Roop (2)

A Sant’s hirda is the Roop of Sat.  Meaning the form that god takes in this world. 

Roop (1)

As part of Maya it means the beautiful form of others that causes attraction of mind and brings in the feeling of lust. 


Rom doesn’t mean hair, it means every cell of our body, every bit of our body.  

Rog Rehat

Disease free.  The Panj Doots and desires are the highest level of mental sicknesses.  Only a SatGur is Rog Rehat, meaning that only the SatGur doesn’t suffer from any such sickness at all,  “Jo Jo Disey So So Rogi.  Rog … Read More


Disease.  The cycle of death and birth is considered to be the biggest Rog (disease), the biggest sorrow and pain.  

Ridhi Sidhi

All supernatural powers.   People who practice Yoga and the Mantras and rituals described in the Hindu religious books achieve some supernatural powers.  These are called Ridhis and Sidhis in GurBani.  These supernatural powers come at a very early stage of … Read More


The person who posesses Ridhi powers.


Inner Compliance To God’s Word and not the outer compliance to man-made rules and regulations as set by relgious organisations. 


Jewel – each Shabad is considered to be a jewel encased in diamonds, "Gur ka shabad rattan ha, heera jit jarao."  Anand Sahib.