Astpadi 2: God’s Devotee

In the second Astpadi, Dhan Dhan (supremely blessed) SatGur (Guru of Truth) Sachey Patshah Ji (True King)  Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly shown us the Mahima (divine quality) of Naam and the Mahima of Junn (enlightened soul – devotee of the Lord).  The first Astpadi explained the:- 

·         Mahima of Naam Simran,
·         benefits of Naam Simran,
·         super powers of Naam Simran, and
·         the gifts we will get as a result of taking refuge in Naam Simran.

Now we need to dedicate ourselves to Naam Simran on a regular basis.  When we say regular basis we mean everyday, early in the morning and for as long as possible without taking a break.  The early morning hours start after midnight.  Have a shower, preferably a complete shower including the hair and then get absorbed in long sessions of Naam Simran.  It will be very difficult to do long hours when you first start, but with sustained efforts and prayers for GurParsaad (God-Guru’s grace) you will eventually be able to go into long sessions of Naam Simran. 

The minimum target should be at least two and a half hours every morning, but the longer the better.  Some of the Maha Purakhs have given the following example to show how much more powerful Naam Simran is earlier than later.  They compare the benefits of Naam Simran in the early hours as follows:-

·         1 am to 2 am, will bring as much reward as donating 40 kg of diamonds,
·         2 am to 3 am, the rewards will equal to donating 40 kg of gold,
·         3 am to 4 am, it becomes 40 kg of silver,
·         after 4am, it becomes copper and then steel and the benefit is reduced to a minimum after 6 am. 

Many are sceptical about doing Naam Simran in the early hours.  They worry that they will get tired and will not be able to perform their daily job.  But, believe us that by doing Naam Simran in the early  hours we get so much Naam Amrit that we never feel tired during the day.  

We were talking about the second Astpadi of Sukhmani Bani which explains to us what Naam does to us and the Mahima of those who do Naam Ki Seva.  Such souls have been called Junn in GurBani.  Junn is a very high spiritual state.   Let us try and dive deep into this part of the Sukhmani Bani and help our souls by collecting these priceless diamonds of Braham Gyan given to us by Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah Ji (supremely blessed fifth King) Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

Deen darad dukh bhanjnaa ghat ghat naath anaath.
Sharan tumhaaree aa-i-o nanak kay prabh saath. 1.

There are various ways which have been practiced by the Yogis (practitioners of yoga), Rishis and Munis and a large number of Bhagats, Sants, Braham Gyanis around the globe to reach the Almighty.  But, Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has very kindly shown us the most easy and practical way is Bandgi (divine slavery).  This way is for an ordinary person to reach the Almighty whilst:- 

·         Living in this world which is being run under maya,
·         Living with the family and fulfilling all of the family and worldly responsibilities,
·         Living in this maha kaal (worst period) of kal yug (the age of darkness).  

This path of Bandgi or Bhagti (spirituality) is called the “Sharnagat (seeking the shelter of the Guru) Bhagti” or the “Prema (loving devotional) Bhagti.”  It is the path based upon the fundamental divine law of unconditional devotional love for the Gur (God, the Highest Guru) and Guru (God manifested in a divine heart).  It requires full and complete belief and commitment, faith and trust in the Gur, Guru and GurBani.  Having that attitude we can bring into our self utmost humbleness and  innocence.  We can leave all of the worldly wisdom and self wisdom.  And by taking the Guru’s wisdom, the divine wisdom and practising it in our daily life we can bring in all of the divine qualities.  These make our Hirda a pure and pious place, a Puran Sachyara (perfectly truthful) Hirda, a place where the Gur and Guru reside forever. 

By doing Bhagti like this, all of our sorrows and mental sicknesses (Panj Doot and Trishna)  disappear and we have victory over the mind and Maya.  God is “Deen darad dukh bhanjnaa” meaning He takes away all of our pains and sorrows.  All of the diseases and discomforts of our life disappear when our soul and Hirda become a place for Him to come and reside in. 

We have been an orphan for an unlimited time in space.  Our soul is an orphan which has been separated from its owner, its Creator – Akal Purakh for a long time.  Long time means many, many lifetimes.  However, even though He lives in each and every one of us, in every living being, we still have been separated from Him for Ages due to our own Karni (deeds) done under the influence of Maya.

The main reason of this separation is Haumai (ego – our sense of “I AM SOMEONE”) which makes us a separate identity from its source.  Everything belongs to the Source and remains a part of the Source but we see our self as a separate identity due to Haumai.  This Haumai can only be killed by going into the sanctuary of the lotus feet of the Owner, the Creator – Akal Purakh.  This means leaving aside all of our own existence, our own identity, our own wisdom and completely surrendering to the Gur and Guru with full and complete unconditional devotion and love – Sachee Preet and Sachee Shardha.  This promotes Sharnagat Bhagti and Prema Bhagti within us. 

