50. Baba Nand Singh Ji and SatNaam

Many Sikhs respect and follow the teachings of the great Sikh Saint, Baba Nand Singh Ji and many Sikhs Sants nowadays use his stories in their preachings to justify that only Guru GRanth Sahib ji is the Guru.  However, they keep saying that just Guru Granth Sahib ji is the living SatGuru and ignore the fact that Baba Nand Singh ji himself had deep down devotion for Guru Granth Sahib ji (GURBANI GURU)  and went to Hazur Sahib to meditate deeply in his youth, where he blessed with a vision of Guru Gobind Singh ji (PAST GURU MERGED IN THE LIGHT) who told him that he needed to find a living Guru – Sant Harnam Singh ji (SATGURU/KHALSA), who would bless him.  After that he went and become a devotee of Baba Harnaam Singh ji and himself became transformed into Baba Nand singh with his Guru’s blessings.  Also the other illusion Sikhs are now in is that Waheguru is th Naam, but here Baba Nand Singh ji also explains that SAT – TRUTH, is the basis of all – that SAT is the NAAM.  


Four Doors to the Divine :


2.Sat Guru.

3.Sat Nam

4.Sat Purakh.

On this path of Truth falsehood can not tread. First door opens to a person practicing truthful living that leads one to the second door and he meets the Satguru. Then opens the third door and Satguru blesses the true aspirant – with Sat Nam (The Divine Name). Satguru then leads him through the fourth door to God (Sat Purakh).

Truth in its fourfold aspects dawns upon a true heart and reigns Supreme in his onward divine awakening and realization.

It is a fourfold upgradation.

Firstly, from animal nature to a human being by practicing truthful living.

Secondly, from a human being to a spiritual being.

Thirdly, from a spiritual being to Self-Realization.

Fourthly, from Self-Realization to God-Realization.
Unless the animal nature ceases and vanishes, one does not become fit for Nam Simran. Karma Philosophy is there to raise a human being to a level where he becomes fit for Nam. Good and pure Karmas purify the mind and make it fit for taking up the path of the Divine Name.

1. Karam Marg

2. Nam Marg

3. Bhagti Marg

4. Sehaj Marg

Pure actions (Karmas) lead us to the path of the Nam. True Nam Simran invokes the Grace and Blessing of Prema and Prema leads to ultimate immersion in Sehaj Avastha.