Dassan Dass Ji visits UK and India Sangat 2010

NOV 2010


NOTE: We have uploaded Dassan Dass Ji’s talks with the sangat here.

We have uploaded all kirtan and Satnaam singing by the sangat here.



SatNaam SatGuru SatSangat Ji,
Dandauth Bandhna Ji.
while we still remember with Guru Ji’s blessings we thought we would write about Dassan Dass ji’s visit to the UK last week.  Sangat also came from California and New Jersey as well as from around the UK.   This gave all of us a chance to spend three and half days together in a spiritual bubble serving and meditating together.   Many of the sangat met Dassan Dass ji for the first time after months or years of just emails and website sangat.   For the first couple of days Dassan Dass ji spent alot of time giving divine wsdom to Bibi ji.  She is 80 years old and as soon as she stepped in through the front door, she fell to Dassan Dass ji’s feet and then hugged him so tightly sayng in punjabi, "I will never let you go now ParBrahm."   She said that with her eyes she saw Dassan Dass ji – a human, but in her heart (hirdha/inside) she felt God (ParBrahm) inside him.    She looked old and tired of life, she had a lot of physical pain when trying to straighten her legs, but more important for her was her mental and emotional pain.  Dassan Dass ji explained to her for hours on end that she hadn’t done Bhagti in her life.  She replied she had been praying and reading Gurbani for decades.  Dassan Dass ji explained she had only done business with God, because all of her prayers had been for fulfilling wordly wants – mostly do with her family.   She told us afterwards that her previous Sant had also told her the same thing, that "her family had robbed her of all of her bhagti and left her empty."   We explained to her not to blame her family, but to blame her MOH – emotional attachment.  Her MOH had robbed her of her inner Amrit, of her divinity.   Dassan Dass ji also explained to her again and again that MOH was sitting right inside her chest. She told us that she couldn’t see MOH, even though Dassan Dass ji was telling her that was the problem, and not to keep repeating the family problems that were disturbing her mind.   Bibi Ji couldn’t help but keep repeating the same family problems and issues and making her self cry again and again for the first couple of days.  Dassan Dass ji blessed her and her family and yet she kept on repeating her sorrows.  Dassan Dass ji then forcefully, with short sharp loud snapping voice told her in punjabi, "STOP IT.  DONT START THIS TOPIC AGAIN WITH US."  Dassan Dass ji said sometimes that is how you have to tell the mind.  Then when she did start the topic of her pains and sorrows again, Dassan Dass ji just told her firmly, "close your eyes and do your simran!"    Bibi ji then sat for hours like a statue doing her Simran.  Dassan Dass ji had told her that she had so much knowledge of gurbani and Guru stories, but she had never put it into practise, that was why she was still crying.  That every prayer she did with a want attached to it, only drained her.  That every worry, anxiety and fear she had, had eaten her spiritual body like termites boring their way through her.  After doing her simran, Bibi ji opened her eyes and said to Dassan Dass ji, "ParBrahm ji, we saw a cobra sitting inside our chest."  Dassan Dass ji said, "that is your MOH. You have seen it for yourself.  That is the root cause of all your sorrow and sadness."
Unable to talk to Dassan Dass ji about the same old pains, the next day we were sitting at the table with Namjeevan ji and Bibi ji got into the old stories of her family and pains and sorrows again leading to tears.  She was trying to grab anyone who would listen to her pain.  Actually it was her MOH trying to grab anyone and keep her repeating inthe same mental patterns.  Namjeevan explained to her nicely to stop those thoughts now.   But she couldn’t.  With Gur Ji’s kirpa, we explained to Bibi ji that she has to fight with her mind now.  That all of us have had to fight with our minds, that there is no other way, only we can fight our own inner battle.  Dassan Dass ji had said to her once as well that she is expeciting a miracle.  For him to miraculously change the fate of her family members who were suffering.  But, he explained to her that was not how karma worked. That they had to reap what they had sown.  Bibi ji wanted him to bless them to get out of their difficult personal circumstances.  Dassan Dass replied that for them only their current suffering (DUKH) would make them turn their life around (DUKH is the blessings – DUKH is DARU = pain is the remedy).   Then he told Bibi ji, the words have come out of his mouth now and their DUKH will be their DARU – their pain is their remedy.  


