Nindak lives in hell here and hereafter.  In light of all of the punishments that are listed in this Bani by Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji how can a person be happy and live comfortably in this life and after death?  Hell is the only one place for a Sant Ka Nindak. 

By slandering a Sant, one loses all his senses.  By slandering a Sant one loses all his GurMat, divine wisdom.  The divine wisdom is replaced by DurMat, bad wisdom.  Meaning that when we try to explain to a Nindak the mistake he has made, he will never accept it.  He will never accept that he is doing Nindya and has become a Nindak.  He will carry on justifying it.  He will keep on giving all kinds of arguments based on his MunnMat, own wisdom and Sansarik Mat, worldly wisdom.  He will not understand the divine wisdom any more and will lose all of the divine qualities and peace and Bandgi which he earned whilst being a part of the Sat Sangat. 

This Kookar of the Sangat has seen this physically and practically happening to many people who were blessed with GurParsaad and went up on the spiritual ladder very fast.  They then got trapped in the tests of Maya and lost their faith and trust in the Puran Braham Gyani who gave them GurParsaad.  They became His slanderers and lost everything they had been given.  As and when the time came the results of their Nindya started happening in their life.  However, we always and forever and on a daily basis are praying for these Nindaks and wish that they at least realize the MAHA PAAP they have earned by becoming Sant Ki Nindak. 

The loss of GurMat causes them to believe that they are doing the right thing and thus a stubborn attitude develops.  Their mind and brain is blocked to the Eternal Truth and all of their Karams become ineffective.  The benefit of their Sat Karams goes into the account of the Sant they are slandering.  All of their Bandgi and collection of Naam Dhann goes into the account of the person they have slandered.  Since Sant Ki Nindya is a Dargahi crime, the slanderers of the Sant lose all of their Bandgi and Sat Karams, thereby losing all of their stake in the Dargah of Akal Purakh. 

Many Nindaks say they have lost nothing.  They see their life in terms of worldly things and look at the outside gains.  They say they have made no worldly losses.  However, they are ignoring the internal divine losses and get trapped in Maya.  By doing so, they lose all of their divine senses and get deeper into the slandering activities.  They keep on going away from the GurMat and keep on diving deep into the scum of DurMat.  Eventually they start to feel the impact of their slandering.

The effect of the slandering keeps on accumulating and is carried over into the future and thus they lose everything they have accumulated so far.  The slanderer is completely destroyed and nobody has any authority to save the slanderer of a Sant.  The slanderer of the Sant cannot be saved even by the Almighty Himself.  That is the kind of love and bondage that takes place between Bhagwan and the Bhagat.  Bhagwan loves His Bhagat so much that He has given all of the super divine powers to the Bhagat so only the Bhagat can save His slanderer.  The slanderer can only be saved by the GurKirpa of the Sant.  The slanderer can only be saved by the kindness and forgiveness of the Sant.  There is no other way the slanderer can be saved.  God has given this power to the Sant only and nobody else.  Only the Sant can save His slanderer.

Sant kay dookhan tay mukh bhavai.
Santan kai dookhan kaag ji-o lavai.
Santan kai dookhan sarap jon paa-ay.
Sant kai dookhan tarigad jon kirmaa-ay.
Santan kai dookhan tarisnaa meh jalai.
Sant kai dookhan sabh ko chhalai.
Sant kai dookhan tayj sabh jaa-ay.
Sant kai dookhan neech neechaa-ay.
Sant dokhee ka thaa-o ko naahi.
Nanak sant bhaavai taa o-ay bhee Gat paahi.  2.

The mouth of a person who slanders a Sant becomes extremely abusive.  He forgets the effect this ill face will have on him so everywhere he goes he indulges in bad mouthing.  He becomes so unfortunate that all he does is Nindya and nothing else.  He is considered to be barking like a dog everywhere he goes.  He is considered to be shouting like a crow all of the time.  In Punjabi, such a person is described as, “Moh phitkaaryeaa janda ha,” or “Kutteh wangoo bhaonkda firda hai,” or “Kaan wangoo kaan kaan karda firda ha.”  This basically means that all of his deeds become untrue deeds – Asat Karams and he loses all his Sat Karams.  So his destiny due to his Karni makes him a snake in his next life.  Guru Pyare Ji (dearly beloved of the Guru) please look at the life of a snake, how pitiable is the life of a snake.  A poisonous animal who has to live in the worst places.  Always in darkness and gets only insects to eat and so on. 

A Nindak by way of his misfortune collects all that poison by doing Nindya.  He collects all that garbage which he has to eat as a snake.  He collects the darkness that he has to live in and so on.  That punishment to become a snake in the next life is not enough for a Sant Ka Nindak.  Dhan Dhan Guru Patshah Ji has announced another very severe punishment for a Sant Ka Nindak.  That he becomes, “tarigad jon kirmaa-ay” – the insect (called a Chichaad in Punjabi) that sticks around the neck and ears of a stray dog and drinks its blood.  How horrible are all of these punishments and what their effect is, needs no explaining.   

Slandering the Sant one always and forever keeps on burning in the fire of desires.  Desires are the root cause of all of the pains and sorrows, sufferings and depressions.  Basically, desires are responsible for all of our daily problems in life.  A person who is burning in desires cannot be contented and hence can never be at peace.  There is a constant and never ending battle going on in the mind to find means and ways to fulfill the desires by fair or by foul means.  When a desire is fulfilled then there is a short lived happiness and if a desire is not fulfilled then there is frustration.  A continuous stream of unfulfilled desires becomes the cause of mental depressions and further mental and physical ailments.  So a Sant Ka Nindak will never be able to find  peace of mind or a stable internal happiness. 

