Dusht Karam

Sins, criminal acts, those acts which are done to harm others and self.


Sinner, criminal.  The one full of negative qualities.


Unmarried soul; discarded bride.  Also see Suhaagan.


Double mindedness, distortion of our mind, distraction of our mind, disbelief.  Dubidha takes us away from the core of GurBani.  Dubidha means duality.  Duality means that there is something else other than God.  When these thoughts, that there is something … Read More


Look. The Mahima of a SatGur is so great that even His Drisht (look) is Amrit.  It is a divine truth that there is Amrit flowing out of a SatGur in all directions from His Dehi, so wherever he looks … Read More


Naam Amrit is the Dori, the inner rope, which when held and used for climbing up this path to Eternity will lead us to the Ultimate. 

Dib Drisht

Divine Eye also called the Third Eye, Trikuti or Gyan Netter. The Mahima of a SatGur can’t be seen and understood by the five senses that a normal human has.  The Mahima of a SatGur is beyond the reach of … Read More

Dhyaan / Dhiaavahi

The state of leaving everything up to God and doing continuous Naam Simran in the Hirda.  A person who goes into the spiritual stage of Dhyaan gets uplifted so high spiritually, that he reaches the Sach Khand stage.  Dhyaan means … Read More

Dhur Ki Bani

Primal Word.  GurBani has come from Akal Purakh.  Whatever is written in GurBani is a Puran Sat that is why it is called the Gyan Saroop of Akal Purakh Ji.  That is why it is called Dhur Ki Bani.