3. Satnaam and Waheguru

There are several traditional interpretations of the words ‘Satnaam’ and ‘Waheguru’ amongst common beings. The true meaning and the very significance of these words is widely missing. The purpose of this write-up is to bring forward the true meanings and … Read More

4. Naam and GurMantr

(Author: This humble sevak of the Sangat has gone through a wonderful series of events  – BISMAD JANAK ALOKIK NAZARE, during the deep meditation – SMADHI AND SUN SMADHI, with the AGAMI, ANANT, APAAR AND BEANT KIRPA OF THE SATGUR … Read More

5. Naam and Gurbani

There is a lot of confusion and doubts – Dubidha that are prevailing in the Sangat concerning the Naam and Bani.   The Gurbani has  originated from the Gurparsadi Naam – Satnaam – Aapee Ney Aap Sajyeo  Aapee Ney Rachey … Read More