2012-05 Om Ji’s Expererience – Part 1


Spending few infinitely blessed days with living SATNAAM ji on the earth – Part1

Dassan Dass Ji.



Ek OanKaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad.
Dhan dhan Satnaam Satpaarbrahm pita pameshwar ji, his living SAT roop Satguru ji and his Sat blessed Sat Sangat ji.
Kottan Kot dandaut bandhana and sukhrana at your sat pious feet ji.
With gurparsaad and gurus kirpa we would like to share about those SATNAAM divine moments that we were blessed by Satnaam ji with his living manifestation dhan dhan Satnaam Satguru pita jee (Dassan Dass ji), dhan dhan sant bhai saheb ji from Chandigarh, dhan dhan sister Aman ji and her family and other sat sangat members in Baltimore.
Since Baltimore is about 3 hours drive from our house we decided to go by car along with our 2 kids and Paul ji (Ajit Singh ji’s son). When we reached Baltimore airport, sister Aman ji and her family had already arrived. This was the first time we were meeting her and her family. When she saw us she did dandaut bandana to us, we could see and feel the abundant love and eagerness in her eyes as if she is about to get/find something she has been waiting for many lives. This is the state ones goes through when he/she is about to meet his/her destined SatPaarbrahm Satguru for the first time. We were blessed with this opportunity only after 5 years when we first physically met SatPaarbrahm Satguru pita ji and SatPaarbrahm Babaji maharaj in Canada. Satguru pita ji always say in bhagati physical meeting is not that important and will happen whenever it is destined for but the most important thing is getting blessed to meet your Satguru inside (spiritually) by earning his truthful words. By his grace we remember we were blessed meeting with Satguru ji and Babaji even before we met them physically first time in Canada. All this happens by gurparsaad and gurkirpa only and we pray that our head always (for eternity) remain under their sat pious lotus feet for that is our home our abode our shelter our everything and only thing.
We all then went to the gate where Satguru ji were suppose to arrive. When we all saw Satguru ji coming we one by one did dandaut bandana to him and got is infinite blessings. Sister Aman ji handed a bouquet of flowers to Satguru ji as if she was presenting her heart to the guru which in turn the guru has blossomed in to the flowers. We are just trying to put in words that we were feeling inside us during this time. We all then headed to our hotel where we were suppose to stay for 2 days and 2 nights. 
Aman ji’s mother is a very calm and a holy soul. Although she was blessed to meet some sants in her life but she was never blessed with NAAM from any one of those. This was clearly stated by Satguru pita ji when he was talking to her and blessing her with SATNAAM. He was telling her that not all sants give away the gurparsaadi naam so easliy. The sant has to drink all the poison (the kood) of the person he is blessing with NAAM. He has to one by one remove all the dirt of maya which has accumulated like layers of scum/dirt for the past many lives. This is how Satguru pita ji and Babaji makes his disciple to establish directly in the Karamkhand provided the disciple has surrendered his/her head, tan, man, dhan at the charans of the satguru. The higher the surrender the higher goes the bhagati. The complete the surrender the complete is the bhagati. Satguru ji was telling Aman ji’s mother that look at your daughter (Aman ji), she has the gurparsaad of Naam. Naam cannot be concealed or hidden in any way. 
Gurbani: “Ratan lukaia lukai nahi je ko rakhai lukai.” 
Meaning: The jewel is concealed, but it is not concealed, even though one may try to conceal it.