In order to fulfil their desires, the Sant Ka Nindak will adopt all kinds of unfair means such as cheating, deceiving, extortion, abuse, corruption and so on.  He will always be in a cheating frame of mind without realizing the detrimental effect of these kinds of untrue deeds on his future destiny.  His wisdom becomes so covered with these kinds of misdeeds that he becomes blind to the consequences of his stupid behavior. 

It takes a lot of effort and good fortune of many lives based on the collection of our Punn Karams to build our destiny in the right direction, to be closer and closer to the Almighty and to prepare our self for receiving the GurParsaad.  It is like building the foundation of a mansion.  The construction of a mansion requires a lot of effort and work, but to demolish the mansion takes only a few minutes or a few seconds.  It takes only one word of Nindya about a Sant to destroy everything.  Not only that, but we may also lose every chance of making up the loss. 

Our Sat Karams build positivity in and around us.  This is also referred to as a field of positive energy around us.  It is also called an aura.  It surrounds our body.  People always like to talk to a person who has a very strong and pure aura.  When the Bandgi of a person goes into Karam Khand and Sach Khand then this aura becomes very strong.  That is why the people who attain the stage of Puran Braham Gyan have a very strong aura, or a very strong field of positive energy around them.  In all spiritual senses, this aura is the field of spiritual energy.  In all deeper divine spiritual senses this field of energy is called the Puran Parkash.  In all deeper divine spiritual senses this field of energy is called the Amrit.  In even more deeper divine senses this field of divine spiritual energy is called the Nirgun (the Nirgun in Sargun)  Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar. 

That is why people sitting in the Sangat of such a Puran Braham Gyani enjoy this unique peace without any influence of Maya and this is how the benefit of the deep divine spirituals senses is transmitted to the seekers.  So much so that in certain cases this divine GurParsaad transmitted by such a Puran Braham Gyani has no limits and is received by the Truth seekers sitting anywhere in the world which transforms their lives all together.  The GurParsaad goes into their Hirda and in to Rom Rom as well.  The deeper the trust and devotion of the devotee or the seeker the deeper this transmission of GurParsaad becomes and deeper it pierces through the Hirda of the Divine Truth seeker.  The physical distance between such a Puran Braham Gyani and the Truth seeker doesn’t remain any kind of a factor at all.  So when we move on the Sat Panth – path of Truth and do Punn Karams – Sat Karams then this field of positive energy – called aura is built in and around us.  This is called Tayj in GurBani and as explained above how much effort and fortune it takes to build this Tayj.  But, with Sant Ki Nindya this Tayj is lost within a very short time, almost instantly. 

By slandering a Sant we lose all of our good, divine qualities.  Again it takes Punn Karams of many lives to bring in good, divine qualities.  It takes a long time to bring them inside our Hirda, but all this is lost instantly by indulging in slandering a Sant.  When we lose all of the divine qualities then our Hirda becomes empty and gets filled with the filth of Nindya.  When that happens then there remains even no place for us in the hell.  Our current life becomes hell.  Our destiny becomes hell and it becomes impossible for us to recover from this damage. 

A Sant Ka Nindak will never and can never find peace anywhere in the entire universe.  Actually, there is only one way he can find peace and regain his glory, regain his divine qualities, regain his Tayj, regain GurParsaad.  And that is by going back to the Charan Sharan of the Sant.  Then humbly accept all of the misdeeds he has done.  Sincerely accept his Neech Karam (lowly act) of Nindya.  Accept his sins of doing Nindya sincerely from within his Hirda and ask for forgiveness from the Sant.  A Puran Sant is very kind and his Hirda is full of kindness so he will not even take a moment to forgive and accept the Nindak back not only at His Charans, but will also give him a place in His Hirda.  The yearning for acceptance of Nindya and asking for forgiveness has to come from inside the Nindak’s Hirda and as soon as he does so he is forgiven.

Sant ka nindak mahaa attaa-ee.
Sant ka nindak khin tikan na paa-ee.
Sant ka nindak mahaa hati-aaraa.
Sant ka nindak parmaysur maaraa.
Sant ka nindak raaj tay heen.
Sant ka nindak dukhee-aa ar deen.
Sant kay nindak ka-o sarabh rog.
Sant kay nindak ka-o sada bijog.
Sant kee nindaa dokh meh dokh.
Nanak sant bhaavai taa us ka bhee ho-ay mokh.  3.

Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the qualities of a Sant Ka Nindak.  One such quality that a Sant Ka Nindak is cursed with is that he becomes the worst evil doer.  He cannot and will not be of any use to society because all of his deeds become evil deeds. He cannot and will not do any good to anybody else because all of his deeds become black deeds.  There is nothing but negativity from his presence in society.  He becomes a blot on the face of society.  In Punjabi we say, “Isney att chucki hoyee hai.”   This means he can only damage the people and society around him.

Such a person is cursed by the Dargah of Akal Purakh and is punished with another very severe punishment – “khin tikan na paa-ee.”  At some point in his life he will be physically impaired with so many physical ailments that he will not be able to get any physical rest, never mind mental peace.  The physical body of such a person becomes full of physical ailments.  Whenever we see a person who becomes terminally ill we should always keep in mind that he must have done something really stupid at some point in time and space either in the current life or in some of his previous lives such as this act of Sant Ki Nindya.  That is why he is being punished, therefore, for such persons it is always advisable to seek shelter at the Charans of a Puran Sant and pray for forgiveness.  Or at least if he doesn’t have access to a Puran Sant then he should keep on accepting his unknown misdeeds and keep on praying for forgiveness from Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar.  This will for sure diminish the effect of the sufferings and in a large number of cases will cure the person of the terminal illness.  This is the reason why some people get cured of their serious illnesses when they go to the Charan Sharan of such a Puran Sant. 

