Traitor to the Guru.  After calling themselves a Sikh of the Guru, they walk away and may even become slanderers.   In our Sangat there were many people who were blessed in the Karam Khand and went up spiritually.  But, then these people became Beymukh (traitor) to the Guru and indulged in the slandering of the Guru.  They lost everything they had earned, because they could not stand the tests of Maya.  They failed badly and fell flat on their face.  Please always keep in mind to never think that we have earned everything and can handle it by ourself.  We should NEVER and we repeat NEVER become Beymukh to the Guru who gives us the GurParsaad.  This will put a lock on our spiritual progress.  Once we start doubting our Guru then we are finished.  There is no more spiritual progress.  We should always and forever follow the Guru’s advice and never go outside His advice or words.  If He tells us to serve others then we should start doing it right away.  We should continue to GIVE DASVANDH TO OUR GURU UNTIL HE TELLS US TO STOP DOING SO.