Wanting God

Q: We just want to fall in love with Satnaam Satguru always and forever and get through these final furlongs.


A:  This is the very problem, what want should there be? – None whatsoever.


We experience Love, through realizing Truth to its reality, and not the reality we endeavor the ideal to be.


Realize Him , we are telling you the answers, realize him in everything, why else do we speak of Nirvair so much, it is the most crucial part of Bhagti, if we cannot even see him, in this Maya Khel, then what chance do we have to recognize him. – Simple Truth.


Recognize Him and you will Realize Him.


If you can see him in all, if you can witness him in all, then your duty as a lover of God can only mean you can Love his Creation in every form be it the Sinner or Saint, the Peaceful or the Viscous regardless all are emanating Truth of Him.

We earn his love, we earn it, there is no other way, this isn’t a competition, this isn’t a race, we are evolving to what we deserve, there isn’t any more Truth to this, it is what it is.


You Truly seek to fall in Love with Truth, then go chase it, through Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and the most the Beautiful Bandgi (Live Him in every action, how else do we become Him/Truth).


Read this a thousand times, practice these words infinitely, the key to him is in the experience of these words.


Reap the experience, you are more than capable.