 [We spoke to Bibi ji afterwards and she explained more about her life, to put the above conversations she had, into context.  As a young person she only thirsted to be with God, she didn’t even want to get married. She had no interest in decorating herself and just wanted to be with God.  She recited much gurbani and hence lived in a state of vairag – separateness- from the world, longing for God.  Then as it happens she was persuaded by her father to get married because "husband is her protector and in family life she will be able to do her Bhagti without others chasing her if she was a single women."  She was blessed with four wonderful children all of whom she prayed to god would be Sant souls, would finish their journey in this life.  When she was pregnant she would remember Gurbani that said "either give birth to a saint otherwise don’t send any soul”.  She got up early, washed her hair, sat for long hours doing Simran just to be pure so Sant souls would be born to her. That was her request to God.  She and her husband loved all four children and brought them up like roses in the garden and were pleased by their spiritual and eductional advancement.  She was devoted to all her children. 
The older daughter got married but the marriage did not turn out to be a good one – a lot of grief. Although her daughter did not feel right about the marriage, Bibi ji felt that she forced her daughter into marriage as bound by the circumstances that did not turn out to be a good one for her.  It was heart-breaking for bibi ji to watch her daughter suffer after her marriage.  As a result she consoled her daughter by spending much time over the phone discussing her problems and giving her advice from gurbani. However, even these long discussions could not bring peace to either bibi ji or her daughter.  All of this took its toll on bibi ji.  She felt guilty for getting her daughter into that marriage and ruining her life.  She prayed to God via Dassan Dass ji to save her daughter from her terribly difficult life.   Dassan Dass ji could see that even though bibi ji’s intentions were good towards helping her daughter, the moh was drowning her into the guilt and regrets, and speaking to her daughter was making her sink down every time. So that is why Dassan Dass ji was saying to Bibi ji to trust in God to take care of her daughter now as she has been given the blessings and for her to ask for forgiveness from her daughter for forcing her to get married (Asking for forgiveness came out very surprising for her daughter as she felt that it was her own destiny/karmas).  Bibi ji asked her daughter to forgive herself and let her mind focus on bhagti now.  Bibi ji said she believed everything Dassan Dass ji told her was 100% right, now she wanted to focus on her Bandagi as she was aware nothing else is going with her. ]     
We explained to Bibi ji how to fight with her mind.  That just as we walk through a jungle day after day and it eventually becomes a pathway, she has walked through these sad and sorrowful thoughts about her family for many , many years.  And one thought leads to another one leads to emotion of sadness and physical tears and heartache in the body. 

