Attitude to work, spirits and environment





14 Jun 10


Dassan Dass: SatNaam ji


Harjit: dandauth bandhna ji


Dassan Dass: sada sukhi raho ji.  How are you?


Harjit: good question!  Just battling around with our own thoughts ji.


Dassan Dass: what is going on?


Harjit: Looking for something more than this job and life we have.  To feel more useful and better at work.


Dassan Dass: what are you looking for?  Apply for those opportunities that are available.


Harjit: ideally we need to sort out our attitude to work and what we do at work. 


Dassan Dass: why do you have a bad attitude towards work – work is kirat (job) and kirat is pavittar (pure).   Just do it with full honesty.  Every moment should be dedicated to God, wether at work or home.


Harjit: with blessings we have everything, a good, well paid job, we have good colleauges and a local job, however we are not interested in the work we are doing, we do not feel it is deep and meaningful.


Dassan Dass: while at work just say SatNaam and do it, it will be dedicated to God.  Why is it not meaningful, it must be contributing to the development of the society?


Harjit: ok ji, we struggle with delaying the things we should be doing, because we have gotten into bad habits of having no work for such a long time.  We struggle with finding any interest in learning technical new skills – and have been unable to complete the courses we started learning at work.  We have no fear of not getting those skills, we have no motivation to get those new skills, we have done many exams and tests before, we are still in the same place. We have no motivation to get promoted or to network with people or to try and be the best or stand out, we are just having an easy life and have made it meaningful by doing the website seva over last few years.  But still we have only masked our real problem, that deep down we are not really a technical/engineering type perosn, we are just doing this job because it pays well and was a safe career choice.  We always got more satisfaction by dealing with people and still do, that’s why we do the seva etc, we lack that at work – human interaction, feeling what we did made a difference to someone at a personal level.  We are beginning to realise what we need to address.


Dassan Dass: The easy way out of your issue is to just dedicate everything to SatNaam at work too, with your uplifting spirituality people around you will also benefit.   We never  liked to be in engineering profession as well but when we realized the Hukam then everything became so easy.


Harjit: Ok ji, we will dedicate our work to SatNaam and not think about these things (we know it is maya thinking!) and just get on with doing our work here and now as God desires.


Dassan Dass:  That is the way to win.  Never fight with hukam just follow the hukam, fighting with hukam brings trouble, following the hukam smoothens out everything.   Maintaining the family life is a blessing too and supporting and serving them is also hukam, so kirat is needed for supporting the family, they are also a part of His creation, and deserve to be loved as much as you love God, consider everybody as sangat and pray for them – that will help you a lot.  That is why it is the easiest thing to achieve God by living in a family and supporting the family, infact it is all His infinite divine power that does everything – Karta Purakh,  so there is no my, me, mine and I, it is all Him.  So where is the question of satisfaction or non-satisfaction?   Losing individuality and identity is the way to win over maya.  Let the Infinite Divine Power take over completely

then there remains nothing else.  Complete nothingness.   When we think we are doing this or that, or “I am doing this or that,” then that hurts, because it is maya.  But, when the  infinite divine takes over and individuality and identity is lost then merger happens and merger brings a new perspective to whatever happens around you. 


Death of haumai is loosing individuality and identity.  That is where complete surrender comes in to the picture.  Surrender to the entire creation is the complete surrender.  Surrender to Guru Nanak is not complete unless you surrender to Mohammed,  Christ,  Budha and everyone else.  Surrrender to Baba ji is not complete until you surrender to N ji and someone ji as well, to the entire sangat, to the entire universe.  This is Puran Sat (Complete Truth).  Becoming the Charan Dhool (foot dust) of the entire creation means surrender to the entire creation, it means becoming Sagal Ki Reena (dust of all), “Braham Gyani Sagal Kee Reena. Atam Rus Braham Gyani Cheena.” (The Brahm Gyani is the dust of all.  The Brahm Gyani revels in divine soul-bliss.” – Sukhmani) Only then do you achieve the Atam Rus Amrit, complete merger with the Infinite Divine  Power and become one with the Infinite Divine Power.  Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita  Parmesar ji.  That is all Bandgi is about.  That is what SatNaam is all about.  It is so simple and easy.


Harjit: in humbleness is everything, when maya thinking comes in it means haumai (ego) is back.  And that is what happens to us, haumai keeps creeping back.  We go to sangat to erase haumai, it sits in us and gets worse.  With your blessings we feel much better already, thankyou ji.  We drank the Charan Amrit (foot wash) of the sangat on Fri as you advised, but inside we were not actually feeling humble.  We pray that you save us from becoming the “priestclass” of this path, of doing the same thing I was doing in my religious days, of reading and telling the stories and gurbani but rarely expereincing it myself.  Now am doing the same thing on this discipline.  


Dassan Dass: when you know the problem with the Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad then why don’t you stop doing it and do what you need to do?  Focus on SatNaam simran.  It is a blessing that your inner self is telling you what is wrong, so pray for the correction and the correction will happen.


