Dave’s Powerful Experience at 13 Years Old

Today in the morning we was feeling the need to ask forgiveness from rumi ji.

We went to our father in morning to ask how to pronounce rumi ji.

Rumji answered us and said on the day we done nindya, we was going to become a sadaa suhagan on that day. He was saddened to see us fall and he said he asked aapji to look after us from when we was blessed.

Rumi said we done a lot of sewa, painting people houses without payment.

After rumi said this, he blessed us and left.

Also Brahma ji came to us and said i am God, but he was full of super ego, next shiva appeared and said i am you servant. Shiva and Brahma started wrestling together.

Shiva offered us his special weapon and we declined and said we already have divine weapons. He also asked if we wanted to sword fight with him and we declined and shiva left.

Next came Indra dev, king of heavens. He introduced himself and asked us to take his weapon and we declined and told him that God has given his divine weapon already, to which he was surprised and went away.

Just now as we are writing this, they have all appeared again and offering their weapons and we are declining everything.

They are not leaving and suddenly just now God appeared and said you are protected by us and he told them all off and gave them a lesson by hitting them 3 to 4 times and throwing them away.

Thanks to your grace we got this far

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