Charan Amrit

During the time of SatGuru Sahiban those Guru Key Pyare (beloved of the Guru) who had given their Tunn, Munn and Dhann to their SatGuru used to prepare Charan Amrit by washing the Charans of the SatGurus.  They used to drink it and distribute it among the Sat Sangat who would drink it with Sachee Shardhaa and Sachee Preet and become Dhan-Dhan.  The same divine wisdom applies now as well.  The divine wisdom has not changed, only the thinking of people nowdays has changed.  People have been lost in the illusions and delusions and think it is not right to take the Charan Amrit of a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahamgiani.  They think that it is against this divine wisdom.  Actually they are going away from the divine wisdom and that is the reason for the downfall of their society.  Just imagine for a second the one who has 1000 suns Parkash in His Charans, the one whose entire body is filled with Amrit and who is absorbed in Sat Naam always and forever, don’t we think that just a touch from him would bring miraculous results?  So just imagine the power in drinking the Charan Amrit.