Confused about spiritual experience

Q: I hope you and your sangat are well.


A: All is well, all is beautiful, all is in harmony, all is justified, all is truth.


Q: I have a question about Simran that is very close to my heart. I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and breath awareness meditation, fairly regularly for over seven years. I have no merit, but God has blessed me to answer my prayer. I was practicing silent meditation when one day, after meditation, I spontaneously left my body. I asked for protection, and immediately I began to hear "God Light Angels" repeat over and over in the ethers.


A: Sabh Kuch Tera Kuch Nahin Mera- everything is yours nothing is mine


You earned the Gurparsaad to receive this experience, these blessings derive through the Hirda (True Heart) from the Nothingness of Truth.


Q: A few days later I was meditating on "Wahe Guru," repeating it in my mind, when above my normal consciousness I again began to hear "God Light Angels" repeat alongside the Simran. I do not know what to do. This experience has confused me. Should I practice Simran on "God Light Angels," or on "Sat Naam" or on "Sat Naam Wahe Guru"? Or is any name of God sufficient?


A: Waheguru, Bhagwan, Allah, Kudaah are just a few names, it is not about chasing a name, it is about chasing the Truth behind the name. That is the focus of Bhagti, that should remain the only focus in Bhagti- to discover truth, to serve truth, to glorify truth for truths sake and never our own.   In the height of Truth, the ever evolving Bhagats, took the Gurparsaad as they deserved it, he took his Bhagat Nanak to Dargah (His Court). There he gifted him to continue the Jaap taking the name Satnaam – truth is his name.


The discovery is beyond name.


The God is of no form, the God derived from nothingness, from realizing self as an entity, the discovery became of self, 36 ages into the Bhagti (100’s of million of years), his journey of self discovery grew beyond any measure (infinite), he realized self as Truth.   We are living this journey, only we have to face his creation of Maya (illusions/distractions), by doing so, he cuts the timeline to discover truth, mere years vs 100’s of millions.


Q: I am so confused as I feel that God’s Spirit has given me darshan, but I do not want to deceive myself and so I ask you.


A: Trust your intuiton Ji, the intuition is the voice of the Hirda, surrender to it. Yes you experienced God, you experience him everyday, he is all that you see and all that you don’t, he lives in every action, he is every action (positive and negative), he is the devil literally, he is the saint literally, he is the friend, he is the foe. He derives himself (truth) through events of life, and through the faces of life, as mentioned in the previous sentence.


Q: I can give more information if I have not given enough, but hope and pray that someone with more insight, experience, and wisdom can see more penetratingly into my situation. Also, should I wait for darshan from a person, or just practice Simran and trust that God will protect me and lead me where I need to be?


A: All is happening at the process of the deserved moment (for we reap what we sow). Have no stance (that is ego),  just accept that all is happening to according to Truth. In realization of Truth there is no waiting, no sense of patience, it is all about acceptance, when you choose all will derive, be it now or a billion years (this isn’t just a statement, this is love of the True Heart, it is infinite)- Joh tera Hukam.


The Hukam is Perfect, it derives our Karam which is derived by our Karni.


Q: I do not want to be an egotist, but there are so few experienced practitioners to seek guidance from, and I do not want to lose the way, but also feel I must trust God and practice to the best of my meager ability.


A: We earn as we deserve, continue to serve through Naam Simran, Naam Ki Seva & Bandgi, and all will happen as it is due.


Q: Yogi Bhajan told us that he does not initiate anyone, but that we must initiate ourselves through our honest and thorough application of the teachings, and that it is the applied teachings which will transform us. Is this right, or is this a self-deception?


A: Yogi Bhajan Ji speaks truth, apply the teachings – this is the earning, this is the seva, this is the Bandgi.


You must surrender, learn to trust your true heart (hirda), this is the God within you, this is the truth you have come to discover, we are not going outwards, the discovery is within, deeper and deeper, realm within a realm, it doesn’t stop.


Q: Am I protected and guided by a master and simply not aware of it?


A: Surrender to the Masters and you will have their blessings.


Q: We are laughing, so many questions, let go of your worldly wisdom for it is worthless in Bhagti.  Hukam is Truth and your Karam is Truth.  Everything is happening with such mathematical precision that when you do take sight of it (Nirvair), you won’t have anything to say, but only bow in the presence of this wondrous khel, for it is beautiful.


A: No Logic need be applied.


Q: How can I focus on one name of God when it seems that many will do?


A: If you make the effort, we are sure you capable of doing it.


Ik Onkaar Satnaam


Q: Please forgive the rambling nature of my question. I hope this finds you in peace.


A: To realize him through Nirvair (Ik Drisht- one sight), One can only be in peace.


You are a Beautiful Soul, we are happy to serve as you evolve, so feel free to contact us as you wish.


Read through the website of, apply the Gyan to your life, make it your life. Live the Bandgi (glorify him in your actions, live truth, speak truth, see truth, earn truth, serve truth, die truth).


God Bless you to realize him.