Chautha Pad

The one who lives under the influence of the three aspects of Maya remains under its influence.  Whereas the ones who are fortunate and are blessed with the GurParsaad and go through the Puran Bandgi process go beyond Maya.  This stage of going beyond Maya’s three aspects is called the Chauthaa Pad.  When we defeat Maya then we go into the Chauthaa Pad, where we are blessed with Jivan Mukti – Param Padvi.  The bottom line is that Naam takes us from Maya to Chauthaa Pad, which is Jivan Mukti.  Therefore, Naam has Infinite Divine Power.  The ones who are blessed with Naam should not take it lightly.  This is a divine gift, the GurParsaad of infinite value and will take us to the Chauthaa Pad.  For those who have not been blessed with Naam start to focus on Sat Naam Simran and doing Sat Karams and they will for sure one day blessed with the GurParsaad.