2012-05 Dassan Dass Ji sangat in USA with Om Ji and others – talk

 Satnaam ji

with guru’s kirpa we have translated the talk that Aman penji recorded in the sangat in USA.
Video is here.


Dassan Dass:  Naam is not just a name, a noun.  It also has the Infinite Divine Power (SatNaam) contained within it.
It has the full power to activate/manifest the Infinite Divine Power dormant within you as well.
For example, if we say Nirbhau, it doesnt just mean Fearless, it also has the power to make you Fearless – Nirbhau.
And what is fear?  Fear of losing your job, family and so on.   So fear is of losing attachment, 
and fearless is to detach.   So the word Nirbhau also has the full power to make you completely fearless.
At Dr Swaraj’s clinic an employee Grant’s wife was in a coma and he didn’t know what to do. He asked us and we said, “its
time to pull the plug.”  He said he went to the hospital, his eyes closed, he had lit the candles around her bed,
and he saw Jesus Christ sitting infront of him.  He took it as Jesus’s order to pull the plug and he said to the Doctors to let her go.
Another lady Helen at the Dr’s shop, we held her hand and told her to do simran.  She did and told us that
Jesus also came to her.  And to Dr Swaraj , Mohammed came and blessed her, she asked, “why?” and we said, “you must had that desire from a previous life.”
Arvinderjeet Singh Ji : We will take you to our house to our family, our aunty wanted to get the dus tof the feet in her house and to purify the place.
[Some time later in next sangat:]
DD:  we did simran (at Aunty’s house) the whole place has become pure.  Yesterday we were stood in the park we said to Om ji to focus on the trees and nature, tell us what happened.
Om: Baba ji showed us that everything looks as one, no trees, just all light. Light upon light. – Nirgun Saroop.
DD: Mansarovar (God’s body of Light) is all pervading, where is a place where there is no Amrit?   
A: yes all places , “ghat ghat har jio vasaay” – God resides in each and every heart.
DD:  Nothingnesss- that is where everything comes from.  In Gurbani it is called Sunn Klaa – everything comes from this nothingness (sunn), that is why it the greatest power  (klaa).
This body is part of the sargun (god in Creation) and within this you have vision of nirgun – this body s full of light.
The first time we left our body it was 5 am, we used to get up at midnight and sit till 6am do simran.
We lay down on the bed and our daughter’s room was next door, just us were at home.  Our body jerked
and two or thee sants came and took us (astral body) and we noticed it was 5 am, when we came back we noticed it was 5.35.  
(Before we left that first time we were concerned) that she may come into our room, she will touch our body and we willnot react as we are not there, she will get scared.  We were aware of this, but she didn’t come.   We used to astral travel everyday, lots of times. Once we were doing simran we left the body, that is hukam.  But twice we tried ourself and we went out, and we know what we did and came back.  But its not a good thnig to do so after that we didn’t do it out of our want. But if it is happens as He wants, its ok , its his Hukam.
A:  need to stay in balance.
Om: need to let things happen, stay lowest, just do simran.   We dont know what is going to happen, but He is doing it all and its ok.
We also heard celestail music and have left body.  When we start doing simran body is full of filth, so naam is cleaning us up.  But, no matter what filth comes up we just carry on doing simran.  After that hands raise by themself, that is asan.  We went through lots of that.  But now just one or two left.  Hand comes to heart, means that God is in my heart.   This all happens by itself. 
DD: this is Kharam khand, realm of grace, all these things we are taking is realm of kharam khand – wondrous story – vismad katha.
A; yes you have to go through all the first four khands.
DD: Om ji went straight to the fourth khand, same with Aman (when Dassan Dass ji blessed them with Gurparsaadi Naam).
OM; its all Gurus blessings- eternal blessings. If we say “I did simran” then simran stops – its finished.
Then you are in sehaj state, then the internal divine wisdom comes (akash bani), God comes, pure light comes,
and from that the divine wisdom comes.
DD:  Inside ourself we saw the whole universe, we saw the sun and moon on our palms, and inside ourself we saw the whole universe revolving.
