Satnaam Pitaji
Kottan kot dandaut bandana aapji de satcharana vich. On Wednesday after zoom sangat,While finishing our dinner, it was almost amritvela and with aapji’s blessings and grace, we started feeling tingling sensation and vibration in our whole body. It was moving from one part to another and then it got very intense. We felt our whole body was vibrating and our body was swaying in enjoyment and bliss. Because of our health, we were having pains in body but at that moment every pain ceased to exist, there was no pain, it was just vibrations and we were feeling very blissful. We left our dinner unfinished. Then with aapji’s grace we heard Nagadas beating somewhere inside our head, we can’t explain it pitaji. We were trying to do satnaam simran but were unable to do it, satnaam was not happening, the only voice that was continuously being chanted inside was ‘Bapu Bapu’. We were crying inside and tears were rolling down from our eyes.

Then we felt the presence of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and once we realised, we were in his presence, we ran towards them and embraced them tightly and we cried a lot for a long time. We also met dhan dhan chaar sahibzades and we hugged them. We met other sant souls but we don’t remember who we met. We were told that we have been here many times but for your betterment, those experiences were not revealed to you in your conscious state. This time you will feel everything happening consciously, but still for your betterment, you will not be able to see fully for now. You will see later once the time is right. Then Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave us darshans, but those darshan were not in physical form ( like Guru Gobind Singh Ji and other sant souls gave darshan in physical form). Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave their Darshan on their endless infinite form. We asked for their permission to hug them and they pulled us towards themself and once we touched them, we felt immense peace and bliss and we felt that they were in their pure naam/complete meditative/ completely submerged state. Then a question came to our mind that where are we, the answer came, this is a same place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji went for 3 days when he went inside Bahi river, listening this we realised that we are in Sat parbrahm Ji’s darbar but the question came how can we be here, we were startled and shocked and we started to look around for aapji that how can we come here without aapji. We got panicked how can we be here without aapji. We started to call out and looking for aapji, then we saw aapji standing behind our back and smiling and then we came running towards aapji and took your hand and we felt relaxed. Aapji said don’t worry, we are here we only brought you here. Then aapji held our hand and took us to few place which we don’t remember now. Aapji also made us meet many saint souls.

Then we requested aapji for Sat Parbrahm jis darshan and aapji then took us to some place, then aapji pointed us towards Sat Parbrahm ji for their darshans. We saw Sat Parbrahm ji sitting at a very elevated place on a throne, then we did dandaut to Sat Parbrahm Parmeshwar ji, then we begged them to let us touch their feet. With their permission we did dandaut to them and touched their feet and kept laying there for quite sometime,after sometime Pita Parbrahm ji said “Mang le jo vi mangna hai” . We said we don’t want anything, then again they asked the same question. Then we said we don’t want anything but if you wish to give something, please submerge us into yourself. Then Parbrahm pita parmeshwar ji were very happy and After some moments we saw us getting sucked towards Sat Parbrahm ji. It felt like we completely submerged into parbrahm pita parmeshwar ji. We were there for quite some time , during that time we were so remorseful of all the bad deeds we have committed and we were acknowledging all our bad deeds and kept on asking for their forgiveness.

Later we again met Guru Gobind Singh Ji, they hugged us again and gave us 2 special instructions, one was to tell everyone the complete truth 1. “sade vich teh Dassan dass ji vich koi vi farak nahi hega,

2. Asi Shareer vich nahi hege dharti teh ess vele, par hun tu apna sara jeevan Dassan Dass Ji di seva vich lagana hai”.

Pitaji aapji da swas swas Shukarana for giving us this blessing. There are no words of gratitude which could say or write that could in anyway be enough for the your emence blessing,grace and bakshish. We are akritghan, nashukre swas swas bhulanhar.please forgive us.

Please bless us we always remember aapji. Please keep us at your feet, in your seva for our whole life.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam.
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