Union with God.  However, it is commonly translated as religion, but a lot of religious acts are untruthful nowadays and do not unite us with God. The divine meaning of Dharam is to follow the divine wisdom direct from God and not the man-made religious belief systems.  The real divine meaning of Dharam is union with God – or to unite with God – by following the divine wisdom – Gur Mat, GurBani.   Kindness is the mother of religion, “Dholl Dharam Daya Ka Poot.”  Jap Ji Bani explains this divine wisdom of the highest order.  This means that kindness gives birth to religion.  This means that kindness is the foundation for union with God as the Shabad Dharam or Religion means union with God.  We are kind by nature.  We have a naturally kind Hirda.  Union with God means we become part of nature.  Nature is God.  Nature is another meaning of the word religion.  So following our natural habit of kindness, makes us full of kindness.