Based on GurBani it is believed that Haumai is the deepest mental sickness and is the most difficult one to be killed besides desires.  The one who wins over Haumai and desires wins over His mind.  Guru Nanak Patshah Ji was a Puran Sant SatGuru. He was a Puran Braham Gyani.  He was Nirankaar (Formless One) Himself who appeared on this Earth in the form of Guru Nanak Patshah.  He has been one of the most spiritually powerful super souls that ever visited this Earth for uplifting the spiritual and social standards of  mankind.  If we are fortunate enough and can get the Sangat of such a soul, or the Sangat of a Puran Braham Gyani, then with GurParsaad we go into the Sharnagat Bhagti and Prema Bhagti.  Then we can make our life sublime.
Jah maat pitaa sut meet na bhaa-ee.
Man oohaa naam tayrai sang sahaa-ee.
Jah mahaa bha-i-aan Doot jam dalai.
Tah kayval naam sang tayrai chalai.
Jah muskal hovai at bhaaree.
Har ko naam khin maahi udhaaree.
Anik punahcharan karat nahee tarai.
Har ko naam kot paap parharai.
Gurmukh naam japahu man mayray.
Nanak paavhu sookh ghanayray.  1.
When the soul departs from the body at the time of death, then all of our worldly relations are proven to be false.  GurBani tells us again and again that all of our worldly relations are false.  But, only at the time of death does the soul actually experience that nobody including father, mother or siblings go with us.  Nor can any of them help us in any way when our soul leaves the body at the end of our journey in this world. 

Some people do have near death experiences.  This is when their soul leaves the body and travels through the after death realms.  This is when they find out that what really happens when the soul leaves the body.  Some people while doing Bandgi and Naam Simran get similar experiences when their soul leaves the body (out of body experiences) and travels through various realms of the universe.   A stage comes in Bandgi when we can leave our body at will and travel in the universe and come back at will.  But, there is a difference between the experiences of the normal person and a person engaged in Naam Simran. 

The normal person’s out of body experience only reveals the near death experience.  Whereas a person engaged in Naam Simran travels to the higher realms of Truth and meets with the highly elevated spiritual souls and gets their blessings.  However, for a normal person who has never had any such experiences it might seem weird.  But, this is an absolute Truth, that such experiences happen in Bandgi. 

When we dedicate our self to the Gur and Guru and completely surrender our self and go into Samadhi, then such visions and experiences become routine for us.  This means that only Naam Simran and Seva (selfless service) which comprises of Parupkaar (altruism) and Maha Parupkaar (giving salvation) helps at the time of death. 

For a normal person, death is very painful, but for a person dedicated to Naam Simran it becomes a really excellent journey without any pain.  All of the other kinds of service like donations and such stuff only help us in our coming lives.  This means when we give in charity now, we will receive it back plus more in future lives.  But, Naam Dhann (wealth of Naam) takes us through to Jivan Mukti.  Only the person who enjoys Naam in the Hirda becomes Jivan Mukt.   

Those who are dedicated to Naam Simran are respected by Dharam Raj.  Dharam Raj  is the divine judge who weighs up our good and bad deeds and sends us into the next appropriate life form.  However, Dharam Raj doesn’t judge the ones who did Naam Simran.  Instead he escorts them to the higher realms of Truth.

Whenever we are in trouble or faced with a severe problem only Naam helps to put us back on the right track.  Our dedication to Naam Simran makes us mentally so strong and stable that such problems and troubles are unable to shake us.  The people who get absorbed in Naam reach the Atal Awastha (totally stable state) and are never distracted by Maya’s worldly distractions.  Naam will always guide us and help us when we are in deep trouble.  Naam will show us the right path and take us out of trouble. 

We may perform all kinds of religious deeds and rituals throughout our life, but if we don’t have Naam then we will not be able to swim across and meet God, the Master.  But, if we have the GurParsaad of Naam then all of our sins are washed away instantaneously and we are ferried across to salvation. 

The process of death is an amazing mechanism.  It is a true and divine law that when the soul leaves the body at the time of death, it leaves the body behind, but carries with it all of the true and untrue deeds performed during life.  It carries with it the account of all of the Punn Karams (virtuous deeds) and Paap Karams (sinful deeds) with it.  Our future course is decided by these deeds of ours, not just from the current life, but also from past lives that we haven’t cleared.  So at any point in time we are carrying the burden of all of the unaccounted for, true and untrue deeds.  The true deeds will bring us better things in future, but the untrue deeds – Paap Karams will bring in sorrows and pains for us. 

The effect of all of these hundreds of millions of Paap Karams are neutralized by Naam.  Naam is so powerful that when we get the GurParsaad of Naam and by virtue of our dedication and Bandgi if we  bring this Naam inside our mind and Hirda then all of our hundreds of millions of Paap Karams are washed away right there and then. 

All of the outer rituals and outer religious acts dol not help us eliminate the effect of all of our untrue deeds.  Only Naam washes all of our sins away, such is the Mahima of Naam.  Such is the power of Naam. 
Who is the holder of the GurParsaadi Naam?  The Gurmukh is the holder of GurParsaad of Naam.  The person who has surrendered completely to the Gur and Guru, who has given everything to the Gur and Guru and dedicated Himself to the service of the Gur and Guru is a Gurmukh.  And only the Gurmukh has GurParsaad and will be absorbed in Naam. 

