As long as we are in (“Dubidha”) doubts and religious illusions we can’t make much progress on the spiritual path.  So at the end of the day please make a self judgment and find out if you are doing whatever  Guru’s divine word wisdom (“Gurbani”) tells you to do or you are just following the traditions that are prevalent in the society, are you really working according to  Guru’s divine word wisdom (“Gurbani”) and trying to follow the Guru’s divine word wisdom (“Gurbani”), by doing so you will for sure find an answer to the reasons why is your spiritual progress not happening and then you will be able to take corrective actions. Self-evaluation is very important and should be a continuous feature of your daily spiritual chores. Once you are relieved of these delusions & illusions of religion (“Dharam Key Bharams”) your spiritual progress will reach its heights.
Read the following words of  Great,dear,near,always loving ,always blessing graceful Guru “Arjan Dev”- King of kings (Guru “Arjun Dev Ji”) to really understand the benefits of killing your doubts and confusion (“dubidha”).  When  dear ,beloved Guru  says “One who kills this..” he is referring to killing of (“dubidha”) duality – doubts and double mindedness and religious illusions.
(“Gauree, Fifth Mehl:”)

One who kills this is a spiritual hero.(“jo eis maarae soee soora”)

One who kills this is perfect.(“ jo eis maarae soee pooraa”)

One who kills this obtains glorious greatness.(“ jo eis maarae thisehi vaddiaaee”)

One who kills this is freed of suffering. (“jo eis maarae this kaa dhukh jaaee”)
How rare is such a person, who kills and casts off duality.(“ aisaa koe jo dhubidhhaa maar gavaavai”)

Killing it, he attains Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. ||1||Pause|(“eisehi maar raaj jog kamaavai”) ||1||rahau”)

One who kills this has no fear.(“ jo eis maarae this ko bho naahi”)

One who kills this is absorbed in the Naam.(“ jo eis maarae so naam samaahi”)

One who kills this has his desires quenched.(“ jo eis maarae this kee thrisanaa bujhai”)

One who kills this is approved in the Court of the Lord.(“ jo eis maarae s dharageh sijhai “) ||2||

One who kills this is wealthy and prosperous.(“ jo eis maarae so dhhanavanthaa”)

One who kills this is honorable.(“ jo eis maarae so pathivanthaa”)

One who kills this is truly a celibate.(“ jo eis maarae soee jathee”)

One who kills this attains salvation.(“ jo eis maarae this hovai gathee “) ||3||

One who kills this – his coming is auspicious.(“ jo eis maarae this kaa aaeiaa ganee”)

One who kills this is steady and wealthy.(“ jo eis maarae so nihachal dhhanee”)

One who kills this is very fortunate.(“ jo eis maarae so vaddabhaagaa”)

One who kills this remains awake and aware, night and day.(“ jo eis maarae so anadhin jaagaa “) ||4||

One who kills this is Jivan Mukta, liberated while yet alive.(“ jo eis maarae s jeevan mukathaa”)

One who kills this lives a pure lifestyle.(“ jo eis maarae this kee niramal jugathaa”)

One who kills this is spiritually wise(“jo eis maarae soee sugiaanee”).

One who kills this meditates intuitively. (“jo eis maarae s sehaj dhhiaanee “)||5||

Without killing this, one is not acceptable, even though one may perform millions of rituals, chants and austerities.(“ eis maaree bin thhaae n parai || kott karam jaap thap karai”)

Without killing this, one does not escape the cycle of reincarnation.(“ eis maaree bin janam n mittai”)

Without killing this, one does not escape death.(“ eis maaree bin jam thae nehee shhuttai “) ||6||

Without killing this, one does not obtain spiritual wisdom.(“ eis maaree bin giaan n hoee”)

Without killing this, one’s impurity is not washed off.(“ eis maaree bin jooth n dhhoee”)

Without killing this, everything is filthy.(“ eis maaree bin sabh kishh mailaa”)

Without killing this, everything is a losing game.(“ eis maaree bin sabh kishh joulaa “) ||7||

When the Lord, the Treasure of Mercy, bestows His Mercy,(“ jaa ko bheae kirapaal kirapaa nidhh”)

one obtains release, and attains total perfection.(“ this bhee khalaasee hoee sagal sidhh”)

One whose duality has been killed by the Guru,(“ gur dhubidhhaa jaa kee hai maaree”)

says Nanak, contemplates God (“kahu naanak so breham beechaaree”). ||8||5||
SGGS 237