When we reached the hotel we all sat down next to Satguru ji’s bed and Satguru ji was blessing us with the har ki katha (Satnaam’s story/jewels/wisdom) as per the need of the people around him. Sister Aman ji has recorded all the gurparsaadi coversations of Satguru ji which we will upload soon with his kirpa. All of us did simran together including the kids. Very soon the kids while doing SATNAAM simran got fully intoxicated with the SATNAAM simran. The same kids who were jumping around bubbling with excessive energy were all mellowed down and were cool and calm. All of them went to sleep in half to one hour of simran. Aman ji’s younger daughter Harleen is a very blessed soul. She is just 4 years old and is already blessed to do steady simran with full focus and concentration.  In the evening while doing SATNNAM simran she went in to Viraag mode and felt like crying. Satguru ji told her not to stop, if she wants to cry then cry out completely, its good to cry and let it out completely. On hearing this she started crying, deep cry from the bottom of the heart. We could relate this to the gurparsaadi cry that we were blessed with when SATNAAM Satpaarbrahm Satguru pita ji took over us for the first time during simran. We don’t know why but we were crying like a baby who has found his mother after many many life times. This was the cry of happiness on meeting with your long lost beloved.
When our son Amrit woke up, he was surprised on how could he go to sleep, he will never sleep during the day. We told her this is what the Naam ka Nasha is (Intoxication of SATNAAM). After that the kids started telling about what they experienced during the simran. They were saying they saw lights of different colors one after the other, other saw one eye, other saw a triangle and so on. This is what happens when you are blessed with SATNAAM simran directly under the presence and chatar of a pooran Satguru SatPaarbrahm parmeshwar ji.
From last couple of months our younger son Gurnit is desiring to pet a dog. This is because in his class in the school almost every kid has a pet dog and they keep discussing about the dogs and how they spend time with them. He has been requesting us and our wife to buy a baby dog for him. We have been telling him that a pet dog may not be good as you will be attached to it and it will be very difficult for you later to come out of that attachment. Instead we suggested him to feed the birds in our backyard, take their pictures and try to make friendship with them. This way the birds will come daily in our yard for the food, they even will take some for their babies in the nest and this way the birds can live with their family in their own houses and come to you only for food. Satguru ji always say, feeding the birds is one of the best seva and you are blessed by the birds (Satnaam ji) for providing them food and water and their is no attachment or moh involved in the deed. We bought a big bird food bag for Gurnit and he has been trying to put some everyday in a plate and leave it out for the birds to feed on. But, unfortunately there were only very few birds that came to feed themselves and Gurnit was not getting satisfaction with this deed. We told him that why don’t he ask Satguru Dassan Dass ji about the pet dog and if he blesses then he can keep the dog but if he says no then he will have to follow what he says. He agreed to it and when we were with Satguru ji he asked him whether or not he can pet a dog. Satguru ji’s took a pause for few seconds and then told him that he is getting hukam (direction) from Paarbrahm ji that dog will not be good for you. While saying this Satguru ji’s right hand with palm facing front went up and continued saying that instead God is telling him that Gurnit should feed birds. He said to Satguru ji that he tried but the birds don’t come, to which Satguru ji said, feed the birds will full heart, take a big tray and a fill it to the top by making a heap of bird food, never let the tray get empty, birds will come, many birds. Try to finish one big bag of bird food per week. On returning back Gurnit is doing the same and by Satguru ji’s blessings many many birds are coming to feed on the food. Our backyard is now full of birds of different types, squirrels and so on. Gurnit is very happy and enjoying this deed and thanking Satguru ji for his blessings. He is always making sure that the tray should not get empty with the bird food. Looking at so many birds now coming to our yard we feel as if Satguru ji is sending them all this way as per his hukam. Why not, after all, its all him, in the birds, in the food, in Gurnit, in everything. Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat, all is Sat, Sat in all. All is but Sat only Sat.
