Holy Feet of God-Guru.  How do we learn utmost humbleness?  By focusing on the Charans, holy feet.  Whose Charans? 

• The Shri Charans of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji,
• the Charans of the SatGur,
• the Charans of a Puran Sant, 
• the Charans of a Puran Brahamgiani, and
• above all of the Charans of the entire creation.

We focus on the Charans of the entire creation as Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji is omnipresent and is therefore present in every creation of His.  Or in other words, every creation of His operates with His divine super infinite powers. The one who has become Sat Saroop – which is a Puran Sant, a SatGur, a Puran Brahamgiani, or a Puran Khalsa, His Charans also become Sat.  Therefore, the ones who just go and surrender completely at the Charans of such an entity, eventually become Sat Saroop themselves. 

Many people are under the illusion that the Guru Sahibans said not to bow infont of anyone and only bow to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.   It is right to say that the Gurus never wanted us to bow to criminals and bad elements, and that is an Eternal Truth.  However, there is a difference in bowing in full humility to the entire creation and bowing to a specific criminal or bad element, or bowing to an untrue situation.  Bowing here means bowing to the Sat, bowing to the eternally truthful elements.  Meaning bowing to gain humbleness and humility and not bowing as a sign of giving in to bad and criminal elements. 

Many people refuse to bow to a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani, a SatGur, a Bhagat, a Gurmukh, a Junn, a Gursikh, which is not right.  Bowing to such entities is a GurParsaad, whereas bowing to bad and criminal elements is cowardly and caused by fear of them.  Please remove this illusion from and work towards earning this excellent divine quality of filling our Hirda with the utmost humbleness and humility, which is the key to the Dargah. 

Therefore, by surrendering completely at the Charans of the one who has become Sat by Himself, we will become Sat too.  Make it an integral part of our Bandgi to just look at the Charans of the ones who are Sat, and live at the Charans of those who are Sat.  Whenever we meet such people who are Sat Saroop, do Dandauth Bandhna to them.  By doing so we will earn the Punn Karam of the highest order according to the Shabad, “Kar sadhu anjuli punn wadda hai.  Kar dandaut punn wadda hai.”  So by doing so all of our sins are washed away in the fraction of a second, our Hirda fills up with the Amrit, and our inside is cleansed tremendously, just do so and reap the rewards.