Become A Beggar

Becoming a beggar at the Sat Charans of a Sadhu is the key to achieving GurParsaad.  Sat Charans of a Sadhu are the source of Amrit.  That is why surrendering at the Sat Charans of a Sadhu cleanses our mind and Hirda and makes it eligible for retaining the Amrit.  Filling our mind and Hirda with utmost humility and humbleness and becoming a Bhikhari (beggar) at the Sat Charans of a Sadhu brings Amrit inside us.  Whenever we get a chance to do so, please kiss the feet of a Puran Sant.  Clean His Charans with our beard or hair.  Take the dust of His shoes and put it on our forehead.  Take a bath with the dust of His feet mixed in the water. 

It is a Divine Truth that the Sat Charans of a Sadhu have infinite Parkash and by dedicating our self at His Sat Charans brings Gareebi into our Hirda.  This humility and humbleness brings Amrit inside us even without doing anything else.  Humbleness and humility enhance our innocence and this innocence wins us the Amrit and our mind goes into instantaneous Naam Simran – Ajapa Jaap. 

Wherever there is a Puran Sant sitting, take it for granted that that place is no less than the Dargah and there is a continuous shower of Amrit available under His Chattar.  Our trust, devotion and love for a Sadhu brings us GurParsaad and fills our Hirda with Amrit and the divine qualities.