The Puran Sant has been blessed with the super divine powers to forgive such Dargahi criminals, which helps and becomes a reason for the cure of their physical ailments.  In many cases such people get the GurParsaad as well and develop an unimaginable love, devotion and trust in such a Puran Sant that they also  get cured of their mental ailments as well and become successful in winning over Maya.  So please always and forever keep in our mind that going into the Charan Sharan of a Puran Sant will become a GurParsaad for us. 

Looking further at the misfortune of a Sant Ka Nindak, he has been called a brutal butcher.   He has been called a killer.  Meaning his destiny will be as bad as that of a killer.  Sant Ka Nindak is called a Dargahi criminal because he is cursed directly by Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar, who loves his Bhagats more than anything else.  Pita Parmeshwar’s love is unimaginable.  The Bhagat’s divine love is unconditional as well, but Pita Parmeshwar’s love is beyond description.  It is infinite, so do we think that God will spare the slanderer of His Bhagat?  That is why all of the punishments for the Sant Ka Nindak come directly from the Dargah of Akal Purakh. 

By going into the Charan Sharan of a Puran Sant we can get Chaudha Lok Parlok Ka Raj (reign of all worlds).  A Puran Sant enjoys the Chaudha Lok Parlok Kaa Raj and has the super divine power to make us like Him if we surrender completely to Him.  Give our Tunn, Munn and Dhann to Him and by doing so we can achieve Jivan Mukti and Chaudha Lok Parlok Ka Raj. 

The Meaning Of Chaudha Lok Parlok

Chaudha Lok Parlok means the entire spiritual world.  This phrase covers everything related to spirituality, which takes a soul to the heights of the spiritual world – Param Padvi.  There are seven seas of spiritual energy within our body – Sat Sarovars.  They are located at – forehead (Trikuti), throat, Hirda (centre of chest), Nabhi (navel), sex organ, base of the spine (Kundalini) and center of the top of the head – called Dassam Duaar.  GurBani calls them “Sat Sarovar,” meaning the seven centers of spiritual energy.  These are the 7 Lok realms within the body, Pind.

The one in the forehead is also called Trikuti.  This is where the three channels of spiritual energy meet.  These three energy channels are called Ida, Pingla and Sushmana.  They originate at the base of the spine, go up the spine, through the Dassam Duaar and converge at the Trikuti.    

These Sat Sarovars are the seven centers of spiritual energy.  They are the internal sources of Amrit which are activated by GurParsaad of Sat Naam.  When we get the GurParsaad of Naam and Naam Simran and then when we are able to go into Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi.  In these states of meditation Naam travels to the seven seas of spiritual energy and activates them.  Another way to say it is that Naam opens the doors of these seven centers of spiritual energy – internal Amrit.  Then at this point there starts an internal flow of Amrit in the entire body and Naam goes in to Rom Rom – every cell of the body.  Also an internal mala of Naam Jaap which is called Ajapa Jaap is formed.  Naam Simran goes on by itself on a continuous basis. 

The flow of Naam starts from the forehead down the Sarovars and then back up the spine into the Dassam Duaar.  This activates all seven seas of spiritual energy – Amrit.  This is the internal mala.  When this happens our body becomes full of Amrit.  This is called, “Amrit bhinnie dehurie” in GurBani.

During this process our consciousness travels into the higher realms of Truth.  There are seven ascending realms of Truth.  They are called the 7 Parlok realms.  When our conscious travels through these realms of Truth then we become knowledgeable about that particular realm of Truth.  We develop an understanding of whatever happens in that particular realm.  By the time we reach the seventh realm of Truth we have achieved everything and our brain becomes fully active. 

These seven realms of Truth are related to Parlok.  The seven seas are related to Lok –  the spiritual world within the body, Pind.  When Amrit within the body become active in the seven seas and also when the conscious travels through the seven realms of Truth, a person becomes a Braham Gyani.  They achieve complete control over their mind, over Maya – Panj Doots and desires.  They become a Puran Sant and a Puran Khalsa.  When this happens they get completely absorbed in the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh.  As a person progresses through His Bandgi and as these seas of spiritual energy are activated His understanding and knowledge of the Almighty and the creation becomes higher and higher.  When a person becomes Puran Braham Gyani then He becomes knowledgeable about the Creator and the creation.  He is blessed with all of the eternal treasures and divine powers.  At this point a person becomes Braham Gyani and is called the king of Chaudha Lok Parlok.

Now coming back to the topic of Nindya, by indulging in Nindya of such a Puran Sant we lose everything.  We lose the chance to get this Chaudha Lok Parlok Ka Raj.  We lose the chance to get Jivan Mukti.  We are even left to rot in hell and suffer through all of the punishments described in this Astpadi.  The life of the slanderer of the Sant becomes miserable.  Whenever we see a person in poverty always keep in mind that he must have done something stupid like Sant Ki Nindya in the past lives.  Whenever we see a person in misery please take it for granted that he must have done something horrible like Sant Ki Nindya.  Whenever we see a person who is in misery and is poverty stricken urge him to pray to the Almighty for forgiveness of his unknown or known sins in the current life and also in the past lives.  By doing so, he will be start to be relieved of the pains and sufferings and will start moving in the positive direction.  In such a case as well those who go to the Charan Sharan of a Puran Sant and get blessed are able to get out of the misery and poverty. 