Then when the thought pops in her mind again, before she knows it she is in tears again.  We understood she had no control over it know – it was ingrained into her.  We said to her these are called disturbing thoughts.  What she needed to do was to break the cycle before she ended up talking to other people and in tears as a result.  We said to her to realise that Dassan Dass ji is not sitting in USA far from here.  But, that Dassan Dass ji is sitting inside her heart – hirdha.  And the reason he was shouting at her to stop these kind of thoughts and topics, was exactly how she had to shout at her mind to stop everytime it strted down the sad train of thoughts.   Her face lit up, when she realised that she was not her mind (not a helpless old lady at the mercy of her thoughts and a slave of Maya and being told off by her Guru).  She realised Satguru is in her heart, that is the real part of her, the Satnaam part, the God part.  And from there she could beat down her mind.  We said, "you can even tell your mind with love – E man pyaria tu sada sach samalay" and before we could finish the line, her face lit up like a child and she recited the rest of the shabad by Guru Amar Das ji, which was the perfect advice for her:
eae man piaariaa thoo sadhaa sach samaalae ||
eaehu kutta(n)b thoo j dhaekhadhaa chalai naahee thaerai naalae ||
saathh thaerai chalai naahee this naal kio chith laaeeai ||
aisaa ka(n)m moolae n keechai jith a(n)th pashhothaaeeai ||
sathiguroo kaa oupadhaes sun thoo hovai thaerai naalae ||
kehai naanak man piaarae thoo sadhaa sach samaalae ||11||
O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever.
This family which you see shall not go along with you.
They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them?
Don’t do anything that you will regret in the end.
Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru – these shall go along with you.
Says Nanak, O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. ||11||
We said to her, "see even Guru Amar Das ji is teaching you how to speak to your mind to let go of family attachments."  We then said, they way she clinged on around Dassan Dass ji’s neck when she arrived saying, "I will never let go of you know ParBrahm.  I found you after so much difficulty, know Iwill never let go."  We said to her have that same attitude towards holding onto SatNaam simran in your hirdha, hold onto the SatGuru’s Lotus feet day and night, and everytime your mind goes down the train of disturbing thoughts towards emotion of sorrow and sadness, bring your mind back to reciting Satnaam and that is how you hold onto SatGuru always and forever.   By the time Bibi ji left a few days later she was smiling, at peace and calm, like a huge weight had been lifted from her. We said to Namjeevan ji she was releasing a whole lifetime – 80 years-  of pain infront of Dassan Dass ji and the sangat for the first couple of days.  Namjeevan ji added, not just this life but all previous ones as well!"
Dhan Dhan Bibi ji, thankyou for opening your heart infront of SatGuru and SatSangat.
Many other beloved devotees came to the sangat over the three days.  Some went into samadhi for the first time, some experienced amrit inside them whilst Dassan Dass ji hel their hand and they did Simran.  Some experienced peace in their hirdha as they sat at the feet of Dassan Dass ji.  Some went into Samadhi asans (beautiful meditation postures with arms outstretched) as they finished singing kirtan (we will upload kirtan later this week God-willing.)  Even some came just to have a heated discussion with Dassan Dass ji about Sikhism.  All kinds of people came, everyone got filled up according to how empty of their own Manmat (wordly wisdom) they were and according to how much love and devotion they had for serving the sangat of the Sant.
Dassan Dass ji made a special effort to go to see Ranjit ji in hospital.  He has been there for two weeks and was so disappointed he was going to miss the Sat Sangat.  But, Satguru ji hears the true prayers from the true heart of the true devotee and went to see Ranjit ji.  He blessed him so much with his kind words. Said to him not to get down or to see it as a terrible time, but to realise that God is giving him a leanring expereince.  A chance to relect upon his life.  A chance to reassess his priorities in life and not to neglect health, diet and fitness any longer.  Dassan Dass ji spoke one day quite alot about how we ALL need to take care of our health – do 30-60 minutes of excercise everyday, wether that is yoga stretching, long brisk walk, going to the gym etc.  To also do "kapalbati" yoga breathing in the morning in the cool fresh air (difficult in winter as air is too cold he said), but that energises the body.   Dassan Dass ji said before he met baba ji he used to spend an hour in the gym every evening, because after the age of 50, physcial health goes downhill very fast.  But, after he met baba ji, for the next two years he pushed himself to the physical limits by doing bhagti for long hours, added with long hours of sitting at work and sitting in the car to and from work and sitting at the weekends.  So although spiritually he became Dhan Dhan, he had neglected his physical body.  And he said that this body is a gift from God, only with tihs body are we able to do bhagti, so looking after it with good food, good excercise and good breathing is essential.   We asked Dassan Dass ji if we could put together a half hour video of the yoga stretches we have found so beneficial over the last 6 years.  Dassan Dass ji said we could put it on the website for people to stretch along to.  (will do in next few weeks with guru ji’s kirpa).      Om ji also added that whilst sitting in Smadhi, he noticed a few times that if he had a backache, the amrit would rise and got to the aching part to heal it and reconfigure it.  Or that whilst in Smadhi, he would find himself doing "kapalbati" breathing automatically.  That God, inside us, was also taking care of healing us.   Whilst at the hospital, Ranjit ji was so humble, didn;t ask anythng for himself, and Dassan Dass ji blessed him with good health, told him he will be fine, this was just a lesson for him.  Then Ranjit ji asked for Dassan Dass ji to just bless everyone in the hospital.  Dassan Dass ji blessed all of the patients, doctors and nurses with mukti, that they wont be born again after this lifetime.  "brahmgiani mukat jugat kee dataa ..the BrahmGiani is the giver of Salvation."