Gurmukh is a very high spiritual state of a person who has GurParsaad and always remains absorbed in Naam and such a Gurmukh soul will always enjoy the highest level of happiness and comfort – the eternal treasures.
Sagal sarisat ko raajaa dukhee-aa.
Har ka naam japat ho-ay sukhee-aa.
Laakh karoree bandh na parai.
Har ka naam japat nistarai.
Anik maa-i-aa rang tikh na bujhaavai.
Har ka naam japat aaghaavai.
Jih maarag ih jaat ikaylaa.
Tah har naam sang hot suhaylaa.
Aisaa naam man sada dhi-aa-ee-ai.
Nanak gurmukh param Gat paa-ee-ai.  2.
Even if we are a king of the entire universe we will not be happy.  No worldly comforts and worldly possessions can make us happy.  The happiness that comes from worldly achievements is short lived.  That happiness soon vanishes and we are taken over again by the circumstances around us.  But, the happiness we get with Naam is the eternal happiness.  It is an everlasting happiness.  This happiness never fades and remains with us for all ages to come.  The people who have achieved Naam have become Sat Chit Anand.  This is:- 

·         the true happiness,
·         a complete stability,
·         a complete silence,
·         no distractions,
·         no illusions,
·         no Dubidha (doubts and double-mindedness),
·         no pains and sorrows.  

This is the kind of happiness that comes with Naam.   Mohammad Gajnavi was a Moghul emperor who attacked India seventeen times.  He looted its gold and diamonds and took them back to Gajni – his capital.  He amassed a large quantity of wealth in his royal treasury.  When he returned home for the seventeenth time with the looted wealth, he was really proud of his achievement.  But, guess what happened to him then?  He became paralyzed. 

He had been a very powerful ruler all his life, but now he was crippled with an incurable paralysis.  He had a son who was not as powerful as him and who could not protect the wealth collected by him.  Then he realized, “Why did I collect all this wealth which cannot do anything for me now?”  While he was collecting the wealth, he didn’t realise that in amassing the wealth by unfair means he was also collecting loads of Paap Karams.

The collection of wealth by unfair means is greed – Lobh, as defined in GurBani.  And the collection of wealth over and above our own needs is called Labh, which is even more dangerous.  So Mohammad Gajnavi collected his wealth under the Labh and Lobh aspects of Maya.  He used all kinds of unfair means in looting this wealth from the temples and all over the country.  He killed innocent people and looted the wealth of the innocent people.  In this process he collected loads of Paap Karams and when His mind and body vessel got filled with these sins then he was punished.  There and then he was crippled with paralysis. 

At this time he was lucky enough to realise that he had committed many sins and that was the reason for his suffering.  Getting this kind of feeling is also a GurParsaad, which takes us closer to the Almighty.  For that matter anything that gets us closer to the Almighty is considered an eternal blessing.  So He came out openly and criticized himself and all his Paap Karams openly.  He told people to learn from his mistakes and to never indulge in the untrue acts like he did.  He wanted his folks to learn a lesson from his wrong doings. 

There is another example in history of Alexander the Great (Sikandar).  In His pursuit to conquer the world look at what happened to him.  When returning from India to his native Greece, he fell sick and could not even buy a few weeks worth of extra time to be able to see his mother before he died.  He even offered half of his kingdom to anyone who could help him live long enough to meet his mother one last time. 

Hitler also became so tormented by his sins that he had to commit suicide in order to end his mental suffering.  The only kings that have been able to live a happy life were the ones blessed with GurParsaad of Naam like Raja Janak, the Braham Gyani.  There is no end to the desires of a human being.  Desires never end.  Desires are a part of the “Rajo Birti” of Maya and will never be able to create satisfaction in our Hirda. 

It is a very strange behavior of a human being that he always wants to have more.  He is never satisfied with what he has.  Desires are the root cause for our discontentment.  One desire leads to another. When a desire is fulfilled then we get temporary happiness.  When the desire is unfulfilled then we get disappointed.  When such disappointments keep on accumulating for a long period of time then this leads to depression and to all kinds of mental sicknesses and bodily sicknesses.  Desires are the root cause for all of our sufferings.