The next curse as described by Dhan Dhan Guru Patshah Arjun Dev Ji is another very serious curse.  The slanderer of a Sant has been cursed to contract all of the diseases, meaning all physical and mental ailments.  Sant Ka Nindak is for sure going to suffer with all of the diseases that exist.  He will have to take birth after birth and will continue to cycle in 8.4 million Juni forever until he goes through all of the punishments and ailments, physical and mental.  He will continue to do so for an indefinite period of time.  He will never be able to come back to where he left when he became Sant Ka Nindak.  He will never be able to unite with Almighty. 

Sant Ki Nindya is the highest level of sin.  Sant Ka Nindak is a sinner of the highest order and there is only one way for him to get relieved of all of these punishments and sins and that is the acceptance of his sins and misdeed of Sant Ki Nindya inside his Hirda and then by going into the Charan Sharan of the Sant and praying for forgiveness.  The Sant’s Hirda is full of kindness, infinitely big and he will not take a moment to forgive his Nindak and help him recover from all of these sins and punishments and get the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva and achieve Jivan Mukti.

Sant ka dokhee sada apvit.
Sant ka dokhee kisai ka nahee mit.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o daan laagai.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o sabh ti-aagai.
Sant ka dokhee mahaa ahankaaree.
Sant ka dokhee sada bikaaree.
Sant ka dokhee janmai marai.
Sant kee dookhnaa sukh tay tarai.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o naahee thaa-o.
Nanak sant bhaavai taa la-ay milaa-ay.  4.

God Himself is pure and pious and lives in a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  When we do Bandgi and go into the spiritually high stages of Bandgi such as Karam Khand and Sach Khand, then with the GurKirpa and GurParsaad the Suksham Dehi becomes pure like gold.  The Hirda becomes pure like gold.  For absorbing all of the divine qualities it is mandatory to get our soul, mind and Hirda purified.  It takes a lot of effort and time in terms of many Janams to move on the path of Bandgi, but it takes a very short time to lose everything by indulging in Sant Ki Nindya.

Puran Sachyari Rehat is the real Rehat – internal compliance is the real compliance – compliance of winning over the Panj Doots and Maya is the real compliance and real internal pilgrimage, because God comes in and reveals himself only in a person who goes into the Puran Sachyari Rehat.  This Kookar of the Sat Sangat has seen many people who were blessed with GurParsaad and with GurParsaad and GurKirpa their Bandgi went into Karam Khand.  But, when the tests of Maya came they fell from grace and started doing Nindya of the Sant who gave them GurParsaad.  Thereby losing everything and getting drenched in all kinds of illusions and delusions. 

The soul, mind, body and Hirda of a slanderer of the Sant gets filled with filth and becomes impure forever, thereby losing every chance of him becoming pure again.  He remains in the Nindya mode.  All of the divine qualities earned by means of his Punn Karams are washed away and replaced by the scum of negative – untrue deeds, misdeeds and sins.  Such a person doesn’t remain capable of doing anything good for others and so cannot remain anybody’s friend.  The person who cannot do good to himself, cannot do good to anybody else, so doesn’t remain anybody’s friend.  This is the essence of this entire Astpadi.  The Sant Ka Nindak is a Dargahi criminal so gets all of the punishments as described in this piece of divine wisdom. 

Nobody likes a Sant Ka Nindak.  He is abandoned by the entire universe.  Such a person is not good for anything and becomes the enemy of the entire creation.  “Sabh ti-aagai” means that the entire creation doesn’t like Sant Ka Nindak.  Even nature doesn’t like a Sant Ka Nindak – trees, animals, earth, plants, water streams, mountains, flowers, nothing likes a Sant Ka Nindak.  He is punished by the entire creation for His misdeeds.

Sant Ka Nindak is full of Ahankaar.  He is Maha Ahankaari.  Ahankaar is a deep mental sickness.  The toughest one of the Panj Doots and it lives in the head of a person.  The Sant Ka Nindak is cursed with all of the bad omens, the faults of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar, Asa, Trishna, Mansha, Nindya, Chugli, and Bakhili.  He is easily carried away by elements like Raj (power), Joban (youth), Dhann (wealth) , Maal (material possessions), Shabad (doesn’t mean Guru Ka Shabad – it means the bad words), Sparash (lustful touch), cheating, deceiving, extortion, abuse, stealing, lying, corruption, misuse, misconduct and so on.  He contracts all ill habits and doings.  He becomes a source of all possible misdeeds.  Due to these reasons and punishments as described above and with the additional curse from the Dargah, being a Dargahi criminal, there is no end to his births and he keeps on reincarnating in the Lakh Charasee Juni forever. 

He is devoid of peace forever.  The peace or Sukh here means the complete silence mode of mind, Sunn Samadhi, thought free state of mind.  When that happens God appears.  When the mind goes into complete silence, complete peace then it becomes mandatory for God to appear in the Bhagat.  This is all that Bandgi is about.  This is the highest level of Bandgi.  This is the highest level of eternal happiness when God appears in our own self physically and in all practical senses.  This is when God appears in the Nirgun form in Sargun.  This is the kind of unimaginable loss Sant Ka Nindak has to suffer from.  What an incredible loss it is.  Losing the chance to be one with God.  So please, please, please take it to heart and make a promise to that we will never, never ever indulge in any kind of a Nindya of anybody let alone a Sant.  Anybody who understands this will never have to fall back in spirituality and will find a way to Eternity without any problem. 