A: Yes, what is outside is also inside.
Om: this is Gurprasaad.
DD:  everyting is by gurprasaad – ego goes only by gurprasaad. Thats why in gurbani at the begining  of every Bani is written “Ik Oankaar Satnaam ..gurprasaad.”  Because this is only by gurparsaad.  where do you get it?  Only the one who has it can give it.  Sant has the key, only he can give it.   
Om:  its all guru’s kirpa, baba ji’s kirpa.  only he gets our bhagti done by us.
A: this is the esence of Japji – that naam  is everything.
DD:  whole of japji’s essence is “Ik Onkaar Sat Naam”, the whole of gurbani has come from “SAT” – TRUTH.
Satpurakh jis jaaniyaa satguru tis ka nao,  
– the one who knows the Truth Being is known as the Truth Guru. 
So satguru jis ridha har nao
– The one in whose heart Truth has come into, is the SAt GURU.
Because in them , in their hirdha is manifested divine light.  That is why this explanation can be done, you may never have heard katha like this.
Mata: no we have never heard this before.
DD:  wherever the reference to ONE (EK) comes in gurbani it means God.  Guru is All-pervading, but look what an illusion
people are in thinking their Guru is limited to 1430 pages and locked inside a Gurdwara.  Ink and paper is not
the Guru, the Shabad is the Guru.  That Shabad is All-pervading (vaho vaho bani nirankaar ha – wondorus bani is formless). If you understand that All-Pervading Shabad is the Guru and that is what you are bowing to, then your bowing is accepted by the All-Pervading God.  Otherwise if you are bowing
just to Guru Granth Sahib (Guru Scriptures – ink and paper you see infront of you) then it is not accepted.
The shabad you have read or listened to from gurbani, they can take you into the Mansarovar.  We have explained what is Mansarovar and you experienced it yesterday too didn’t you?   You went into the Light in the park, saw light from within the tress – that means you have
darshan of nirgun. 
A: when you innner doors open only then you can see.
Om:  And then you also hear that God speaks on every tongue (har rasna meh bolay raam)..
A: as you clean your mind, it becomes pure and you can see.
DD:  your entanglements , your karmic layers, wll never break without Gurparsaad.  Naam will shatter these
karmic layers.  You go into samadhi and they shatter, lifetimes of karmic layers shatter. No other technique
will work, no matter how much you do it.
Om: my father in law is an Amritdhari Sikh since 1968, has been reciting Sukhmani all his life, and he thinks I (Hindu background) 
didn’t follow Guru Granth Sahib. He thinks I dont do paath. He doesn’t know  that Guru Granth Sahib is my life and I do what the Paath says (paath Karna, rather than just Paath parnaa – reading it ritually)..  He thinks where the Guru Granth Sahib is where the Guru is, and where it is not then the Guru is not there.  He doesn’t understand that the all-Pervading Formless Gurbani is God, that every Shabad is God.
D: his name is Bachan singh, we told him do simran, he did and he reached the doors of Dargah.
Om: he started doing simran and within 2 weeks he reached Dargah, a Sant came to him, he went on a horse with him,
and behind was a child.  Bikham nadi (Poison River) was shown to him, full of blood, bad people, and rivers of blood of their sins.
Showed him this is the way most people have to go, long hard way, pay for their sins in Bikham Nadi.  But, we are showing your the shortcut, the fastest way. 
DD & Om:  Satnaam way!!
DD:  They reached the doors of Dargah and there is a guard otusde checking and says to father-in-law you cannot come in yet.
And he feels scared. Sant goes inside sorts out something, comes out and says, “you can come”.  Inside he sees a huge room
full of bright light.  God Himself – Akal Purakh.  Then the Sant came and just said do “satnaam satnaam satnaam,” to show him what to do.
But he didn’t and he came back to his normal. After that he stayed really quiet,.
DD: he must have been shocked, if he had done satnaam he would have gone into Oneness.
A; his moh – attachment- pulled him back.