There is only one way we can win over our desires and that is contentment.  Yes, when our mind and soul goes into the contentment state then that is the point when all of our desires are diminished.  That is why the state of contentment has been called a divine quality.  It is a mandatory divine quality to win over our mind – Sat Santokh (contentment with Truth) – it makes our mind to go into complete silence.  How will this Sat Santokh come inside us?  Only Naam can bring the Sat Santokh inside our Hirda.  The person who reaches this state of mind and soul achieves Salvation. 
Everyone’s destiny is unique, which makes everyone’s Bandgi also unique.  That also makes everyone’s fortune unique as well.  Each one of us has to reach the Param Dhaam one day, meaning every one has to go back to the Origin one day.  This Origin is “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam” – that is why it is called Beej Manter (original seed Manter).  And every single one of us has to return to the Origin in our original form (pure soul).  Nothing material is going to go with us when our soul leaves this Panch Bhootak Dehi meaning our five element body.  Our  physical body comprises of five basic elements of nature.  They are  sky (space/ether), air, water, earth and fire.  On the face of it, these five elements cannot be held together due to their incompatible nature with each other.  But, look at God’s Hukam which is so powerful and super that it holds these five incompatible elements together with the element of life.  This life is nothing but the Jyot of Akal Purakh that keeps these five incompatible elements together.  When this Jyot is withdrawn then the body dies and goes back to these five elements. 

Our unique destiny is a result of our own Karni, which decides our future destiny.  We only reap what we have sown – “Aapay beej apaay he khao.”  In a way, we shape our own destiny.  Whatever we do is weighed on the Sach Di Takdi (scale of Truth).  According to these divine laws and our Karni, our destiny is formed.  And later in this life and in our next life or lives we have to bear the rewards of this destiny.  Family relations and all of the surroundings relationships are formed as a part of this destiny.

When our soul leaves this physical body as explained earlier, nothing goes with us.  This means nothing that is a part of Maya goes with us.  Everything that is visible with the worldly eyes is a part of Maya including all relationships and material goods.  Only Naam goes with us, because with Naam we are able to wash all of our sins and make our soul clean and pure.  So the burden of the sins is left behind us due to Naam Ki Kamai (earning of Naam).  This makes our soul pure and pious and this purity as a result of Naam Ki Kamai will fill us with all of the divine qualities.  These will go with us and our future destiny will become a very happy one and fruitful.

If we are fortunate and have collected enough Naam Dhann by becoming a Gurmukh, then and only then will we be able to get salvation – the Param Gat (Supreme State).  We are then out of the cycle of birth and death and live in Sach Khand forever to enjoy the eternal happiness forever. 

It is very important to understand that Gurmukh is a very high spiritual stage of a person or a soul.  The one who has completely realized the Almighty and is always absorbed in Akal Purakh is the Gurmukh.  A Gurmukh is the one who lives in Sach Khand.
Chhootat nahee kot lakh baahee.
Naam japat tah paar paraahee.
Anik bighan jah aa-ay sanghaarai.
Har ka naam tatkaal udhaarai.
Anik jon janmai mar jaam.
Naam japat paavai bisraam.
Ha-o mailaa mal kabahu na dhovai.
Har ka naam kot paap khovai.
Aisaa naam japahu man rang.
Nanak paa-ee-ai sadh kai sang.  3.
There will come a time when we will not be able to be saved even by millions of helping hands.  Many of us experience during our daily life that when a problem comes in our way there are family and friends who come and rescue us from the difficult situations.  But, when our soul leaves this physical body then even if we had millions of helping hands come to save us, they will not be able to.  At this time, only Naam Ki Kamai will be able to help us.  At the time when we exit this world of Maya, only Naam has the power to help us.  Naam is so powerful that it will be able to guide us and take us in the right destination. 

Naam is not just a few words, or just a Shabad (divine word) of GurBani.  When we say Naam it is the Nirgun Saroop Puran Jyot Parkash of Akal Purakh (God’s immaculate body of light) which makes our Hirda (heart chakra) a place for Akal Purakh to reside.  Which makes our astral body (Suksham Dehi) into a Kanchan Dehi (golden inner body).  We become a purified entity without any dirt of sins clinging to us.  Our Kanchan Dehi takes us through this final phase of our journey back to our original home – Dargah of Akal Purakh (royal court of God). 

Many times in our life we are surrounded by a lot of problems as a result of our misfortune.  The reason for this misfortune is however our own deeds – Karni, from earlier in this lifetime or from past lives as well.  But, this misfortune is washed away by carving Naam in our Surat (thoughts and mind) and Hirda.  Naam is so powerful that it washes all of our untrue deeds from the past and all previous lives. 

When Naam goes into our Surat and Hirda we become a Suhaagan (bride of God) and then a Sada Suhaagan (eternal wife of God the Husband).  When we go into Karam Khand (Realm of Grace) and are accepted as a Suhaagan, then Naam goes first into our Surat and then gradually it travels into the Hirda, then Nabhi (navel chakra).  Then into the other areas of the body including the base of spine (root chakra) where the Kundalini energy resides and up the spine into the Dassam Duaar (crown chakra) and back to the Trikuti (brow chakra) the center of the forehead.  Naam enlightens and activates all seven major centers of  spiritual energy in our body.  These seven centers of spiritual energy are called Sat Sarovar (seven lakes of Amrit) in GurBani.   This happens in Karam Khand when we go into Samadhi and then into Sunn Samadhi – a stage of complete trance – no thoughts –  complete silence.  Eventually Naam goes into Rom Rom – every bit of our body vibrates with Naam and the entire body gets filled with Naam Amrit and not only that it starts to overflow. 