Innocence is the best gift one can have.  Innocence makes the path to Eternity very easy and accessible without much effort and there is no place for any kind of cunningness, “Chaturaaee sianphaan kitey kaam naa aayeeaan.”  An innocent person, Bhola Bhala Banda, is the real Banda and can do Bandgi easily.  So how a Sant Ka Nindak can find a place anywhere in the universe?  There is no place for a Sant Ka Nindak anywhere in the universe, not even in hell.  He can never and will never find any peace anywhere he goes.  There is only and we repeat only one place where he can find peace and be pardoned for his Dusht (sinful) Karam (action) of Nindya and be relieved of all of the curses and punishments, ill doings and misdeeds and sins.  That place is Charan Sharan of the Sant.  By going to the Charan Sharan of the Sant not only will He be forgiven for His Nindya and its curses and punishments, but the Sant with GurParsaad, GurKirpa and His utmost kindness will bless him with Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar and will make Him merge and become one with God.

Sant ka dokhee adh beech tay tootai.
Sant ka dokhee kitai kaaj na pahoochai.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o udi-aan bharmaa-ee-ai.
Sant ka dokhee ujharh paa-ee-ai.
Sant ka dokhee antar tay thothaa.
Ji-o saas binaa mirtak kee lothaa.
Sant kay dokhee kee jarh kichh naahi.
Aapan beej aapay hee khaahi.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o avar na raakhanhaar.
Nanak sant bhaavai taa la-ay ubaar.  5.

When we meet a Sant Maha Purakh in our life, it is because we are destined to meet them due to our previously accumulated Punn Karams – Sat Karams, “Purab janam ankur jab pargatey taa bheteyo purakh rasik bairaagee” and Rasik (the one who enjoys Ik Ras – Amrit) Bairaagee (free from Maya) is a Sant.  A Puran Sant who has gone beyond Maya – “Trihu Gun Tey Parey.”  Many people misinterpret the Shabad Bairaagee.  It means Mukt (free) from Raag.  And Raag means attachment, the Moh Maya.  So the person who has won over Maya completely becomes a Purakh Bairaagee, a Puran Sant.  It takes the hard work of many lives to collect enough Punn Karams to bring our self to that level when we become destined to meet a Puran Sant Maha Purakh.  Darshans of such a Maha Purakh are achieved with great good fortune.  It is a matter of very good fortune to be able to meet such a Maha Purakh.  When we do meet them we should ask for the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. 

Many people are satisfied just when they get the GurParsaad of Naam.  Then they stop praying for Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  That is why they don’t make much progress on the path of spirituality.  Only a few get the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  This enables them to go higher in spirituality.  So please make a note here to pray for the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Samadhi, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar to meet our objective of achieving the Jivan Mukti.

Those who are fortunate enough to meet a Sant, but then slander Him, ruin their opportunity to progress spiritually.  Instead of getting GurParsaad from the Sant, they indulge in Nindya and effectively erase of all of their hard earned Punn Karams instantly.  Instead of blessings, they are cursed with all of the punishments which have been described in this Astpadi.  In this way their spiritual path is broken.  They are left stuck halfway.  That is what is meant by “adh beech tay tootai.” 

Nindya causes the destruction of all of our Sat Karams following which all Karams become Asat Karams.  Even by performing any Sat Karams the benefit goes to the person the Nindak has slandered.  Going a step further, misfortune takes over so much so, that the Nindak is never able to achieve any of his tasks.  Whatever he does he is not rewarded for.  All his work goes to waste without any results.  Going to the Charan Sharan of a Sant is GurParsaad.  It the opportunity of many lifetimes to save our self with this GurParsaad.  Whereas slandering of a Sant causes irreparable damage. 

On the path to Eternity as long as we are drenched in Dubidha, we cannot make any progress.  Being 100% committed to the objective becoming Jivan Mukt and of obeying the mandatory divine laws is the key to success on the path to Sach Khand.  This is a mandatory divine law that there should be an end to all of the illusions and delusions for achieving the spiritual goal of salvation.  As long as we stay in illusions and delusions, we cannot make much progress.   By just following religion without trying to discover the Eternal Truth by applying the mandatory divine laws,  the majority of people remain lost in the illusions and delusions and don’t make any real spiritual progress.  Similarly, the Sant Ka Nindak remains lost in the illusions and delusions and never gets a chance to come out of these road blocks. 

These illusions and delusions are like the web of a spider which never lets the trapped fly escape.  This is what is meant by “udi-aan bharmaa-ee-ai,” – remaining lost in the jungle of illusions, delusions and Dubidha.  Those people who don’t make any progress on the spiritual path are liable to be suffering from these kind of things.  At some point in time and space they must have done something stupid like this.  That is why they remain lost in the jungle of illusions, delusions and Dubidha.  Without getting out of these illusions, delusions and Dubidha they will never be able to make any spiritual progress.  They never make any spiritual progress even though they may be putting in a lot of effort and spending all of their life doing so. 

The Sant is the one and only entity, the spiritual being who can take us out of these kind of illusions, delusions and Dubidha.  By doing Nindya we sink deeper into this curse of remaining in illusions, delusions and Dubidha.  As a result of this misfortune the slanderer of the Sant is completely destroyed from inside and out.  He loses all of his divine qualities.  His Hirda becomes empty of anything good and Divinity and he becomes spiritually dead.  Without any divine life he is like a dead body.  This means that all his deeds become worthless and fruitless, and he goes into a state of sorrows and pains, sufferings and depressions for an indefinite period of time. 

There remains no divine essence in the life of a slanderer of a Sant.  He becomes worthy of nothing.  All his deeds become worthless.  All his deeds become untrue, Asat Karams.  This causes a ripple effect on his future destiny and that continues for an indefinite period of time. 

These are the basic reasons for most people being trapped in the cycle of death and birth for an indefinite amount of time.  The slanderer of the Sant cannot be saved by anybody else except the Sant.  Only the Sant has the divine power to forgive the Nindak and clean him up from the crime of slandering.  Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji has given that authority only to the Sant who has been slandered.  Even God cannot forgive the slanderer and that is a mandatory divine law – Dargahi Kanoon that the slanderer can only be forgiven by a Sant and nobody else. 

