P056 – We meet as per destiny

DD:   SatGuru has to hold each and everyone’s arm.  Only those souls who had a relationship with us from previous lives and now have great destiny come to us.  They come by themselves as per their destiny, we don’t look for them.    Did we know who anyone was in this Sangat?  (Asks Swaraj ji) Did you come of your own accord to meet us (she came from California to UK just for 3 days to meet Dassan Dass Ji) ?

Swaraj Ji: yes.

DD:   Then when they come, do we tell the sangat to do Dandauth to us, to bow to us and touch our feet etc ?  No, we don’t, but it’s the sangat’s love that pulls us to them and their love that pulls them towards us.

DD:  There is a great Baba sitting there, behind you (pointing to Om Ji).  Guru Gobind Singh Patshah gave him a shastar (sword in Samadhi as a spiritual gift to fight the filth in other realms).  He came from New Jersey, she came from Michigan.  This is all as perdestiny to come and meet us here.  Otherwise   does anyone just get up and meet some stranger.  They (your family) will think you have gone crazy to spend on a plane ticket etc to meet people you have never met.  You don’t even know if these people will serve you food or not (laughing)!

Swaraj Ji: (laughs) that’s so true.  We didn’t even have this address (laughing).  I said we have a phone number and after I got out of the airport I saw a Sardar (P’s dad) standing there and I went over to him and asked if I could use his phone.

DD:     Yes, we sent him to meet you at the airport.  He (P’s dad) had already come to meet us at the other terminal.

Swaraj Ji:  Yes, he told us not to worry, we had a reached the right place now.  We just had a feeling to go directly to him and no one else.

DD:   A Brahmgyani is Akal Purakh’s praise (Mahima). You can’t become His Mahima just by listening or singing about Him, you have to earn those words in Gurbani.  After you get His grace and become HIS MAHMIA (become a Sant) then if you still DON’T glorify Him (i.e. don’t tell the PURAN SAT – complete Truth), then your human life has gone to waste.   These children (UK Sangat) were sitting in the UK and they read the first email from us 8 years ago (in USA) when we first started writing.

DD: (Looking at Mata Ji) Everything will be fine as long as you don’t start indulging in negative thinking (due to her family problems).

Swaraj Ji:  its totally miraculous.  Yesterday, we were sitting there in USA and today we are sitting here in the UK.  Out of nowhere I dropped everything and said, ‘’No I am going, I have to go.’’

DD:  A normal person so busy with work and other things on getting that intuition would think, “Oh no, forget it, why should i go?”.

Swaraj Ji:  I dropped everything like a hot cake and here we are (Swaraj Ji and her mother Mata Ji) (laughs).

DD:  Mata Ji said to us previously on the phone, “bless our son, bless our children and their families.”  We said,  “we bless all your generations.”

(Om Ji tries to do Dandauth to Mata Ji but she steps back.)

Om Ji:  Are these feet yours or Gods? If they are God’s why do you step back?

DD:  Mata Ji has a lot of knowledge, she has read a lot of bani.  But she has NOT done what bani has said i.e not earnt gurbani and practiced what has been written in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.  But,  now she will do what gurbani says.  But Mata ji truely is Dhan Dhan (great great).  She was our mother in a previous life, not just one life but for many lives we have had a tie with her.  That is why we have told her that we have repaid her for giving birth to us so many times and for even the milk she has fed us in previous lives as we have cleaned all her sins/account.  We have liberated (mukt) her soul.  Mata Ji asked us, “when I die, who will look arrange my funeral?”  We replied (laughs), “ when you die lets see what happens.”  She replied, “my daughter Swaraj wont be able to cope.”  We said to her,  “when you are dead how will you know what she will be able to do?  You can come and have a look to see how they cope once you have died!”