Another highlight for us was when Bib I ji did kirtan with the sangat, at the end of her singing she was in samadhi, just singing without any instruments – just a pure voice coming from the depths of her Hirdha.  We felt it was like Dhan Guru Arjun Dev ji himself who was pouring his heart out at the feet of God.  We all felt we were pouring our heart out at the feet of God, we were all stepping in the shoes of Guru Arjun Dev ji by reciting His divine words.  Afterwards, Dassan Dass ji explained, "how can a prayer like that not be answered, a prayer from the depths of your hirdha is always answered."   Ishminder ji exlpained that when she is singing and goes deeper and deeper, then its like everything clears in her mind and its just oneness.  She is so humble, she said, "It’s not me, it all Him."  We are all so blessed.
As for ourself we were happy to serve the sangat as best as we could.  Felt it was very easy to sit and do Simran at Dassan Dass ji’s holy feet.  On the second day however we were tired and felt frustrations rising inside us as to why we were not able to get into the simran.  We let go of that as best as we could, we dont want anything, we dont need anything, Satguru ji has given us everything, we are happy sitting with the shoes of the satsangat.  Roma ji put her hand on our head and we felt the tension clear away. We asked Om ji later on about if he ever had to face frustrations whilst doing his Simran.  He replied, that first he used to fight the mind’s frustrations with gurmat – divine wisdom.  but, still a fight is a fight and drains you.  But, then with Guru ji’s kirpa he realised there was no need to even fight, just do SAT SAT SAT and dont think about your frustrations.  To realise that it is only MAYA that is making you feel frustrated. And we beat MAYA by saying SAT SAT SAT.  First SAT cuts down the RAJO aspect of Maya.  Second SAT cuts down TAMO aspect and third SAT cuts down SATO aspect.   He said to us, sometimes he would be really keen to do amritvela, get up whenever HE woke him up eg 2.30, have  abth and sit. But, then a slight thought might come at the end that nothing happened, but right away he would laugh at Maya and say "no, it was Dhan Dhan, as Satguru wanted it."  Other times he would be so tired, get up to sit, but fall asleep, or so he thought but a few hours would be sitting up in Samadhi.   We asked him, "do you do Sat simran and focus on anything, like Light?"  He said, "we get up, have a bath, sit and do the ardas that Dassan Dass ji gave us, thne HE takes over and does HIS own simran."    Separately on email, Pritam Anand ji told us just remain in Garebbe Ves – Humbleness, stay like a beggar at god’s door when doing Simran, be happy with whatever you get or dont get.  It’s not about getting anything, its about being humble and thankful.
Most importantly, we feel having the Sangat of Dassan Dass ji, majority of the devotees were able to shed any remaining doubts they had, or become even more motivated to do their bhagti.  Dassan Dass ji said to us that when he met Baba ji the first time, he knew right away this is GOD and never had any doubts whatsoever no matter what happened, he never doubted baba ji for a moment.  And secondly, he put into practise what Baba ji told him right away.  So he would get up at midnight, have a shower and everdya build up longer hours of simran from starting with 30 minutes to ultimately sitting until 6am doing simran.  Then he would go to work.  Get back at around 4 or 5 pm.  Eat something, sit for another hour or so of simran.  Goto sleep by 7 or 8 pm.  sleep of 4 or 5 hours.   Dassan Dass ji said we must all change our lifestyle, that he is only telling us what he himself has done and KNOWS will ferry us across.  That we need to be doing at least 2.5hrs in the morning and 1hr in the evening of simran.  Along with good diet, good breathing, good excercise for 30-60 minutes everyday.   Some of the sangat asked about watching TV, Dassan Dass ji said its ok to watch say 30-60 minutes a day, but any more than that and it is the same as abusing our body.  Sitting for 3-4 hours infront of the TV or computer games etc, bad lifestycle and diet, lack of xcercise is all misuses of this wonderful body that God has given to us to do Bhagti.  He said that in our waking life, we are just working for others, wether its our employer or looking after our family at home.  So when we do simran it is our chance to look after our soul, do something for ourself.   So dont neglect our simran and health.   Dassan Dass ji said sitting infront of TV/computer games/wesbites etc  for hours on end is being unproductive.  Better to be useful in society, do seva, be helpful, most of all do our Simran.  
All of Sunday as we meditated all day, we were feeling really motivated to do our bhagti now seriously with good discipline like we used to have.  To become a warrior, to beat our indisipliine and our remaining bad habits.  We kept remembering Simran ji’s poem asking "where are all the warriors", it struck a chord with us, we were striving to be a warrior once, we gave up and have fallen asleep in Maya’s comforts.  We dont want maya’s comforts anymore, we feel the Sleeping Giant (Satnaam, our soul) has begun to rise up.  We close our eyes and ha ve a vision of a slim, strong yogi sitting like a mountain, unshakable, unbreakable, master of his mind, free, the perfect warriors, fearless, most humble, most loving.  Dassan Dass ji said that when we sing kirtan we are not singing for the people to hear beautiful music, we are singing to praise God.  When we do our simran we are merging into His praises (mahima).  When we become one with HIM, we become his MAHIMA in this world.  What kind of Sant is it that in merging with HIm, then doesn’t tell the complete Truth to the Sangat?   A true Sant is HIS MAHIMA inth is world and has to be true to HIM in this world come what may, wether the world likes what he says or not.  Here is the english translation of the discussion that took place with the father of some of the blessed sangat, who is highly repescted Sikh elder in the local community.
Sat Sangat Milay So Taria – Meeting the Sangat of TRUTH one is ferried across.
Dhan Baba Ji Dhan Dassan Dass ji Dhan Sant Sangat.
Dust of your feet.