Please keep in mind that it all depends upon the slanderer.  All he has to do is realize in his Hirda that he has made a serious mistake and committed a sin of a very high order.  Only then will he be able to get pardoned by the Sant.  Also, please keep in mind that the Sant is an infinite Hirda filled with the Infinite Divine Powers of kindness and forgiveness, so it doesn’t even take a fraction of a second for Him to forgive the slanderer.  Therefore, the slanderer should not feel shy to go into the Charan Sharan of the Sant and get the benefit of forgiveness.  Not only that, he can also get the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva and get salvation along with the forgiveness.  So please always and forever keep in mind that slandering of a Sant brings all kinds of sorrows, pains, sufferings, depressions, ailments, and so on and going into the Charan Sharan of the Sant brings in all eternal treasures inside our Hirda.

Sant ka dokhee i-o billaa-ay.
Ji-o jal bihoon machhulee tarhafrhaa-ay.
Sant ka dokhee bhookhaa nahee raajai.
Ji-o paavak eedhan nahee dharaapai.
Sant ka dokhee chhutai ikaylaa.
Ji-o boo-aarh til khayt maahi duhaylaa.
Sant ka dokhee dharam tay rahat.
Sant ka dokhee sad mithi-aa kahat.
Kirat nindak ka dhur hee pa-i-aa.
Nanak jo tis bhaavai so-ee thi-aa.  6.

Our future destiny is built based upon our current deeds.  All of our current habits, outlook, character, behavior, way of communicating, actions, reactions, performance in various places and social circles are based on our past deeds.  If we have been fortunate enough to understand the importance of our Karni and we focus on Sat Ki Karni, then our future destiny will be very bright and shining.  We will keep on reaping the rewards of all of our Sat Karams and by doing so and staying focused on Sat Karams forever we will keep on moving closer and closer to the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  When we get GurParsaad then we will get a chance to move on this path to achieving salvation.

However, when our Karni is Asat Ki Karni, then our future destiny will be built based on this Asat Ki Karni.  This results in our future destiny becoming full of pains and sorrows, depressions and ailments, problems and issues, and so on.  Under such circumstances if you are involved in slandering a Sant then your destiny will become like a fish out of water.  Your life will become no life and you will burn in the agony of pains and sorrows, sufferings and ailments, depressions and all kinds of mental diseases.  Please keep in mind and we repeat it a zillion times, please always and forever keep in mind that if you are suffering from any of these mental sicknesses of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar then please take it for granted that at some point of time in your life or in previous lives you must and we repeat it again, you must have done something really stupid like slandering of a Sant.  This is causing you to burn in the fire of the Panj Doots and even more importantly being consumed in the fire of desires. 

For most people their entire life is already consumed by the fire of Panj Doots and Trishna.  For a slanderer of a Sant this becomes even more intense.  They are cursed with burning in a never ending fire of Panj Doots and desires.  Desires are the main reason for our pains and sorrows, sufferings and ailments, depressions and mental sicknesses.  Please keep in mind that we will get what we need, but we will not always get what we want.  We may never get what we want, because desires are like a stream of never ending demands for material things. 

It is desire which keeps us involved in the game of Maya forever with no end in sight.  Take the example of fire.  There is no end to the fire as long as we keep on providing the fuel.  There is only one way to put out the fire and that is to withdraw the fuel.  Similarly, there is only one thing that can fulfill all of our desires and that is contentment, Sat Santokh.  This comes by going into the Charan Sharan of a Sant and not by slandering Him. 

A life of desires that remained unfulfilled leads to frustration and then depression which then  leads to mental sickness and physical ailments.  The slanderer of the Sant is therefore, cursed with the never ending stream of desires that will remain unfulfilled. This will result in pains and sorrows, sufferings, depressions, ailments and so on.  He is left all alone in the never ending fire of desires and never ending fire of all of the physical and mental sicknesses and ailments.  He has nobody to help him.  Or to be more precise, there is nobody capable of helping him out of the fire of desires and Panj Doots.  Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya become his life and he is absorbed in this scum of Maya forever.  All of his Karams are Asat Karams.  All of his deeds are untrue deeds, thereby filling his destiny with more pains, sufferings, ailments, depressions, mental sicknesses and so on.  He is cursed with all of the punishments defined in this Astpadi.  He is nowhere near the Eternal Truth.  He is nowhere near the real divine religion of  Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  He is left with no faith and trust, no devotion and love for the Gur and Guru.  Whatever he does is untrue and nothing else.  He lives in the untrue world of Maya forever.  As a result of His Karni from previous lives he becomes a Nindak – a slanderer of the Sant, this is a mandatory divine law.

Only going to the Charan Sharan of a Sant can wash all of his sins and allow him to be blessed back onto the path to Eternity.  So please keep in mind that you all may have slandered a Sant in the past of this life as well as in previous lives, as most people are for sure suffering from these kinds of mental sicknesses, pains and sorrows, sufferings and depressions.  So to correct your destiny and change your course of life towards God you must pray for the Sat Sangat of a Sant who can help you wash out all of your sins and give you the GurParsaad to move on this path to salvation.  Your prayers will for sure bring you in contact with such a Puran Sant who will give you the GurParsaad and guide you through this world of Maya on the path to salvation.