Harjit: Yes, we know the problem too well and too many times, we dont like being like that or having those feelings. 


Dassan Dass: But one good thing is that you want others to benefit, but you need to increase your benefit level too.  Though self correction is the highest level of seva you can do at this time.


Harjit: thankyou ji,


Dassan Dass: your seva helps doing that, but doing more and more simran will do wonders to you, we will make sure that now you work on your ownself.


Dassan Dass: you will be in our prayers everyday from now on.


Harjit: may we always wash your feet with our tears, You love us more than we love you.  You care about us more than we care about ourself.   You are our spiritual father we can never thankyou enough.  May we see your feet in everyones feet, in Someone ji’s feet, in Baba ji’s feet in Namjeevan ji’s feet – everyone. May we stop looking up in ego and thinking out ourself “me, myself”.


Dassan Dass: we will be paying special attention to you from now onwards, your seva has prompted us to do that, you are as dear to us as God is.


Harjit: dandauth bandha ji, thankyou ji for everything.


Dassan Dass: ok we have to go now, will be talking to you more often, you are on our agenda now on, we want you to become our right hand too




5 Jul 10




Dassan Dass: SatNaam ji


Harjit: Dandauth Bandna Ji, Satnaam Ji


Dassan Dass: how are you feeling now?


Harjit: with your blessings we have been getting better everyday for the last week.  We  have realised how much we complain and dont accept Hukam in even the smallest things – someone has made us see this recently.


Harjit: We also realised that we have made our own bad habits at work (surfiing web, not focusing on work etc) and that also we need to see this as our test to defeat these  bad habits.


Dassan Dass: yes please continue to be in direct contact with someone and N ji, there are two sants so close to you so how can you get distracted.


Harjit: Yes ji, we feel so motivated and determined now, to take every chance to do our simran whenever we can.


Dassan Dass: God bless you with puran bandgi and seva


Harjit: thankyou ji, God bless you always and forever too.


Dassan Dass: thanks for your kindness ji


Harjit: you have shown us what kindness is.


Dassan Dass: it is your destiny nothing can change your destiny except SatNaam


Harjit: yes, we have to reap what we have sown, good and bad, no point in complaining anymore, we are thankful, we accept out pain, we accept bandagi is a process , we accept it takes as long as He wants it to take, we can only do gareebee ardas, keep praying and keep doing our SatNaam, seva , and parupkaar as best we can.


Harjit: we have been doing “haumai nahee tuhi tu” before starting simran as well, and washing everyones feet, we didn’t realise how much we had stopped seeing God in everyone until we did this again, we always feel you are with us holding our hands like the day you showed us at your house. so thankyou for teachingus – it makes us more nirvair. Also we are working on our fears, all is God even in snakes, creepy crawlies  – we are aware we have to go through these things again too. “Nirbhau SatNaam nirvair SatNaam.”


Dassan Dass: that is what you need to do kill your haumai, with the gurparsaad, loose your individuality give up everything to puran sat and you will be able to win this war against haumai.


Harjit: we received an email from Sharon ji, she was so thankful for your sukhmani teachings and also for emails she has been on the forum for a few months.  we felt alot of peace and amrit from her email, we are so blessed to have sangat of such kind souls. she said she reads the emails and feels the amrit pouring through and goes into continuous simran.


Dassan Dass: she has been blessed with the divine wisdom to accept the puran sat, she can see the puran sat being delivered, this is all puran sat that pierces through such souls and makes them dhan dhan.


Harjit: we normally try to avoid killing insects or spiders and so on, but yesterday we had to clen the garage and killed a lot of spiders and flies, we felt a bit guilty, so we pray that they are all blessed with your kindness, we know its all part of HIS play too.


Dassan Dass: yes they are all freed from their junie and blessed with the human life


Harjit: thankyou so much,


Dassan Dass: all the souls trapped in your area have been freed so now the environment is a lot more conducive for naam simran in your area


Harjit: People are often scared of telling the Truth because of what will happen.


Dassan Dass: nothing will happen


Harjit: it just makes us realise how brave Jesus was and Dhan Guru jis were to go and tell the truth face to face to the ones doing falsehood.  We see the same courage in someone jis lifestory that he will live only to glorify HIS name. it wakes us up as well.


Dassan Dass: so was the tenth master, his sons, his father and also guru nanak patshah who spoke truth in front of the kings of the time.  They delivered puran sat infront of the kings of the time and that is what prevailed 


Harjit: and they did it all for HIS love, and that is what the masses will never understand, but that is what is so beautiful. 


Dassan Dass: yes they served the puran sat to the masses.  They delivered puran sat to the masses and that is what has prevailed.





13 Jul 10



Dassan Dass: SatNaam ji


Harjit: SatNaam ji dandauth bandhna ji.  The Sants have been doing incredible seva praying for lost dead souls and increadible amountof Sants have joined in the seva.

Dassan Dass: Yes, 120,000 Sants, Bhagats, Gurus, Braham Gyanis and Avtars are with you (sangat) now.  So many souls have been freed. 