Now ask our self, when one is blessed  with so much GurParsaad what adversities of life can  come near us?  None as all of our sins are washed away and our soul merges in the Nirgun Saroop Sat Saroop (Light Body Of God, Truth Body of God).  The restlessness of our soul vanishes.  Our restless soul had been travelling through unlimited and unknown periods of time through so many cycles of life.  It travelled through so many pains of birth and death.  It burned in the fire of Maya for so many ages in the past.  Finally, the restlessness of the soul vanished with GurParsaad of Naam Ki Kamai. 

Consider what life is.  We are born and go through the entire cycle of life – birth, childhood, education, job, marriage, children and their upbringing and helping them build their future.  This is then followed by retirement, old age and death.  We leave the world to restart our journey again in another body.  During this cycle of one lifetime we go through so many pains and sufferings as well as some happy moments also.  But, we are never able to get an everlasting state of happiness. 

If we are fortunate and have collected enough Sat Karams – true deeds, then we might get human birth again.  But, if we have led an untruthful life and our Chitter-Gupt (record of our deeds) is full of Asat Karams, then we might go back into the 8.4 million life forms and take a long time to come back into the human life.  The cycle of birth and death continues like this for an unknown period of time until our Sat Karams accumulate above a certain limit. 
In human life, when our Sat Karams finally outweigh all of our Asat Karams, then we become fortunate enough to be blessed with GurParsaad of Naam.  Having done so many good deeds and stopped our bad deeds, God looks kindly upon our soul and gives His grace – His GurParsaad.  God comes to give us His Naam in the form of an enlightened soul.  We then begin the final part of our spiritual journey home. 

This GurParsaad of Naam can be blessed to us by a Sadh (divine Soul) – a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani.  Then Naam Ki Kamai can be done under their Chattar (divine umbrella of their aura).  With this Naam Ki Kamai we can wash all of our sins and win over Panj Doots and desires.  This Naam Ki Kamai makes a Puran Jyot Parkash inside our Hirda.  It brings in all of the divine qualities and makes it a Beant Hirda (infinitely open heart), a Khalsa Hirda (pure immaculate heart).  Our ego will be washed away and we will be saved from going through the pains and sufferings of another birth and death cycle.
Jih maarag kay ganay jaahi na kosaa.
Har ka naam oohaa sang tosaa.
Jih paidai mahaa andh gubaaraa.
Har ka naam sang ujee-aaraa.
Jahaa panth tayraa ko na sinjaanoo.
Har ka naam tah naal pachhaanoo.
Jah mahaa bha-i-aan tapat baho ghaam.
Tah har kay naam kee tum oopar chhaam.
Jahaa tarikhaa man tujh aakrakhai.
Tah nanak har har amrit barkhai.  4.
Here Pancham Patshah SatGuru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly explained to us that we are on a very long journey back to our original home.  We have been separated for a very long time.  The length of this journey cannot be measured.  It takes a large number of lives full of Bandgi and Seva just to qualify for the GurParsaad of the completion of this journey, to reach the salvation stage.  This journey can only be completed in a human life in this world of Maya.  In Maya, we have been burning our soul for a long period of time in the fire created by the mental sicknesses ruled by the Panj Doots and desires.  It is believed and it is practically true that time goes very fast when we are in a state of happiness, but it feels real slow when we are in pain and suffering.  That makes this journey even more difficult and long. 

This world of Maya is currently going through a period of darkness which is called Kal Yug.  This darkness is caused by the untrue deeds of the masses, the Asat Karams of the masses.  The current society is going through the peak period of this darkness due to the absence of the practice of the divine values and moral values.  The lack of practice of truthful deeds is the cause of all of the crime, sins, bribery, extortion, hatred, discrimination, abuse, terrorism, rape and so on. 

The worst kind of things happening in the world around us today is all due to this darkness.  The general behavior and character of society is responsible for this never ending fire.  The entire humanity is lost in this world of Maya and is burning in the fire of the Panj Doots.  This is also known in GurBani as the Bhavjal or Bhavsagar – a vast sea of darkness caused by the influence of Maya.  A sea of Maya where there is a complete lack of the practice of the divine knowledge and earning of the diamonds and jewels of the divine wisdom and carving them into our Hirda and making it a Sant Hirda.  Instead, humanity is bearing this unbearable heat and darkness caused by the lack of living according to the divine principles based on Sat Karams, devotion, love, compassion, commitment and belief, faith and trust in the Gur and Guru. 

But, once we are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam and do Naam Ki Kamai we collect Naam Dhann.  Then when this Naam goes into our Hirda then all of this darkness is washed away.  Enlightenment is achieved.  A Puran Jyot Parkash inside our Hirda is achieved. Then with the opening of the divine eye,   this long passage through the darkness of Kal Yug, becomes blessed with the divine light and divine wisdom.

