Baharli Rehat

Outside compliance (outer form and acts of religion that are condemned by the Gurus).

Braham Gyani

The highest spiritual status of a soul, Atmik Awastha, that a person can achieve.  The practice of Sat makes a soul merge in the Sat and the one who becomes one with Sat becomes a Braham Roop.  By doing so … Read More

Braham Gyan

Divine wisdom. 1) The Gyan comes from within our own soul, from various Sat Sarovars from within our own Suksham Dehi.  Some of the Sat Sarovars contains the super divine power of the Braham Gyan and when they are illuminated … Read More


Ship.  GurBani also calls SatGuru a Bohithaa which means SatGur is a ship which ferries us across this Bhavsagar to the Dargah.  When we are ferried across and are given a place in the Dargah then there remains no difference … Read More

Bismaad Janak

Full of surprise.  The extremely surprising secret of Divinity is discovered and enjoyed by only those who are blessed with the GurParsaad. 

Bishta Ka Kira

The insects that live in human waste.  This is the life form that a person proud of their looks will get reincarnated into.  However, it is also a phrase used by the enlightened souls to desribe themselves.  Their humbleness is … Read More


Consciousness.  When we get the GurParsaad and then do Naam Ki Kamai then our consciousness, Birti, keeps on going higher and higher and a time comes when we physically realize this super divine power within our own self and are … Read More