Seva Is The Expression of Your Love

Conversation with Dassan Dass ji – 02 Jun 10.


Dassan Dass: Satnaam Jee.


Harjit: Dandauth Bandna dearest Dassan Dass ji.


Dassan Dass: God bless you.


Harjit: Thankyou for all your constant blessings, we dont do anything, your blessings are ferrying us across ji.


Dassan Dass: It is all GurKirpa and GurParsaad. The Sant doesn’t do anything, it just happens in His presence.


Harjit: All around the sant is the sacred space, the Sant’s Divine Aura, the Chattar.


Dassan Dass: Those who follow his words are blessed automatically. Devotion, love and trust are the infinite divine powers that operate the spiritual world.


Harjit: The opposite of devotion is selfishness, the opposite of love is fear (leading to hate), the opposite of trust is doubts. When we came to the Sants we were the opposite, although we didnt realise at that time, because that was all that we knew. You have been too kind to us ji, we can never thankyou enough.


Dassan Dass: The Sant doesn’t do good to anybody (i.e. doesn’t consciously make efforts to make good things happen for someone), but those who stay under his Chattar are blessed automatically. The Sant’s presence is enough.



Harjit: Please forgive us all our constant mistakes. Please keep our head under your feet,


“Sir oopar tanda gur soora,

Nanak ta ke karaj poora.

The Brave and Powerful Guru stands over his head.

O Nanak, his efforts are fulfilled. ||7||”



Dassan Dass: Follow the Sant’s words, stay under his Chattar. How was your washing the feet of SatSangat jeeo?

Harjit: With your blessings we washed the feet of SatSangat Jeeo last Friday and Namjeevan was even more humble as she diried them and kissed everyones feet as she did so.


Dassan Dass: That was excellent, you need to do the same – kissing the feet is wonderful just incredible seva.


Harjit: There is no limits to humbleness. Yes, we will with your blessings.


Dassan Dass: Yes, it is Infinite – humbleness and humility. Garibi ves hirda (humble heart) is Infinite Divine Power that can take you to the Dargah (God’s court).


Harjit: Someone ji also explained to us that doing Seva is the expression of our divine love. That divine love has to be their whilst doing the Seva. He asked us to become Nirvair (without hate) and for Harmeet too and for Namjeevan to do Katha of Nirvair on Friday.


Dassan Dass: Yes, that is great. Becoming Nirbhao and Nirvair is the key to Dargah. These are the Infinite Divine Powers.


Harjit: With your blessings we were fortunate to do Reiki and Satnaam Simran on Jaspal’s mum last Thu and Fri in sangat. We felt so much love and compassion, we felt our face melted in her feet. We felt Baba ji was their as a Golden Radiant Being wearing a crown. We didnt feel it was Jaspal’s mum any longer.


Dassan Dass: Yes please help her and others as well, this is excellent seva.


Harjit: Also we would like your blessings to do some voluntary work, it will only be an hour or so a week with elderly people who are dying from cancer at the local hospice. They have asked us to do chair yoga with them. We have ordered a course and am looking forward to it, because we will finish with meditation and reiki/simran. Also we have volunteered for British Red Cross who also do hand, arm and shoulder massage on people in hospitals to give them stress relief.


Dassan Dass: Go ahead do it. Tell them to meditate on Satnaam.


Harjit: Yes, with your blessings we felt we could join in with these existing groups and introduce Satnaam Simran to them. Rather than trying to start our own classes/group which we did before.


Dassan Dass: Excellent Seva. Do simran while helping them. Yes, this Seva is a lot better Seva. This will bring humility and devotion in you.


Harjit: Thankyou so much for your blessings. We had a dream 6-8 years ago, we were living in our nice town, then our daughter (2+ yrs old) run off chasing a young rabbit, the rabbit went under a huge fence, our daughter followed, when we followed the fence collpased and we saw a huge town full of poor and needy people, who we never realised even existed on our doorstep. We feel going into hosptials/hospice like this is making us see all the Dukh (suffernig) on our doorstep.


Dassan Dass: Your dream is coming true now. Ask more people from Sangat if they want to join you with this Seva.


Harjit: Thankyou ji, its all your blessings, otherwise we were too angry, egotistical and uncaring to do any Seva at all like this. We feel we have calmed down and become much more of a gentle soul now and we pray you keep us like this ji. We will ask Sangat ji as well, our sister Susan was keen as well.


Dassan Dass: Great, continue doing this Seva. This is the real Seva helping the people in pain and sorrow.


Harjit: Only with your blessings can the burning world be protected, please save us all however you can.


Jagat jalanda rakh leh, apaanee kirpa dhaar.

Jit duaray ubaray tithay lehu ubaar.

Satgur sukh vekhalia sacha shabad beechar.

Nanak avar na sujhee har bin bakhshanhar.


The world is going up in flames – shower it with Your Mercy, and save it!

Save it, and deliver it, by whatever method it takes.

The True Guru has shown the way to peace, contemplating the True Word of the Shabad.

Nanak knows no other than the Lord, the Forgiving Lord. ||1||



Dassan Dass: Yes the entire world is burning in the fire of pains and sufferings, Doots and Maya, Trishna and desires. We are talking to N jee as well, she along with Someone jee is cleansing up the entire town of trapped spirits. Their seva is Dhan Dhan, they are Dhan Dhan, we bow at their feet.


Harjit: We were going to suggest to N that we could record her on Friday Sangat when she does her Katha and upload on the website, as she doesnt really get time to write it up afterwards. She did some very helpful katha on sexual desire a few weeks ago which would have helped others on the internet too.


Dassan Dass: yes please that is an excellent idea.


Harjit: ok ji, thankyou. Thankyou for all your blessings, we felt alot of peace whilst sitting here at your Charan Saran. Dandauth bandhna ji, thankyou for remembering us. We have to go now. Bye.


Dassan Dass: Bye. God bless you jee.