Sant ka dokhee bigarh roop ho-ay jaa-ay.
Sant kay dokhee ka-o dargeh milai sajaa-ay.
Sant ka dokhee sada sahkaa-ee-ai.
Sant ka dokhee na marai na jeevaa-ee-ai.
Sant kay dokhee kee pujai na aasaa.
Sant ka dokhee uth chalai niraasaa.
Sant kai dokh na taristai ko-ay.
Jaisaa bhaavai taisaa ko-ee ho-ay.
Pa-i-aa kirat na maytai ko-ay.
Nanak jaanai sachaa so-ay.  7.

The slanderer of the Sant becomes deformed both from inside and outside.  The Hirda becomes deformed internally from the effects of burning in the Panj Doots and desires.  As a result of this he becomes physically distorted as well with all kinds of physical ailments and sicknesses.  The people we see with distorted bodies and with chronic diseases are due to a result of such slandering activities at some point in time and space.  So if you by any chance have the same kind of problem then please in your Hirda you should keep on praying for the GurParsaad of the Sat Sangat of a Sant who can really help you turn around and bring you back on the right track.

Only a Sant can put an end to all of your miseries.  Only a Sant can give us Chaar Padarath (the four necessities):-

1.        Kaam.  Kaam here doesn’t mean the lust, Kaam here means Kamna which is the fulfillment of desires; fulfillment of all of our needs; provide us all of the worldly pleasures and comforts including our family.

2.        Arath – means the material things, the capacity to buy the material things we need for a comfortable living, the necessities of living a comfortable life. 

3.        Dharam – the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, and

4.        Mokh – salvation, Jivan Mukti.

A Sant can provide everything we need for living a comfortable life and at the same time keep us united with Akal Purakh and in the end get us salvation.  All of this can be obtained by engaging ourselves in the service of a Sant.  Serving a Sant will bring us everything and slandering a Sant will lose us everything irreparably, “Chaar padaarath je ko mangay.  Sadh jana kee Seva lagay.”

The slanderer of the Sant receives all his punishments in the court of the Lord, Dargah.  This is a mandatory divine law as described in this Astpadi of Sukhmani Bani.  Every Bani has Puran Braham Gyan, but in the Sukhmani Bani Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly explained this in great detail.  Please take this divine knowledge into your daily life.  Practice it and bring it inside yourself as divine wisdom by not indulging any kind of a slandering at all.  It is not just that you shouldn’t slander the Sant, you should not be slandering anybody at all.  We should never ever say anything bad, or hurt anyone or be negative to anyone.  Instead, we should be praying for the betterment and goodness of the people who are indulging in such activities. 

When a Nindak’s life starts falling apart after slandering a Sant, they then start accusing the Sant of cursing them, but a Sant never curses anybody.  He loves every creation as much as He loves God.  This is exactly what happened in our Sat Sangat as well.  Most of the people forgot about the GurKirpa and GurParsaad and got into illusions, delusions and Dubidha.  They started judging the one who gave them GurParsaad and many could not stand the tests of Maya and fell flat on their face due to the slandering they indulged in.  Then when they started to have trouble in their lives they started blaming the Sant who gave them GurParsaad.  Some of them even called it black magic.  Their divine wisdom went so blank that they even called the Sat Naam a Kala Manter (Mantra of Darkness). 

We would like to make a very important point here, that an ordinary person is not equipped to judge a Sant.  Only one Sant can know another Sant, “Braham gyani ki gat braham gyani jaaney.” So if we meet a Sant and start making progress on the spiritual path then we should take it for granted that the person is a Sant.  Another way to know the Sant is that our mind will start to feel peace and will not be distracted while sitting in His Sangat.  Otherwise there is no yardstick in the ordinary person’s hand which can tell him who a Sant is.  Therefore, the best policy is to stay quiet and not indulge in any kind of a criticism.  The bottom line is that the punishments to the slanderer come from the Dargah and not from the Sant. 

Due to the pains and sorrows, sufferings and ailments, physical and mental sicknesses as a part of his fate and as directed by the court of God – Dargah, the slanderer of the Sant is always and forever in  limbo.  When death of ego comes then the Atma is released forever from the shackles of Maya and from the cycle of physical death and birth.  The death of ego a stage of Puran Braham Gyan.  The death of ego is salvation.  Death of ego is Jivan Mukti.  Death of ego is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash in Hirda.  Death of ego is merger in the Nirgun Saroop.  Death of ego is to live in Dargah forever.  Death of ego is beyond description and the slanderer of the Sant will never be able to experience the death of ego.  And as such he will never be able to achieve the status that comes with the death of ego.  So he remains at a stage where he is nowhere.  Where there is no way out.  Where there is no possibility of any relief and no chance to put an end to his miseries, pains, sorrows, sufferings, depressions, mental and physical sicknesses.  Please look at it like this, that by going to the Charan Sharan of a Sant the death of ego occurs.  This is also called Shabad Marey and Sad Sad Hi Jeevey.  

Slandering the Sant will lead us nowhere.  The Nindak will never get what he needs and what he wants.  All of his desires will go unfulfilled.  There is only one and we repeat only one way desires can be fulfilled and that is to go into the stage of Sat Santokh.  Or in other words, only when the Hirda gets filled with the divine quality of Sat Santokh is there an end to desires.  The slanderer of a Sant will never be able to achieve the divine quality Sat Santokh and will always and forever remain burning in the fire of desires. 

When you die and the soul leaves the body then all of the deeds and unfulfilled desires go with it.  They form the future destiny.  Another very important point to know is that the death of a person who lives life under the Panj Doots and desires is very painful.  But, the death of a person who lives the life of a Sant is very easy and pleasant.  In fact, for a Sant the death of the body is a boon, because that takes Him to the Dargah of Akal Purakh forever.  When death comes then your soul is reminded what it did and how much of that time was spent in the Sat and Asat Karams.  Your soul also finds out the repercussions of these Karams on its future destiny.  At this point your soul repents and wants to go back and correct its Karni and make it good in the next life.  But, after taking birth again, it forgets everything and is taken over by Maya again and goes back into same cycle of life and death again and again and again. 