One more thing we would like to say is that a pooran Satguru, pooran sant is always in samadhi, always in Sat consciousness, always one with SATNAAM and every word he utters is from direct SATNAAM. We have seen Satguru ji and Baba ji always in this samadhi state, their hands going in to various samadhi assans, like palm facing in the front, hands rising up, hand coming to their heart (signifying that Sat Paarbraham’s feet is saturated in their heart) and so on. They are always in light, light comes out from their rom rom, their palm, their eyes, their feet. This is the reason why sangat goes in to silence of mind and bliss when they sit with such highly elevated holy souls. They don’t even have to say a word and the sangat around them can experience the bliss, the nectar, the Satnaam amrit overflowing through them. If the sangat comes with a open heart to such elevated holy souls then by their grace they are able to collect lot of this amrit in their heart. It is this Satnaam amrit that works like a gurparsaad, that activates the sat sarovars, the kundalini energy, the sleeping giant in the disciple provided the disciple open his/her heart by surrendering their tan, man and dhan at the feet of such highly elevated souls. This is also the reason when ever the sangat goes to meet dhan dhan Babaji and Satguru pita ji maharaj even after they go back to their respective places they feel the intoxication of Amrit for many days.
“Brahamgyani ke drisht amrit barsey”.
And if the disciple is able to earn the words of such highly elevated souls (souls that have become one with param soul, sat paarbraham, who are now param soul themselves) then the param soul (sat paarbraham) will start giving such disciple the glimpses of the mansorovar (SATNAAM) . Every word uttered by such maha purakhs originates from the mansarovar and if followed and earned by complete trust,faith and love can take the disciple to the same mansarovar from where the words were originated. This is the reason why we have to earn or do the bani and not just read or sing the bani. Only when we earn or do the bani (words from the highly elevated souls) only then we will be taken to the mansarovar (Sat paarbrahm himself). And when the disciple has earned the bani so much so that his life has become the walking and talking bani then that means this disciple who is now gurmukh is always living in mansarovar, in Satnaam, in the light.
In the evening the kids wanted to go to the park to play and we all then went to the park which was a walking distance from the hotel. Their the kids were playing while sister Aman ji, her mother and us were with Satguru ji enjoying every moment of bliss that Sat Paarbraham was throwing at us. Their in the park Satguru ji was answering any questions that Aman ji or her mother had in their minds. Their Satguru ji in sehaj subhai (in by itself/naturally) for the gyan of his sangat showed how the naam simran was automatically happening in his rom rom (every cell of the body). He took the sangat’s attention to his finger tips where we all could see how the NAAM was beating like a heart beat or pulse automatically. 
In gurbani it is written “gurmukh rom rom har dhiave”. 
This is how NAAM takes over a gurmukh completely. When a soul is blessed with the gurparsaad of naam by a Satguru and if by the grace of the Satguru SatPaarbraham the soul earns the words of the Satguru by complete surrender (complete believe, trust, faith and love) on his words (by rejecting his own wisdom/ self mind) only then the NAAM/SATNAAM starts to make its place in the disciple. The Naam then starts taking over/activating/unlocking one by one, one sarovar at a time (their are seven spiritual centers within the human body), all the bajjar kapats are then opened up by NAAM, the tenth door is unlocked by the NAAM, this is when a permanent connection is made with the Sat Paarbrahm parmeshar ji. This tenth door is the real gurdwara (gur means Lord/Satnaam/God, dwara means door/gate). Door to the God or the tenth gate.  And then slowly and gradually with the grace and gurparsaad of the SatPaarbrahm and Satguru ji the NAAM makes it place in the rom rom of the gurmukh. This is when the gurmukh is in 24 hour samadhi, in the light, in the mansarovar all the time. This is when all the vella (all the times of the day) becomes Amritvella for the gurmukh. Amrit is made of 2 words “a” means “not/never” and “mrit” means “death/die”. So amrit means something that never dies and that something that never dies is SatPaarbrahm/Satnaam or the ones who have merged in to SatPaarbraham/Satnaam. And so amritvella means the time of/with Amrit/Satnaam/SatPaarbraham. As the gurmukh is in 24 hour samadhi he is 24 hour in amrit and so 24 hour is amritvella for him.
This is what we should pray for at the feet of the Satguru SatPaarbrahm parmeswar ji, to make all the vella as amritvella for us, to completely take over us.