Record of our deeds upon which our next life is determined by Dharam Raj.

Chautha Pad

The one who lives under the influence of the three aspects of Maya remains under its influence.  Whereas the ones who are fortunate and are blessed with the GurParsaad and go through the Puran Bandgi process go beyond Maya.  This … Read More

Chaudha Lok Parlok

The entire spiritual world.  This phrase basically, covers everything related to spirituality, which takes a soul to the heights of the spiritual world – Param Padvi.  The 7 LOK (body worlds) are the Sat Sarovars of spiritual energy within our … Read More


The aura of a Sant.  The flow of Amrit from the body to the surroundings forms our aura.  It is difficult to gauge the dimensions of this aura.  This is the reason whenever there is a Sant sitting in the … Read More


Holy Feet of God-Guru.  How do we learn utmost humbleness?  By focusing on the Charans, holy feet.  Whose Charans?  • The Shri Charans of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji,• the Charans of the SatGur,• the Charans of a Puran … Read More