Ek OanKaar SatNaam Satgur Parsaad,

Dandauth bandhana ji, may our head always remain there in SAT and PEACE.

We reached safely yesterday after a wonderful 3 and 1/2 days of pure SATNAAM sangat.

No words can describe the love, SAT, peace and thankfulness we are going through now.

With SAT paarbrahams SAT guru ji’s and Sat sangat ji’s infinite gurparsaadi kirpa we feel touching new heights of love, peace, SAT, bliss and thankfulness. This is what happens in the company of SAT paarbraham satguru ji and his pure sat sangat ji where only one thing is talked about and experienced and that is pure NAAM SATNAAM. In such a place the transformation is bound to happen. We are sure everyone in the sangat is feeling the same.

Thank you all for all your love, care and seva.

GOD bless you all with puran SAT.

Love you all (in one).

-Your slave.



dandout bandana  to  entire satnaam  parivaar
hum kami  krodhi lobhi mohi ahankari
baksh de  baksh de

thankyou to dear brother  jaspal ji and sant namjeevan ji for having us over and giving us  the beautiful company of saints  in UK. We bow at  your beautiful charan.

Satnaam sada satnaam ji


DASSAN DASS JI WENT ON TO INDIA.  Here are some emails of that blessed sangat:



Sadh Sangat Ji, accept Dandaut Bandhana from this kookar ji.

By the grace of Akal Purukh, we have the privilege to get darshan of Poora Satguru Satnaam Dassan Dass Ji at Chandigarh on 23rd Nov. There was amrit all around, maya was no where near the sadh sangat. Words cannot describe the atmosphere there. Satguru Ji spent the whole day right from 9.00 in the morning to almost 9.oo in the night i.e. 12 hours with kookars like us just to bring vikaaris like us on to the right track. Just imagine a Satguru spending non stop 12 hours for the welfare of kaami, krodhi, lobhi, ahankari, bhoolanhaar, akritdhan loon harami souls.Satgure poured so much love & blessings on everyone in the sangat. We will always be grateful to Satguru for showering so much love on kookars like us.

Sadh Sangat Ji,kindly accept our Dandaut Bandhana Jee.





Kotan Kot Dandaut Bandhna and Kotan Kot Shukrana Jee,

We are very thankful to Almighty and our Guru ji that we attended this
wonderful satsangat. The moments of satsangat was undescribable.

Dhan Dhan Taranjeet jee, Dhan Dhan Tarandeep jee, Dhan Dhan S jee
was really more than diamonds. Dhan Dhan Satguru Dassan Dass jee asked
that these are diamonds gathered in the SatSangat. They also said that
the Bhagti of Taranjeet jee is dhan dhan.

We felt it ourselves that there is a spiritual divine power vibrating
from Dhan Dhan Taranjeet jee. We were also shivering after hearing
their laughter. They dhan dhan we bow to them. Numerous Devi-Devtaas
bow to Dhan Dhan Shweta Jee. Spiritual life and Bachans of Dhan Dhan
Jasdeep Jee inspired us and our mother so much. Dhan Dhan is the
family and kul of Dhan Dhan Tarandeep (deepa) Ji.