Om: also in his simran he had vision of ten gurus and of their sangat, and of the Bhagats Kabir ji, Fareed ji,
Sadhnaa ji all reciting Satnaam.  The Sant said to him, “come with us,” but he said, “no Guru Granth Sahib is right here.” Sant said to him  
“you have read Guru Granth Sahib now come this way (i.e put into practise what you ahve read and follow the sants).”  but he didnt.
DD: this is the illusion that he is stuck in. 
Om:  when the Guru Granth Sahib is saying that the sant is going to help you and the Shabad is All-pervading, that the shabad is God.  Then how can you limit Guru to a room?
DD:  the celestial music (anhad bani) is the shabd that is heard everywhere within. Shall we tell you another illusion, when they say “I have done prakash (given enlightenment” of Guru Granth Sahib (opening ceremony in the morning),  do you really have the power to do that?  What a big sin to say such a thing.  The on who understands the true divine wisdom,  first of all he kicks away his own religion because he sees its all man-made illusions.
A:  Yogis played hide and seek with Guru nanak, they said we will hide you find us and we will believe you are a Guru.  They hid in the oceans, in the sky, in the mountains.  Guru Nanak pulled them all out.  They said now you hide we will find. He disappeared, they couldnt find him, they prayed for him to come back and he did.  They said were where you, he said 5 elements merged back into the five. you did the prayer and the five elemnts came back together. They surrendered at his feet.
DD:  Guru Nanak was beyond the five elements. The five elements had to obey him.  He did so much kirpa on the sidhs, 
for thousands of years they sat and meditated, and he freed them.  He himself went to them to free them. He went to Sri Lanka to free Raja Shvnabh.  Guru Nanak didnt just go as far as Baghdad, he went everyhwere there was land (i.e. as far as he could physically go).
A: to leave you body is v. difficult
DD: to leave the body is the power of one of the sarovars (chakras), in one is the power of braham gian, each sarovar has a power infused in it.  There are seven sarovars in the astral body, but you cant see it with these physical eyes inside the physical body.  They run this body.  Each breath, each heartbeat is powered from the astral body.
A: Gurbani has revelead God to us, God within us.
DD:  in gurbani it says these 7 sarovars are also from the Sunn.  “sat sarovar sunna te saajay”
A: yes everything is from the Sunn
DD:  Brama, Vishnu, Shiva, all of creation is from the Sunn.  We have written all this in the Japji explanation.
A:  I met a man who died but came back.  What he told us makes a person want to just do Naam simran (and stop their chasing of desires).
DD: a white person , retired in the usa, had cancer, very serious, he had used up all his life savings, nothing left in the end
and he gave up hopes of living accepted that now I am going to die. He said to the nurse i am going to sleep dont wake me up.
He became completely desireless that nothing would happen now, then his soul left, he had vision of God’s Light saw many things and came back. 
Was completely healed.   Even Dr Swaraj had breast cancer, wasn’t getting better (beofre emailing us), now (with gurprasaad of naam ) everything is healed.
She is phD in holistc medicine.
A: Dr S sung a shabad in raag, very blessed, I played it for everyone.
DD: her sister is a professional singer.  Her mother was in so much Moh (attachment) of her family. she sat infront of us ,closed her eyes
said she saw a cobra sitting inside her. We told her it was the Moh cobra, throw it out. After we showed her that, she does not 
keep talking about her daughter’s problems now.   
DD: bandagi’s meaning is just to give, give, not to ask for anything.  Surrender mnd, body and wealth. That is bandagi, if you have asked for something in reutrn, than that is just doing business. Bandagi is not business it is love.  The ones sitting in wants are not doing Bandagi,it is wrong.
Have any of your ardases been fulfilled?  The ardasses at Gurdwaras are just completely wrong.  Now listen, look at how many false deeds are done in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib,
A: they read such a long list of name’s of people and what they gave and what they want!
DD: do you think you clean your sins when you go to gurdwara?  If you cleaned the shoes and dishes, you did some good deeds,
but if you just ate the food and came back – you just got more weight on your head.