We reach a stage where we understand this play of the world of Maya and our soul reaches a state of never ending eternal happiness.  We are declared a winner over Maya and desires.  We are recognized in the Dargah of Akal Purakh as a Jivan Mukt.  With this happening to us with Naam, the Amrit Barkha (shower) keeps on pouring within us continuously.  All of our seven spiritual centers are activated.  All of our Bajjar Kapaats – divine doors (around the head) including the Dassam Duaar (crown chakra) are opened.  Then there is Naam all over our soul, mind and body.  We are completely absorbed in Naam.  Naam saves us from the burning heat being generated through the influence of Rajo (desire) and Tamo (darkness) aspects of Maya.
Bhagat junnaa kee bartan naam.
Sant junnaa kai man bisraam.
Har ka naam daas kee ot.
Har kai naam udhray junn kot.
Har jas karat sant din raat.
Har har a-ukhadh sadh kamaat.
Har junn kai har naam nidhaan.
Paar Braham junn keeno daan.
Man tunn rang ratay rang aykai.
Nanak junn kai birat bibaykai.  5.
With Naam Ki Kamai one becomes a Bhagat and Naam becomes an integral part of the Bhagat.  Naam becomes a priceless diamond carved in the Hirda of the Bhagat.  The enlightened soul is regarded as a Sant, Junn and Bhagat in the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  Naam becomes an item of daily use for them.  In fact, these enlightened souls are always absorbed in Naam.  Their Rom Rom does Naam Simran and hears Naam vibrations physically in each and every part of their physical body as well.  In fact, they become 100% Naam themselves – “Har ka naam junn ka roop rang.”  Naam flows out from their entire body continuously.  They become the slave of Naam.  Naam becomes their only hope and base and support.  They basically, become the dealers of Naam.  They become authorized to deal in Naam.  They become Naam Key Beopari (merchants of Naam). 

This GurParsaad of Naam has been able to bring salvation to millions of Bhagats like this.  It comes to us through the Sant Hirda.  The Shabad Sant actually is not a name or title of a holy man.  Sant actually refers to a Hirda that permanently resides in God’s court.  In a Sant Hirda only God resides 100% in the form of Naam.  The soul of a Sant is always absorbed in the Mahima of Naam.  They become a custodian of this medicine of Naam and they are given the authority by God to give this prescription of Naam to the deserving candidates. 

Naam is a universal cure because it cures us from the deadly viruses of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar and desires.  Naam cures us from all kinds of mental ailments and cleans us up inside and out.  It relieves us of all of the sins and crimes and Asat Karams we have done in the past and all past lives.  That is why GurBani says – “Sarabh rog ka aoukhadh Naam.”

Naam is the highest eternal treasure and this treasure is given to the Sants and Bhagats by the Almighty and becomes their property.  Such souls are always absorbed in the divine love and compassion, devotion and dedication to the service of the Almighty.  They are always enlightened with the divine wisdom and stay in a state of eternal happiness forever.  They can never be distracted by anything no matter what it is.  By virtue of the attainment of the divine wisdom they become Braham Gyanis and the divine wisdom becomes their food.  The divine wisdom becomes their Birti – state.  They are always and forever absorbed in the Mahima of Naam.  The divine wisdom is like a ball of divine wisdom with its center as Naam.  The entire divine wisdom – GurBani, revolves around the center of Naam.  Naam becomes a pivot and these souls are always like a pivot–center of this ball of divine wisdom and the divine wisdom evolves from them continuously.
Har ka naam junn ka-o mukat jugat.
Har kai naam junn ka-o taripat bhugat.
Har ka naam junn ka roop rang.
Har naam japat kab parai na bhang.
Har ka naam junn kee vadi-aa-ee..
Har kai naam junn sobhaa paa-ee.
Har ka naam junn ka-o bhog jog.
Har naam japat kachh naahi bi-og.
Jan raataa har naam kee sayvaa.
Nanak poojai har har dayvaa.  6.
Guru Pancham Patshah Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very kindly shown us the Mahima of the Junn and Naam in this Astpadi.  This piece of divine wisdom explains how high the spiritual status of an entity called Junn is in GurBani and how it is so with GurParsaad of Naam. 

Naam is so powerful that it is the means of bringing salvation to the ones who are absorbed in Naam and liberates them from the shackles of Maya for ever.  They by virtue of being absorbed in Naam they become Jivan Mukt, meaning they are liberated whilst still alive in the human body.  Naam becomes their food which keeps them always contented.  Meaning that Naam eradicates all of their desires and they become desire free.  They become so satisfied and contented inside their Hirda that nothing but Naam retains any importance for them.  

Such beings become Naam’s physical form in the world.  When Naam goes into every bit of the body and the soul becomes so purified, then Naam becomes their delight and beauty for ever.  Actually, such beings emit so much Divine Light, that the ones who have divine eyes to see it can see that they are brighter than thousands of suns shining at the same time.  This is what is shown normally as an aura of Divine Light around the Guru Sahibs and Sants and Bhagats on their pictures. 

