Atal Awastha

Totally stable state.  The soul that can never be disturbed by anything that happens around him whatever it may be, because he goes into Puran Hukam and realizes in all practical senses that everything that happens is in the Hukam and only Hukam prevails.
The ones who achieve GurParsaad and focus on Naam Simran and Naam Ki Kamai achieve Puran Awastha (Supreme Status).  Param Padvi is the Puran Awastha (State of Perfection).  Puran Awastha is also called Atal Awastha (Unshakable State).  The ones who lose the GurParsaad do so because their trust is there only as long as it is not shaken by any doubts, illusions or delusions.  As soon as they allow their trust to be shaken, it means there is no trust and that is the reason for them falling back.  But, when we reach the Puran Awastha then our trust is Puran too and will never be shaken no matter what happens around us.  This trust allows us to cross all limits and become infinite.  Our infinite trust makes us a winner.  This trust is Bandgi.  Devotion is Bandgi and love is Bandgi.  As long as our trust, devotion and love for the Guru is there we are progressing in Bandgi, as soon as our trust is shaken, our devotion and love will also be shaken and blocks our progress in Bandgi.  So please be careful and never let our trust in our Guru be shaken.  Just keep on enhancing it until it reaches that level when we are blessed with Puran Tat Gyan.  Once we reach that level in our Bandgi then we can never fall back.  That is called Atal Awastha.  Our trust for our Guru is Atal, our devotion for Guru is Atal, our love for Guru is Atal.