His language is love, His Bandgi is love, all His Infinite Divine Powers are sitting on the foundation of love.  Love is God and God is love.  Love is another name of this Infinite Divine Power, which is Sat Saroop.  … Read More

Loon Harami

Traitor – God has given us everything and we turn our backs to him – we have tasted his salt (loon) but deny Him. 


Greed.  Excessive Greed is called Labh.

Liv Lagee

The union of Shabad and Surat (divine word and consciousness).

Langar Di Seva

Seva by washing dishes, preparing food, cooking it, serving it, cleaning and other duties in the Guru’s Kitchen.

Lakh Charaasee Juni

Cycle of reincarnation in the 8.4 million life-forms.  Reincarnation takes place into life bearing creations and not stones.  Stone and other materials are part of the Earth.  However, trees and plants are life bearing creations so we can be reincarnated … Read More


Labh is the higher stage of greed.  The urge to become richer and richer doesn’t stop.  It continues to grow and never ends, which leads to making heaps of money by corrupt means.  This urge to do this is called … Read More