Harjit: we (sangat) are not worty of such kindess, we can never thankyou enough or Satnaam in all his guises, we really are so full of filth, but you keep us under your charan saran.

Dassan Dass: so things should get better and better on earth.  It is all gurparsaad and gurkirpa.


Dassan Dass: Yesterday we also had the Hukam to pray for calming down the storms happening on the sun.


Harjit: Yogi Bahajan said that a new Age of Aquarius would be coming into the world in 2011/2012, his followers have been waiting for 40 years.  Looks like huge shifts are happening, time is changing. We also read about the storms on the sun, Nasa was saying it would disrupt all telecommnications on Earth for months on end next year.  So your ardas is the ultimate kindness to benefit millions of people.


Dassan Dass: The Sants and the entire sangat will be praying for helping Sun devta (demi-god) to calm down.  This is our next assignment to get dargah’s help with 120,000 Sants, Bhagats, Satgurus, Braham Gyanis, Avtars with us and with gurkirpa and gurparsaad this should happen, next year is more critical as you said from this perspective.


Harjit: their seva and yours is absolutely incredible.  Years ago after baba ji’s sangat was attacked, Baba ji said to us that there is “other” seva to do now – seva beyond this world.  We didn’t really understand until now when the Sants and yourself have opened up our awareness to how huge this creation is, that your seva is throughout the 14 lok parlok (realms).


Dassan Dass: yes there is a lot more needs to be done then just formal satsangat, let us make the entire universe our satsangat.  The entire creation is our sangat.  Every living being is our sangat.  Every nonliving thing is our satsangat.  The entire universe is our satsangat.

Harjit: we sat with sangat into amritvela last week (2 sessions of 2 hours), it really helped us to get through alot of barriers in our mind, all of our tension went and our head was alert and clear.  That was the Amrit, the blessings.


Dassan Dass: we have to go now, will talk to you later

Harjit: thankyouji




19 Jul 10




Dassan Dass: SatNaam ji

Harjit: SatNaam ji, dandauth bandhna ji,

Dassan Dass: God bless you

Dassan Dass: how are you?

Harjit: we feel really wonderful, we have this shabad in our mind all the time, “man tunn antar har har mant. Nanak bhagtan kay ghar sada anand – my mind, body resound with God’s Name.  Nanak: within the Bhagat is divine bliss – anand.”   Thankyou so much ji.

Dassan Dass: yes that is a divine truth, your anand will never diminish now it will continue to grow to infinite.


Dassan Dass: there is nothing known as mind, mind has been replaced by jyot – param jyot puran parkash.


Harjit: everyone in sangat is alot more determinded now and committed too.


Dassan Dass: that is excellent, we need more weapons to fight the kood (false/darkness) on this Earth.

Dassan Dass: every sant is a weapon to fight against kood

Harjit: it has really expanaded our awareness reading and hearing about so much kindness of SatNaam ji to do all this cleaning up throughout all the realms.


Dassan Dass: yes please that is what we have been trying to do and it is happening now with the gurkirpa and gurparsaad


Harjit: we really realise even more now that within us is the realm of maya when we forget our naam simran, we now feel so determined to not let HER have any place whatsoeer inside the kindgom of this mond, body and soul.

Dassan Dass: maya will serve you one day soon.  Folks at Sedona, USA are also now in peace (following removal of evil spirits). 


Harjit: With your blessings may we not let you down this time, nor let SatNaam ji down, whatever every dukh or hardship we have to go through may we not fall under desires or unfulfilled wishes this time.


Dassan Dass: All is one – mansarovar, whatever we say, N says too, Someone ji says, too Baba ji says too, it is all one all over

Harjit: in sangat, some devotees started talking about having a social conscience i.e. thinking about how our actions are effecting the planet.  Eg buying clothes, chocolates and most things made in third world countries means they were made by slave labour at some point.  So we could buy fairtrade products.  Same with BP as they have done an oil spill we should not invest in them.  To tell the Truth ji when we hear this talk, it is all logical, but we switch off because every single action we take in this modern world is linked to some trouble or problem somewhere in the world.  We resolved to do whatever we can on our doorstep.  To just be just kind and good in our day to day life.  We wanted to ask yourself about how far we go in thinking about what we buy and eat and how we live and use energy?


Dassan Dass: yes, we agree with you , only focus on SatNaam simran.

Harjit: thankyou ji, we felt it was going off the Truth and into realms of what policticans and activists are flooding the media with, filling people with fear or guilt to get their own agendas/products/services funded.   There is nothing as great as keeping mind on SatNaam simran and gurbani.  The rest is hukam and just do the best we can on our own doorstep, like picking up litter in the park, like helping out at local school and so on, buying fairtrade if we can, using alternative energy sources if we can, but not to get bogged down by those issues.


Dassan Dass: agreed, we should not go off track – stay focused on SatNaam.  Will see you later, are busy now, God bless you all. 


Harjit: thankyou ji, dandauth bandhna ji.