On 22nd November Sant A jee recited keertan at th Gurdwara where spiritual energy was flowing from them.
Dhan Dhan Satguru Dassan Dass jee said when we are sitting under the
chattar chaya of any sant we should do simran instead of staring on
them. The simran did under the chattar chaya of any sant is counted in
the dargah.

At Gurdwara where Sant ji was reciting keertan. Dhan Dhan Taranjeet
jee, Dhan Dhan Tarandeep (deepa) Ji, Dhan Dhan S Jee was doing
the seva of dusting shoes of sangat. When Dhan Dhan Baba jee arrived
in the car Then Dhan Dhan Taranjeet jee, Dhan Dhan Tarandeep (deepa)
Ji, Dhan Dhan Shweta Jee did dandaut bandhna on the road without
regarding the dust and soil on the road. That dandaut bandhna so much
inspired us and other sangat. Dhan Dhan is the humbleness of Dhan Dhan
 B Singh who are a Dean Alumni  who touched the feet of Dhan Dhan
Jasdeep jee (who was his son’s age) at the front of their department
at University.

There are several undescibable experiences of sangat about which we
We would like to express our gratitude towards Dhan Dhan Jasdeep jee
that they shared some pictures with us.

Dust of entire creation’s feet,
Prabhjot Singh, Jammu (India)



Satnaam satsangat jio, Sabh de charna vich dandaut bandna ji.
We were very fortunate to meet Satguru Dassan dass ji, Sant A ji, Sant Taranjeet ji, Sant S ji, Dhan dhan B Singh ji, Dhan dhan  Maasi ji, Dhan dhan Deepa ji, his dhan dhan mother, Dhan dhan Prabhjot Singh, his dhan dhan mother, dhan dhan Satwinder ji, and other Dhan dhan sangat ji at Dhan dhan B ji’s house yesterday.
We were infinitely fortunate to sit in chattar-chaaya of two Brahm gyaanis- Satguru Dassan dass ji and Satguru A ji. The mind had no other place  to go except for ‘SATNAAM’. The experience of doing naam in their presence was just beyond words. Satguru ji, with his infinite grace showered a lot of blessings on everyone. He preached ‘SATNAAM’ and only ‘SATNAAM’.
Sant Taranjeet ji was in samadhi and sending lots of love to sangat. His bhagti and humility is dhan dhan. When he did dandaut to us, our heart beat shot up and our face and chest started vibrating and getting hot, amazing experience.
We bowed in awe again and again to see such love.
May this mind be forever and ever at the feet of my Satguru poora and may this kookar never raise his head again now.
Today, gunvanti of Dhan dhan B ji was in tears when she remembered the divine words of Dassan Dass ji that the sangat already have a Sant (Sant A Singh ji) easily accessible to all the sangat, there for drinking their poison but the sangat were not following His words and doing naam. His words had pierced her heqart.
We are greatful to Sat parbrahm Parmeshwar swaroop Satguru Dassan Dass ji and dhan dhan B ji for keeping this dog and other dhan dhan sangat in their house and for making arrangements for comfortable stay.
We request at the Sri charans of Satsangat to bless Dhan dhan B ji’s whole family. May they become naam and only naam. Satguru Sri Dassan Dass ji while leaving yesterday already told  them that their seva has been accepted in Dargah, Satnaam.
Thanks to Dassan Dass ji for blessing this hypocrite and lazy fellow with seva and bandgi. May He kindly take His seva Himself from this kookar.
Satnaam ji, Dandaut bandna ji from a forgetful hypocrite..