Some people who are blessed with the divine eye (inner vision – Dib Drisht) and whose visual senses are very strong can physically see this wonderful aura of divine light around such souls.  This is what happens to those who do Naam Simran and all of their difficulties and problems are taken care of by the Almighty Himself.  They never face any misfortune or distractions, illusions and delusions, Dubidha and problems.  Naam becomes their praise and they are respected everywhere in the universe.  They are highly regarded in the Dargah of Akal Purakh and they find a permanent place at the Charans (holy feet) of Akal Purakh.  Naam becomes their Bhog (enjoyment) and Jog (divine union).  They are merged in God forever by virtue of their Naam Ki Kamai and an inseparable connection is formed with God. 
Actually when our Dassam Duaar opens then a permanent connection is formed with the Almighty – “Dassam duaaraa agam apaaraa param purakh kee ghaattee.”   A continuous stream of Amrit flows uninterrupted from the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh to us.  At this point we also start hearing the Panch Shabad Anhad Naad (divine music being played by five different spiritual musical instruments) music continuously – “Anhad sabad dassam duaar vajiou theh amrit naam chuaaeiaa thhaa.”   This is the real divine Amrit. 

After this there is no separation of the Bhagat from Bhagwan (God).  They get absorbed in each other.  The Bhagat praises Bhagwan and Bhagwan praises the Bhagat.  Then they cannot remain without each other.  Once this happens then the Bhagat absorbs himself into the service of the Almighty.  He sees, speaks, hears, serves and delivers the Eternal Truth – Naam.  This is the highest service of Akal Purakh.  Serving His Naam becomes His only job – “Nanak kai ghar kaeval Naam.”
Har har junn kai maal khajeenaa.
Har dhan junn ka-o aap prabh deenaa.
Har har junn kai ot sataanee.
Har partaap junn avar na jaanee.
Ot pot junn har ras raatay.
Sunn samaadh naam ras maatay.
Aath pahar junn har har japai.
Har ka bhagat pargat nahee chhapai.
Har kee bhagat mukat baho karay.
Nanak junn sang kaytay taray.  7.
Finally, our Bandgi reaches an extremely high level.  This happens when our soul goes into the highest realm of Truth – Sach Khand.  There are five phases of Bandgi:-
1.        DHARAM KHAND (Stage of pursuing divine union).  When we realizes that the objective of life is to achieve salvation and switch to doing Paath (reading religious texts) and Pooja (showing devotion).

2.        GYAN KHAND (Stage of practicing divine knowledge).  When we listen to GurBani, accept GurBani and put it into practice in our daily life we convert divine knowledge into our own personal divine wisdom. 

3.        SARAM KHAND (Stage of making spiritual effort).  When we start to work really hard to realize the objective of life – salvation and dedicate our self to the Gur and Guru with full commitment, belief, faith, trust, devotion and love.  In short, we surrender our self completely to the Gur and Guru and dedicate our self to Naam Simran.

4.        KARAM KHAND (Stage of receiving grace).  When we get the GurParsaad – the eternal blessings and eternal grace, then all of our Bajjar Kapaats – divine doors are opened.  We enter into the Samadhi and then into Sunn Samadhi during our long sessions of Naam Simran.  We are accepted as a Suhaagan of Akal Purakh and our Bhagti account opens in the Dargah of Akal Purakh – this is a very high spiritual stage.  This is when the real Bandgi starts and the Panj Doots and desires start to come under our control.  The real fight with Maya starts and eventually with GurParsaad we are able to win over Maya and our mind.  Naam goes into our Rom Rom.  Our Dassam Duaar opens and a direct and permanent connection is formed with Akal Purakh. 

5.        SACH KHAND (Stage of Ultimate Truth).  When we win over Maya and reach the salvation stage.  We become Nirbhao and Nirvair – single vision – Ik Drisht and fearless.  We can see, hear, speak, deliver and serve the complete truth, then our Bandgi is considered as completed by Akal Purakh and we are given the GurParsaad of Sada Suhaag (Supreme State) and we become a Sada Suhaagan, inseparable from Akal Purakh.  At this stage Akal Purakh gives us all of the eternal treasures and authorizes us to give this GurParsaad of eternal treasures to the Sangat.  We become Amrit Ka Daata (giver of Amrit).  We become Bandgi Ka Daata and Seva Ka Daata (giver of the gifts of Bandgi and Seva).  We become GurParsaad Ka Daata (giver of GurParsaad) and we are then absorbed in the service of these eternal treasures by helping others do Bandgi and to achieve salvation. 

Those people who start preaching before reaching this stage of Sach Khand, mislead the Sangat and become a source of  Dubidha, Bharams (false beliefs), illusions and delusions and are not helpful to the Sangat in any way.  They become responsible for the spiritual downfall of the Sangat. 

