Charan Kamal

Lotus Feet of the Guru.  Dandauth Bandhna to the SatGur is another thing which can bring unimaginable rewards to us.  This is the most powerful weapon to move ego out of our hirda and bring in utmost humility and humbleness.  Therefore, whenever we go to the Sat Sangat of a SatGur always do Dandauth Bandhna to him.  There are countless numbers of Bhagats that do Dandauth Bandhna to a SatGur.  Doing Dandauth Bandhna and kissing the feet of the SatGur has a very cleansing effect on our Hirda.  If we ever get a chance to do so, then please do it and see what happens.  Clean his shoes with our beard and see what happens to our Hirda.  These things have unimaginable effect on our spirituality.  We can realize these divine rewards only if we perform these kinds of Sat Karams.  These Sat Karams will help us to bring the Sat Charans of the SatGur into our Hirda.  Then we will be able to keep the Charan Kamals of the SatGur in our Hirda.  When our Hirda gets filled with the Charan Kamals of the SatGur that means that our Hirda will become a Sat Hirda, it will get filled with the Param Jyot Puran Parkash.  The Mahima of the Charans of a SatGur is beyond description, it will do wonders to us just do it and enjoy these divine benefits.  All of these divine things happen with the GurParsaad from the SatGur so please continue to pray forever to be blessed with this GurParsaad.