Satnaam ji, Dandaut to evry1 ji. With Grace and Hukam of Dhan Dhan Paarbrahm parmeshwar ji, Satguru ji and Satsangat ji, we felt like sharing this ji. Forgive us for our mistakes and sins ji.
Sant Taranjeet ji- SatNaam Jee Dandouth At ur feet jee
kookar kaami kapati jhoothi pakhandi- Satnaam ji Dandaut bandna ji,
how r uji?
Sant Taranjeet ji- wee are fine jee
kkkjp- we again went to meet Satguru ji in Chd. with ur grace
Sant Taranjeet ji-u are dhan dhan
 so hw u feltthere?
kkkjp- He is Paarnrahm Parmeshwar Himself ji. He held our hand
and we felt vibration of Satnam and felt he was sucking our pains and
Sant Taranjeet ji-yes he is Sat-Parra braham
Sabh teh vadaa Satguru,Nank
kkkjp- we felt a lot of anand undescribable in words
Sant Taranjeet ji-we called him on his last day in India he was asking
us abt u
kkkjp- started laughing and smiling
Sant Taranjeet ji-God bless u Jee SatNaam
kkkjp- Thanks Satnaam ji God bless you to veer ji.
Sant Taranjeet ji-he is Parmanand
kkkjp- yes He is
Sant Taranjeet ji-we are just mudhaa papi
kkkjp- yes we are
Sant Taranjeet ji-no we are papi
kkkjp- ahakaari kaami kapati these are all our surnames
Sant Taranjeet ji-u are dhan dhan sant satnaam
kkkjp- dhan ho aap, dhan aap ji di bhagti
pls. bless us with ur kirpa jio
Sant Taranjeet ji-God bless u all kirpaa jee
 ask God and Guru whom am i Just a dhaangee
Sant Taranjeet ji-Sat sAtsat sat sat sat ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-dhoongee
sat sat sat sat sat sat sat
kkkjp- no ji Satguru ji has infinite kirap on you ji. He told us to
become like dhan dhan you ji
you are our idol in bhagti jji
he said to us next time we meet you, you shuld be laughing and dancing
like Sant Tatranjeet ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-i am just a papi, at-kaami, lobhee, mohe at
just a pakndee
i am no sant jee
 iam just a thug
kkkjp- nahi jji, its Paarbrahm in you who loves to do His own nindya
ji, all is Him
Sant Taranjeet ji-sant is very very very ucheree awasthaa
we are not even right human
kkkjp- Dhan dhan aap ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-am nothing Sada
aap jee Dhan Dhan
all to u jee
 kyaa mera
sabh kich teraa
 God bless u all all all all all all all all akaal powers to u
kkkjp- Sada Satnaam Sasa Satnaam
Sant Taranjeet ji-get drenchged in Love
sing the song pof love
Dance in love
get chance in Love
sada aap jee dey charnaa teh kapatee sukar dee Dandouth jee
kkkjp- thanks for the amrit ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-daya kar key raakh leho kiram nu
Satnaam ji
sat sat sat sat sat sat
Sat sat sat satnaam ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-sabhey kich hai teraa
 all springs of amrit are inside u
am no giver am just watcher Go0d bless u
Satnaam jee ka bhaala
satnaam jee ka bhalaa
 ek sat meeth preet sant ki eeh kala mange harjan dhan dhan sat ka
haume naahe tu hee tu hai
dandouth at ur feet jee
kkkjp- Satguru ji showered His infinite kirpa and allowed us to drink
His charan-amrit
last time
Sant Taranjeet ji-that great jee
 dhan dhan ur karnee dhan dhan ur bhagtee sabhey kich tu hee tu
tudh been naahin ko-uo thaanv teri meethdee sada hai -ou chaanv
sada satnaam sat
we love u satnaam jee
 ur core of our being
u are source of our being u are beining uare all in all
ur are all in all
kkkjp- Satguru ji also said that previous day Guru Harrai ji gave Him
Sant Taranjeet ji-oh blessed at his feet
kkkjp- Yes, all ten gurus reside in Him and doing Dandaut to him
means bowing to all of them . Satgur mera poora !
Sant Taranjeet ji-and wht else babajee told u
please share this with this kookar
lobhee, kaami-krodhee-mohee-at-ahankaare
he is Akaal
kkkjp- He just told us to focus on Satnaam simran, rest leave to Him
Sant Taranjeet ji-he is walking niraali chaal
kkkjp- yes he is
Sant Taranjeet ji-Sat Sat Sat Sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat Sat
u are dhan dhan that u talk with this ahankaare bisthaa daa jeev u are
dhan dhna make this sukar ur paltoo
kkkjp- 1 bibi ji said there is parkash all around Him and Satguru ji
said He Himself sees it. The bibi ji is Suhagan as told by Satguru ji
but this blind dog doesn’t hv eyes to se Him.
Sant Taranjeet ji-its ok jee
kkkjp- sucha fool and illetrate we are ji
Sant Taranjeet ji-just Focus SatNaam
Focus the Satnaam
choodnaa nahee
pakdey rehnaa
kkkjp- Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam sastnaam satnaam
Sant Taranjeet ji-cling to his feet
he is boat
Focus Satnaam
kkkjp- ha ha ha we won’t now ji, bahut janam bichre the madho, eh
janam tumhare lekhe
Sant Taranjeet ji-tumaarey lekheey
kkkjp- ab to bus pakde rahenge chaahe jo bhi ho jaaye
Sant Taranjeet ji-ek ek ek ek eke ek kar sabko dekhey aapey lekeh aap
karey hai aapey sant shree hai bethey
sat sat sat sat sat sat sat
kkkjp- chaahe band band kaata jaaye, agni mein jala denge
khud ko
Sant Taranjeet ji-tera tera ter a tera tera aal is trea
kkkjp- sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat
all is sat

