Kottan Kottan Dandaut Bandana Aapji de Satcharana Vich Satguru Parbraham Pita Parmeswar ji
Pitaji we want to share few experiences with Aapji Sat Grace
During one time we were sitting, Then Mata Gujri ji and Chotte Sahibzaade Ji came and blessed us and isha, mata Gujri ji kissed isha forehead and chote Sahibzaade Ji kissed our Forehead
During one Simran session Aapji Showed, mata Gujri ji and Chotte Sahibzaade Ji came in room then vade Sahibzaade Ji also came and Guru Gobind Singh Ji Fauj also came wearing blue colour attire, we did Dandaut To Them, then Guru Gobind Singh Ji also came, and Baba Deep Singh Ji came too, They all blessed us, few singhs from fauj came forward and blessed Everyone in family one by one, everyone soul became white, Strong white Prakash started coming from behind Guru Gobind Singh Ji and spread everywhere, then everyone was sitting doing Simran in that white Prakash Pitaji during another Simran session Aapji Showed we went on top/terrace of a palace there firstly all four Sahibzaade and then Mata Gujri ji appears, we did Dandaut To Them, Sahibzaade and us then hugged each other together, then we move forward and saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji sitting on a takhat, tremendous White Prakash coming from Guru ji, we did Dandaut To Them and the signalled us to sit near them, we sat there then Guru Sahib Ji put their hand on top of our Head, our body became full of White Prakash, they kept on keeping their hand on our head and went into samadhi and after a while we also went into Deep Samadhi

Pitaji in another experience when we were doing Simran then Firstly Bhagat Ravidass ji, then Sant Kabir Ji appears, they were sitting in Samadhi, Then Sant Rumi Ji came and they were Dancing while chanting Satnaam, and then many more Dargahi Souls came in our room, there was Soo much Prakash Everywhere, they all were enjoying Simran and so do we, we did Dandaut To all of them they all blessed us.

Pitaji next day when we were doing Simran then again Many Dargahi sant souls came, some were visible in their roop( Sant Kabir Ji,Sant Rumi Ji,bhagat Ravidass ji, baba Nand singh ji) and some were in White Prakash Form, they were all sitting in deep samadhi and formed a circle together,Aapji appeared in Vishal roop, we did Dandaut To Aapji, after a while a Sadhu appears, there all chakras were opened and visible, even chakras on their arms were visible, they were also pure white Prakash form, then we did Dandaut To Them and requested them to please tell us/show us who the are, then Firstly they converted into Guru Nanak Dev Ji, then Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Then Aapji and then Sat Parbraham Ji, we did Dandaut To their every roop, and also Dargahi sant souls made us realise that whenever we do Simran they are always around us

Pitaji Last Night During Simran Aapji Showed Guru Nanak Dev Ji came in front of us in Vishal roop soo much White Prakash surrounding them, we did Dandaut To Them and then Aapji also appears next to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, then many Dargahi Souls came and then Guru Ramdaas Ji appears on back of us, Amrit level increases too much, then we reached somewhere in space where continuous Amrit barkha was going on and we were sitting in front of Sat Parbraham Ji Vishal roop and doing Simran, we did Dandaut To Sat Parbraham Ji and then again goes on our knees and kept on doing Simran, after while Sat Parbraham Ji blessed us, within a fraction of a second our soul became Pure white, then Sat Parbraham Ji smiled and picked us up in their Hand, and put us inside their Hirda, there was strong White Prakash Everywhere in their Hirda and we got merged in that White Prakash Kottan Kottan Shukrana Aapji da Pitaji Bhul chuk di Shima Bakshna Pitaji Aapji is the Writer Aapji is the Doer Karan karawan aape aap ji Baksh deo Pitaji DHAN DHAN DASSAN DAS JI SATGURU PARBRAHAM PITA PARMESHWAR JI DHAN DHAN MERA SATGURU POORA JI DHAN DHAN SATNAAM SANGAT TUHITU TUHITU TUHITU TUHITU TUHITU TUHITU TUHITU SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM SATNAAM JI