The souls that reach Sach Khand are always absorbed in devotional love for their Lord and become very powerful with all of the eternal treasures at their disposal.  Such souls are always absorbed in the Almighty continuously and enjoy the highest level of their union with Akal Purakh by sitting in Sunn Samadhi – a state of complete silence, no thoughts.  Such souls can never hide.  They are brought out by the Almighty Himself amongst the masses with their super-state of ecstasy eternal grace.  They deliver the message of the eternal grace and Eternal Truth to the masses.  Such souls don’t belong to a particular sect of society though.  Even though they may have started off in a particular path, they outgrow it, evolve further and they help everyone who is destined to meet them.  Whoever goes into their Sangat gets transformed.  Such souls deliver GurParsaad to their Sangat and with this GurParsaad a large number of people are blessed with Naam, Bandgi and Seva and thus reach salvation.  Such souls come in this world to take a large number of people with them and ferry them across this Bhavsagar – ocean of Maya, into their permanent home by bringing them salvation.  Such souls have been called Junn in GurBani.
Paarjaat ih har ko naam.
Kaamdhayn har har gun gaam.
Sabh tay ootam har kee kathaa.
Naam sunat darad dukh lathaa.
Naam kee mahimaa sant rid vasai.
Sant partaap durat sabh nasai.
Sant ka sang vadbhaagee paa-ee-ai.
Sant kee sayvaa naam dhi-aa-ee-ai.
Naam tul kachh avar na ho-ay.
Nanak gurmukh naam paavai junn ko-ay.  8.2.
It is believed that there are five trees in heaven which deliver all kinds of comforts to the people who do Naam Ki Kamai – truth seekers.  Paarjaat is one of these five trees which fulfills all of the desires of the seekers.  Similarly Kaamdhen is a cow in the heaven which also fulfills all of the desires.  But, actually Naam contains all of the eternal treasures.  Naam is the highest treasure and Paarjaat and Kaamdhen are also a part of Naam.  Meaning that when Naam goes into our Hirda then we get all comforts and desires taken care of by Naam. 

Practically speaking, when a soul reaches that high level of Bandgi, then there remains no desire at all.  The mind goes into a state of complete contentment and never demands anything.  However, most people don’t do Bandgi to reach the salvation stage.  They only do Bandgi (going to temple, making donations, doing ritual readings etc) to fulfill their desires and achieve worldly comforts.  However, it is a wasted effort because regardless of their misguided efforts, they only receive what is destined for them due to their past deeds.  The only thing that changes what we receive is GurParsaad.  If a Sant blesses us then only His divine words to God change our destiny.   

In Puran Bandgi there is no place for any demands for worldly items and comforts.  When a soul reaches that high state of spirituality then all of the comforts and needs are taken care of by Naam without him having to chase those desires.  Chasing after desires is Maya.  If we are engaged in asking and praying for worldly comforts and material things then we will not be able to reach the salvation stage.  So the best thing to do is Naam Ki Kamai to reach salvation and get relieved of the highest level of sorrow –  reincarnating in the cycle of birth and death. 
The eternal treasures can be achieved with Naam Ki Kamai.  This is the highest service of the Almighty.  To understand, feel and experience the story of the Indescribable in all physical senses, is the best thing for us to do.  Naam Ki Kamai washes all of our sins and mental sicknesses and salvation is achieved.  Naam Ki Mahima lives in the Hirda of a Sant, or in other words, a Sant Hirda is the one where Naam lives forever.  Meaning, the Charans of Akal Purakh live in the Hirda of a Sant.  This means that a Sant Hirda becomes a pure and pious place.  A Puran Sachyara where God comes in and lives forever.

A Sant Hirda is Naam Ki Mahima.  A Sant Hirda carves in all of the divine qualities and by virtue of doing so becomes Naam Ki Mahima or Akal Purakh Ki Mahima.  This means that the Sants, Bhagats, Braham Gyanis and SatGurus are the Mahima of Naam and the Mahima of Akal Purakh in all practical and physical senses.  With the grace of these great souls and with the eternal blessings of these souls we can get GurParsaad which eradicates all of the dirt of our mind and erases all of the DurMat – bad wisdom, self-wisdom and worldly wisdom and replaces it with the divine wisdom. 

The  Sangat of a Sant is a sign of good fortune.  The people who get the Sangat of a Sant become eligible for doing Naam Ki Kamai.  GurParsaad of Naam can only be obtained from a Sant as the Sant is the custodian of all of the eternal treasures and only He can give GurParsaad of Naam to us and institute us in the Karam Khand where the real Bandgi starts as explained earlier.

Doing Naam Ki Kamai is the real service of a Sant, because this is the highest level of service to Akal Purakh.  Doing Naam Simran with GurParsaad, taking Naam into the Surat, mind and Rom Rom is the real service of a Sant and Akal Purakh. 

Naam is the most powerful thing.  It is GurParsaad which is the highest of the high and there is nothing like Naam.  The person who receives Naam, absorbs this GurParsaad, does Naam Ki Kamai and reaches Sach Khand is a rare Gurmukh soul.  This means that it is a rare soul that is able to become a Gurmukh, a Sant Hirda, a Braham Gyani.