Dib Drisht

Divine Eye also called the Third Eye, Trikuti or Gyan Netter. The Mahima of a SatGur can’t be seen and understood by the five senses that a normal human has.  The Mahima of a SatGur is beyond the reach of these five senses as it is beyond Maya.  The reach of these five senses is only up to Maya.  Whatever we see with our eyes is Maya and for going beyond Maya and the five senses we will need the divine eye – Dib Drisht.  This divine eye is present in our Suksham Dehi, but is not yet open.  It is opened with the GurParsaadi blessings of a SatGur.  When this divine eye does open only then are we able to feel and experience the Mahima of a SatGur, because this is the divine sense that makes it possible to see beyond Maya and deep into Divinity, deep into Mansarovar.  Therefore, for seeing and experiencing God we need to get this divine eye opened, which can only be opened by a SatGur, “SatGur milay dib drisht hoee.”    This divine eye is also called Gyan Netter and its opening blesses us with the understanding of divine wisdom.  GurBani starts to flow inside us when our Gyan Netter opens.  We start to feel the depth of GurBani, we start to understand what GurBani means and as our Bandgi progresses and our conscious goes higher and higher the meaning of GurBani keeps on enhancing and we keep on going deep and deeper into the Mansarovar.