kkkjp- Satguru ji also gave us a chance to talk to Dhan dhan Sant Om
few days ago
Sant Taranjeet ji-oh so so so so so so Great
dhan dhan Sant shree Om jee
Dandouth at his divine pure pious feet
kkkjp- we felt as if it were Satguru ji Himself
Sant Taranjeet ji-yes he is supremely Dhan Dhan
kkkjp- showering His grace
Sant Taranjeet ji-u are Satguru jee
 u are dhan dhan u are no less
God bless u all
get out of mess
get shower of Naam
kkkjp- Oh Satnaam ji, we are just an infant in bhagti , we are BIG
Sant Taranjeet ji-and drink Naam
eat Naam
shit Naam
kkkjp- Satnaam
Sant Taranjeet ji-Sada Sat sat sat sat sat satSat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat
sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat Satnaam
kkkjp- we asked Him that when we dfocus on Satnaam, we feel a little
pressure on forehead
and he replied that all is His sweet will. this happens becoz there are
rectifications to be made and Satnaam does it all Himself
you just need to focus on Satnaam and enjoy evry experience
Sant Taranjeet ji-yes Satnaam
kkkjp- He also told us that after bandgi reaches higher we also listen
all the Gurbani which Satguru sahibaans recited.

Forgive us for any errors ji, dhan dhan aap sabh sangat ji.
Sada Satnaam ji. Dandaut to all ji form ‘kkkjp’





SatNaam SatGuru SatSangat ji,
Dandauth Bandhna ji
with Your blessings, we have finished editing and uploaded the divine talks and kirtan from last week now.

We have uploaded Dassan Dass Ji’s talks with the sangat here.

We have uploaded all kirtan and Satnaam singing by the sangat here.

Try playing them in the background , close your eyes, imagine you are in SatGuru ji’s sangat and do your simran. 
Gur Bin Gyan na Hoi.
Gur bin Samajh na aavay.
Gur bin ghor andhar.
Without the Gur there is no divine wisdom.
Without the Guru no one understands (there mind and the way to God).
Without the Guru there is pitch darkness (complete ignorance of divine ways).
We are so blessed to have SatGuru Gyan made avaialble to us so easily direct from ParBrahm through the vessel of Dassan Dass ji.
Dassan Dass ji said that we need to transform ourself COMPLETELY from the inside.  Transformation can only happen when we change our attitude and that happens with understanding and applying the GYAN.
So please make time to listen to it, to understand it and to apply it to yourself.
Gyan anjan gur deea, agyan andher binaas.
Har Kirpa te sant betia nanak man pargaas.
The Guru applies the eyeliner of GYAN
and the deep dark ignorance of mind is completely destroyed.
By God’s grace we meet the Sant
Nanak:  and our mind becomes enlightened with Divine Light.
Look at how great and essential the GYAN is for spiritual progress.  That firstly we have to be
fortunate enough to meet the Sant, then fortunate enough to believe the GYAN he delievers to us.
Then fortunate enough to apply it to our mind (like eyeliner).  Then fortunate enough to transform within.
Then and only then can the source of the GYAN – AKAL PURAKH – come and reside inside us. 
"Pure can only come to Pure"  – Baba Ji.
Dust of your feet.





Satnaam jee Dandauth Bandha jee
Thank you so much for all of your seva of uploading all of the divine talks jee we deeply appreciate it…it helps us a lot and we just wanted to say thank you so much jee
We love you…

Dandauth Bandhna jee