Chanpreet – Blessed vision

Pitaji small experience i had while zoom satsangat was going on

While kirtan was going on i saw parkash everywhere in the room and then I saw a small girl coming towards me while i was doing simarn that girl i did not know who was she . She said come with me please i said who are you she said please come then i went with her she took me by stairs and it was so many stairs we went as we were about to reach the last stairs that girl became a huge big girl and first gate opened it was white gate then golden gate the girl said come in i went in that gate it was so beautiful that there i saw some good souls and bad souls the girl who took me along with her was (kiran ji) i was so happpy that she took me along with her the whole place was in golden colour and kiranji was also wearing golden dress .

Kotton kot shukrana pitaji for everything aap ji given aap ji showing us we are not capable of anything hum neecha k neech maha loonharami bishta k jant ha. Pitaji baksh deo ji sanu assi amritvela nahi kar pa rahe due to health please bless us to do as we are improving. 🙏🙏🙏
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