Only the GurParsaad can help you improve your performance and the GurParsaad comes from a Sant.  By going to the Charan Sharan of a Sant you can change your destiny for the good, but slandering takes you in the opposite direction.  A place which you will be unable to get out of because you are trapped in the most dangerous and damaging cycle where you get only disappointments and nothing else.  You will never be able to get your sins washed like this.  This is a mandatory divine law that only a Sant will be able to help a slanderer to get out of this vicious cycle – the most damaging and dangerous cycle of his misdeeds which will keep on multiplying the negative effect in his future destiny.

Sabh ghat tis kay oh karnaihaar.
Sada sada tis ka-o namaskaar.
Prabh kee ustat karahu din raat.
Tiseh dhi-aavahu saas giraas.
Sabh kachh vartai tis ka kee-aa.
Jaisaa karay taisaa ko thee-aa.
Apnaa khayl aap karnaihaar.
Doosar ka-un kahai beechaar.
Jis no kirpa karai tis aapan naam day-ay.
Badbhaagee nanak junn say-ay.  8.13.

God lives in the Hirda.  Hirda is the house of God.  Hirda is a place where God lives.  Hirda is the true Gurdwara.  But, what has been happening is that the Hirda has been suppressed and has been covered by the scum of Maya.  But, when the Hirda becomes cleansed of the scum of Maya then God appears in that Hirda.  In all practical and physical senses there comes a Puran Jyot Parkash (pure divine light) and it becomes a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  A place that resides under the Puran Sachyari Rehat, the internal compliance of winning over Maya.

Each and every Hirda has the super divine power to become a Puran Sachyara Hirda and has the hidden ability to allow God to appear in the creation with all His super divine powers.  That is how the Creator has created the Hirda.  He is hiding Himself.  This means the Creator is hiding Himself in every Hirda.  He is revealed by going beyond Maya.  That is a mandatory divine law and that is how the entire creation operates – under His Puran Hukam. 

He is the Creator and the only Doer – Karta Purakh – and this is the key to win over Maya.  Why would we not want to worship Him?  Why would we not want to Namaskaar Him?  He is so kind that He is sitting in our Hirda and ready to reveal Himself at all times.  So why would we not want to pray for His  GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva?  Why would we not want to work on realizing Him completely inside our Hirda and thereby gaining salvation forever? 

Namaskaar, Katha, Kirtan, Paath, doing GurBani, Ustat (means singing the praises hree, not flattery), Dhyaan (giving up everything to Him with Tunn, Munn and Dhann), Naam Simran, Nishkaam Seva and Parupkaar – these are all of the Bhagti Margs (ways to worship Him).  So why not dedicate ourselves to His Bandgi by following these Bhagti Margs and realize Him inside our Hirda?

The most effective and rewarding Bhagti Marg is Naam Simran and collection of Naam Ki Kamai, “Prabh kaa simran sabh tey oonchaa.”   So why not engage ourselves in “Prabh kaa simran” and make our life sublime?  When we give up our Tunn, Munn and Dhann to Him then He goes into our Rom Rom – Naam Amrit goes into Rom Rom.  Not only the Hirda, but the entire body becomes Naam, “Har kaa naam junn kaa roop rang.”  And this comes true for us. 

Saas Giraas Simran is a very high spiritual stage and when that happens Naam Simran goes on in  autopilot mode.  It never stops.  It continues day and night at every moment asleep or awake.  Eventually, it goes into Rom Rom.  Every cell of the body breaths with Naam Amrit and the Dehi becomes “Amrit bhinnee dehurie.”  This happens by meditating – doing Naam Simran, with complete and full commitment and belief, faith and trust, devotion and love and above all with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. 

Please keep in mind that the Sant is the Daata of GurParsaad.  Since the bottom line is GurParsaad so how do we get the GurParsaad?  When we focus our daily Karni on Sat Karams then we keep on collecting the Sat Karams.  Sat Karams are Punn Karamas and Asat Karams are Paap Karams.  When we collect enough Sat Karams that outweigh the Asat Karams and when we reach that level of Sat Karams when God is pleased, then He puts us in contact with a Sant, a Braham Gyani or a SatGur.  The Sant then blesses us with GurParsaad. 

Those who save this GurParsaad and dedicate themselves with Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Gur and Guru and with full and complete belief and commitment, faith and trust, devotion and love dedicate themselves to the Gur and Guru and throw themselves into Bandgi with full force, go through very easily.  They make it to salvation.  But, those who fall into the jungle of illusions, delusions, Dubidha and so on don’t make much progress and are left out to follow a different course in their destiny.  Only those who are very fortunate get the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  And only those are extremely fortunate use this GurParsaad to go through the Bandgi process successfully and become one with God. 

Those who understand, practice and earn the divine wisdom make it to Him, others are just left out for another point in time and space to follow the same path again.  But, the slanderer of the Sant is lost forever or at least for an indefinite period in time and space. 

The divine laws of Bandgi and Karma prevail.  Divine Hukam prevails.  Divine wisdom prevails.  Divine GurParsaad prevails.  Divine Will prevails.  Those people are very fortunate who are blessed with the  GurParsaad and the divine wisdom to understand, practice and earn this divine wisdom. 

Going to the Charan Sharan of the Sant makes us a Sant.  Slandering a Sant leaves us with sorrows, sufferings, pains, ailments, mental sicknesses and with all of the punishments very kindly presented by Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji.  Therefore, we should never slander and we should go to the Charan Sharan of a Sant.